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    SOB vs 'Cron Me against myself

    Since the person I normally play with is attended the Police concert last night I went ahead and played myself. (Yes I am that sad.) Tried to add in a little fluff to make it somewhat interesting... I hope. This will be my first attempt at a battle report so have at it.

    971 pt SOB vs. ‘Cron Defend the Shrine on a 4’x4’ board. North quadrant had 3 rows of trees at a 30 degree angle to the board, East Quad 1 set of trees, 1 hill and part of a river, South most of the river (outlining the southern ¼ of the Shrine) and a swamp, & West a small amount of the river and some hills. The Shrine of course in the center w/two fox hole type encampments ('Fox holes') toward the north and the east.

    SOB’s list and deployment are:
    HQ : [291] Canoness Svetlana w/Blessed Weapon, Bolt pistol, Cloak of St Aspira, Mantle of Ophelia, & 6 Celestian Retinue (1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Storm Bolter, 1 VSS Agatha, Immolator (Laud Hailer, Holy Promethium, & Holy Icon) deployed in the Shrine (Immolator at the edge of the door)

    Troop 1: [220] SOB Squad “Faith” (9 SOBs + 1 VSS (Beatrice) w/plasma pistol & Power sword, Imagifer, Storm Bolter, Rhino w/smoke launcher) deployed at northern ‘fox hole’.

    Troop 2: [220] SOB Squad “Flame” (9 SOBs + 1 VSS (Constance) w/plasma pistol & Power sword, Imagifer, Storm Bolter, Rhino w/smoke launcher) in reserve

    HS 1: [135] Exorcist Deployed between ‘fox holes’

    HS 2: [85] Immolator w/Twin linked Multimelta in reserve

    Necron list & Deployment:
    HQ: [200] Lord w/Destroyer body, res orb, Phylactery, & Gaze of Flame deployed behind northernest trees in northern quad.

    Troop 1: [288] 16 Warriors deployed in between north and east quads behind trees.

    Troop 2: [288] 16 Warriors deployed in West quad behind hills

    HS: [195] 3 Heavy Destroyers Deployed by river near Southern edge.

    Cron get first turn after roll

    Canoness Svetlana knelt before the holy relic displayed in the stone room. She could hear the river that looped around the 6’x6’ Golden topped building, as well as the exhaust from her personal Immolator waiting just outside. Beyond that she knew that Sister Superior Beatrice had her squad on outlook inside one of the emplacements that they recently hewn out of stone. Something was attacking holy sites on this planet, and all indications suggested that this place would be next. Svetlana had decided that the twisting river would be enough of a deterrent for anything coming out of the south, and the mountains to the east you slow down anyone coming from that direction. The stone emplacements would give some cover from anything coming in from the north or the west, as well as the missiles from the Exorcist placed between them. And as soon as Sister Superior Constance arrived with her squad and the second Immolator Svetlana’s force would be ready for anything. Just then the vox chimed from her Immolator
    “Mistress Svetlana, enemies are approaching from all sides. They just appeared out of nowhere. Metal men, they are flying over the river. They are…”.

    Warrior 2 moves 6” around the hill, has LOS on SOB 1 and fires off 5 shots, hitting 2 & wounding and killing 1.

    Warrior 1 Moves 6” between rows of trees and has LOS on ‘Faith’ & close enough to RF. 6 shots, 2 hits, wounding and killing another 1.

    Heavy Destroyers move 12” over the river and take 3 shots at the backend of the Canoness’ Immolater, immobilizing it and stunning the crew.

    The lord moves 12” hiding behind the trees and waiting to make a break for the shrine later.

    No assault.

    A shockwave from an explosion rocked Svetlana’s retinue. Sister Agatha pulled her heavy bolter up and looked out the entrance to the shrine.

    “Mistress, it’s our Immolator. It’s not going to be moving anytime soon, but is still able to fire. Squad Faith is under attack from two fronts, and Necron Heavy Destroyers are coming over the river toward us. What are your orders?”

    SOB1: (5 faith points)
    ‘Faith’ & Svetlana stay where they are, although ‘Faith’s’ rhino (R1) makes a break west toward Warrior 2 moving 12” toward them. In the meantime ‘Faith’ unloads 12 RF shots & 1 plasma pistol shot into Warrior 1, getting 9 hits & 7 wounds, but only 1 fall.

    Exorcist moves 5” to get LOS on the Heavy Destroyers, unleashing 4 missiles at them and hitting and knocking down 1.

    No assault.

    (HD makes WBB roll, & W1 makes 1 of 2 WBB rolls)

    W1 lets fly with 14 rf shots into ‘Faith’ hitting 9, wounding and killing 5. ‘Faith’ makes LD and stands firm.

    W2 Moves 6” toward R1

    HD move 12” north along the river and take 3 shots at the Exorcist hitting 2, but not hurting it.

    The Lord moves another 12” and stay behind more trees, still waiting for the right moment.

    “They’re… standing back up, Mistress. And Faith is getting slaughtered.”
    Svetlana gripped her sword, a holy relic unto itself. “We move out. This shrine will not fall today. Not while I am here. Where are my reinforcements? Any communication with Squad Flame & Sister Martha’s Immolator?”

    “No, Mistress.” Sister Agatha intoned, “No word as of yet.”

    “Then we proceed without them. Out to the banks of the river, those Destroyers are our first priority.”

    SOB2: (5 more faith points)
    No reserves this turn.

