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    Tau vs Chaos 1000pts

    First Battle Report Post that was originaly put on a diffrent forum when LO was down,

    The air crackeled with energy as the Fire Warriors shifted uneasily within the woods. The Shas'ui gestured with his hand to be silent, strange beings had been spotted on the outskirts of the settelemnt with which radio contact was lost a week ago. He raised the scope of the pusle rifle to his eye to survey the outpost. He wretched at the sight of the mutilated and dismebered bodies of the outposts inhabitatnts strung from poles like disgusting flags. A movement of troops charging out of the buildings caught his attention. Lowering the rifle he ordered the squad to remove the saftey latch on their pulse rifles and prepare for war.

    Ok here goes my first battle report abit text heavy but please bear with me, 1000pts Chaos Marines Vs Tau

    Plasma Rifle
    Missle Pod
    Multi Tracker
    Target Array

    3xPlasma Rifle
    3x Missle Pod
    Team Leader
    Bonding knife

    3xMissle Pod (TL)
    Team Leader
    Bonding knife



    Devil Fish
    Decoy Launchers
    Smart Missle System
    Multi Tracker

    Heavy Support
    Hammer Head
    Burst cannons
    Disruption Pod
    decoy Lanuchers
    997 Pts


    Daemon Prince

    5 Chaos Terminators
    2x Power Fist
    3x Combimelta
    1x Heavy Flamer

    10 Thounsand Sons
    Bolt of Change

    10 Thounsand Sons
    Bolt of Change
    -965 Pts


    The map consisted of a hill with a wood on the south left corner, to the left in the bottom middle was a level three ruined building with an identicle building to the left again of this.

    In the top right was a large landing pad marked as impassable with a series of crate to the right of this followed by a large wood to the right again which linked to the base of the large hill.

    The middle of the board contained an observation tower suronded by sand bags and a scattering of craters.

    Chaos won deployment roll and deployed the two squads of marines, one in each building. The chaos sorcorrs and deamon prince deployed out of sight behind the hill.

    I depolyed my hammer head and fire knife team with the commander behind the landing pad, the death rains behind the large (lvl2) crates with the devil fish parked out of sight behind the large wood and the unmounted FW team infornt within the woods.

    Chaos one first round and with a un-earthly scream poured out of the buildings.
    The Deamon Prince flapped its great wings and bounded onto the top of the hill whilst the sorcorer used his jump pack to skirt the outer reachs.

    The Deamon Prince enticed the FW within the trees using Lash of slanesh moving them out of cover and into firing range of the middle marine squad.

    They promptly opened fire felling two FW's.

    Tau 1
    Sending the inevitable the Devil fish moved away from the DP whilst the crisi suits jumped out from behind their respective covers. The hammer head moved to line the DP in it sights.

    Shooting proved well for the Fire Knives and Commander vape'ing 4 of the Left most Marines in a hail of Missles.

    The Death rains took aim at the deamon prince inflicting a no wounds as the great beast cloaked itself in its leathery wings sheilding it from the incoming barage.

    The devil fish launched its missle system at the great beast inflicting a single wound. This was closley followed by the hammerhead as the round struck the infernal being in the chest, yet to the gunners amazment only cuased to wound the creature again.

    The fire warriors within the wood fired at the marines only managing to destroy one.

    The suits jumped back into their hidden positions

    Chaos 2
    The deamon prince lept within charging range of the FW within the wood whilst the sorcorer again skirted the board hiding in the edges of the wood.

    The marine squads moved forwards towards the Tau lines, the deep striking terminators were still putting their boots on and didnt make an apearance

    Somwhere the Smart Missle System was destroyed on the Devil fish but sorry to my opponent i cannot remember who maganed this.

    The DP charged the firwarriors killing two and causing them to flee, although he caught them and battle continued.

    Tau 2
    All crisis suits jumped out from their hiding places ready to open fire whilst the Devil fish maintaned its retreat from the DP.
    The hammer head moved further into the field confident in the chaos lack of anti-armour fire.

    The gunner loaded a sub-munition shot into the chamber but missed creating another crater for the marines to hide in.

    The superb shooting enjoyed by the deathrains in turn one was not matched, only killing two of the marines to their combined 8 missle pod shots.

    The death rains faired better destroying three of the second squad.

    The DP only maganed to kill 2 more FW whilst they landed four hits and two wounds on him!!!!! however the deamon easily shrugged these off and continued to mascare the squad as the tried to retreat

    Chaos 3
    Still no sign of the Termies!!
    The DP moved towards the death rain team and although not within charging range used Lash of Slanesh to move them right to his base!!.

    The sorcere jumped to the other side of the woods but tried to shelter himself from the Tau side. The marines continued their footslog towards the Tau line.

    The Sorcoer in the leftmost squad tried to cast bolt of change on the hammer heads side armour, rolling a double one he was dragged into the maw of chaos to be with his masters! To make matters worse the bolt failed to damage the tank.

    The DP charged the Deathrains and butchered them all, however this left him staring at the hot end of four plasma rifles.

    Tau 3
    Spying the Marines in the open the Devil Fish speed forward and deployed the FW behind it, hoping the sorcorer would be dealt with by the Hammerhead.

    The Hammer Head continued its move into the chaos deployment zone whislt the crisis suits setteled into rapid fire range.

    The Shas'el eyeing the foul chaos entity with loathing and hatred double tapped his plasma rifle watching as the beast sagged to its knees holding two gaping holes in its chest.

    The Fire Knifes opened onto the marine squad facing the FW failing to wound the twisted warriors. The FW and Devil fish combined managed to fell only four leaving three behind.

    The hammer head roatated to shoot at the sorcorer but missed, exposing its rear to the leftmost squad of marines.

    All remaining crisis suits moved back into cover.

    Chaos 4
    Still no termies!!!

    As usual the marines moved forward and the sorcorer jumped within charge range of the FW squad.

    The marines opened into the rear of the hammer head scoring one glancing hit. He rolled 'Imobilised'! but when forcing a re-roll only maganed crew shaken.

    The sorcoer slew 5 fire warrios in comabt who promptly fled with the sorcoer unable to catch them leaving him looking very exposed.

    Tau 4
    The crisis suits once again jumped out from behind the landing pad and whilst the FW failed to rally they only jogged away from the sorcorer.

    The hammerhead tankshocked the Leftmost marine squad but they prompylt sidesteped and watch the tank shoot past.

    The Fire Knifes and Commander destroyed the last of the marines FoF'd by the FW. The FW's running from comabt turned and rapid fired the Sorcorer leaving nothing but a smoking pair of power armour boots.

    All crisis suits re-hide behind the landing pad.

    Chaos 5
    The termies arrive

    However they deepstrike into the landing pad

    My opponent accepted defeat with only 4 marines left.

    As the crisis team moved into the outpost they knew no-one remaid alive. Was this a one off raiding party? Or was it the tip of a spearhead? The casualties had been dire for both sides, but as the team now knew too well, casualties ment nothing to the chaos hoard

    Attached is a vassal image of the last turn!
    I hope you enjoyed my first battle report I really enjoyed this game which was tense from the start with a very good and sly opponenet (Just like Tzeentch himself!)

    Attached Images
    War is coming, arm your pets!

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