    R1 & ’Faith’ hold. R1 fires at W2 hitting 2, wounding and killing 1. “Faith” Rapid fires & plasmas W1, hitting 3 and wounding 0. Plasma overheats, but saves.

    Svetlana & co. eek out of the shrine around the Immolator moving 6” south toward the river. They fire at the HD, firing 7 shots and hitting and killing 1.

    Exorcist fires 2 missiles, but both miss.

    No assault (river would make it impossible for Svetlana to assault them.)

    (HD makes WBB, W1 makes WB

    W1 moves 6” and fires 16 shots into ‘Faith’, hitting 10, wounding 5 and killing 3 (So long ‘Faith’, but 2 more faith for Martyrdom)

    W2 moves 6” around R1, and fires into her side, not really accomplishing anything.

    The Lord moves 6” to the ear of R1, destroying R1.

    HD moves 12” behind the Exorcist, taking her out w/3 hits to the back armor.

    No assault.

    “Report Agatha! What is happening?”

    “Sister Beatrice and her squad are gone, along with their Rhino. There is a flying Necron Lord leading this attack. But Sister Constance is near, she just broke over a line of trees to the North. She is taking on one of the squads of warriors heading toward the shrine.”

    “I pray that she has made it in time to take revenge for Sister Beatrice’s death. Now order my Immolator to fry those flying bastards, and we’ll open fire on them from here."

    SOB 3: (4 more faith points)

    ‘Flame’ arrives, entering in on the North quad, and R2 taking a shot at W1, hitting 2, wounding and knocking down 1.

    Svetlana & co. stand firm and shot at the HD, making 1 fall down to the heavy bolter.

    Immolator gets to fire and takes out 2 HD with the Twin-linked Heavy Flamer.

    No assault.

    (W1 WBB roll good)

    W1 moves 6” toward the Shrine and fires on Svetlana & co. hitting 5 and causing 5 wounds. Svetlana saves them all.

    W2 moves 6” toward the shrine but has no LOS.

    The Lord moves 12” back toward R2, shooting at the side armor, but not doing anything to it.

    No assault yet. Soon, I promise.

    “Our sister in your Immolator reports all hit scored, and the Destroyers are not getting back up. They seem to be down for good. Cover!”

    A hail of Gauss fire sails at Svetlana, but her armor withstands the blasts. “If they want to play, then I say let us take this contest to them! Sisters fire and prepare to assault! This shrine will not fall! Not today, not on my watch. For the Emperor!”

    SOB4: (4 more faith points)

    No reserves.

    ‘Flame’ disembarks & fires at The Lord, flamer causes 1 w and 9 shots get 5 hits, 2 wounds, but both are saved.

    R2 moves toward W1, 1hit/wound/fall down.

    Svetlana & co. fire 4 hits/wounds, 2 fall. Misses a passion roll and assault W1 knocking down 2 more, and absorbing 3 hits/2 wounds which are saved. Crons make LD.

    (All WBB rolls bomb.)

    W2 moves 6” to just outside Svetlana & co./W1 melee, but stay out of it.
    Lord fires into ‘Flame’ wounding and killing 1.

    (Passion on S& co & ‘Flame’ both fail)

    Lord assaults ‘Flame’ Killing 1 and taking 2 wounds without saving.
    W1 hits 3, but not wounds while S& co knock down 5 more. Cron LD test made.

    SOB 6: (4 more Faith points)

    Still no Immolator 2, sigh.

    R2 6” toward the center, fires at W2, but does nothing

    ‘Flame’ moves 6” toward the shrine.

    S& co get passion and knock down 3. No wounds in return. ‘Cron LD made.

    (All WBB rolls and Lord Phylactery go horribly wrong)

    W2 enters the Shrine in 6”.

    Passion makes it again for S&co. 5 Cron fall, and 1 return wound. Cron fail LD, and flee 8”. S&co do not make sweeping advance roll, but we have other plans.

    SOB6: (4 more Faith Points)
    Finally Immolator 2 shows up from the west, shooting 1 W2 with the multimelta. Instant death, ha ha.

    ‘Flame’ fires at W1 wounding and killing1, then assaulting (w/passion) and killing 3 more. 4 wounds in return, but all save.

    S&co shot at W2 wounding 4 and killing 2. More passion & assault, wounding 5 killing 4. No return wounds, crappy LD test fleeing 9 inches. No sweeping advance, S& co alone again in the shrine.

    Outcome: SOBs win by being alone in shrine.

    As the sisters made plans for their next assault the Necrons, as one, dissipate into the ether, leaving Svetlana to look over the battlefield and the remains of her force. Not 15 feet from where she stands at the shrines entrance she sees the dead eyes of Sister Beatrice staring at her, asking her why she didn’t plan for this eventuality. With a heavy heart she orders her remaining sisters to begin burial preparations for the fallen. “Their spirits will stand guard over this shrine, where my planning would not. When they are interred I will beg my forgiveness in failing them. I would also have a word with Sister Martha as well, as to her tardiness at this battle. We also need to get some Mechanicum to see what can be done with my Immolator and Beatrice’s Rhino. Further, we need to ask for more reinforcements. I feel that this is not the last we will see of the Necron. There is something they want here, and I don’t believe that this set back will stop them.” With her orders given Svetlana returns to the shrine, to pray for guidance and forgiveness for her disappointing performance from the Emperor.

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