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    Tau vs Space Marine Boys 1000pts (Pics)

    Hi all two posts in two days a record (for me)!
    This was a match against myself as Tau and my opponenet as space marines. (I had not fought regular space marines at this point so decided they would be like chaos with less monsters)

    Tau List
    Plasma Rifl
    Missle Pod
    Multi Tracker
    Target Array

    3x Missle
    Team Leader
    Bonding knife

    3xMissle Pod TL
    Team Leader
    Bonding knife


    Devil Fish
    smart Missle
    Multi Tracker

    Heavy Support
    Hammer Head
    Burst cannons

    Space Marines
    1 - Reclusiarch -118
    -terminator armour, storm bolter, tank hunter

    4 - Terminator Command Squad - 215
    -2 assault cannons, tank hunter

    1 - Captain - 62
    -Bolt Pistol, CC weapon


    8 - Tactical Squad - 155
    +Heavy Bolter, Terminator Honours, Power Fist

    8 - Tactical Squad - 165
    +Lascannon, Terminator Honours, Power Fist

    1 - Predator Annihilator - 158
    +Lascannon Sponsons, Extra armor, Smoke Launchers

    1 - Predator Destructor - 123
    +HB Sponsons, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers


    The mission was rolled as an omega cleanse and I chose the top left corner for deploymen. After placeing the troops (as shown below) I realised I had left my Devil Fish with its side armour exposed >_<

    (NB he had moved his Termies before I started taking notes)
    Game Plan
    He won the dice roll and decided to go first. I decided to keep still and try and cleanse at least one quarter before Jumping in at the last minute to capture/contest and try for a draw (how defeatist for me)

    Marine -1
    The leftmost marine squad remain still whilst those within the wood marched forward. The terminators swung round for a better shot at the Tau forces.

    The terminators and preditor fired onto the Fire Warriors within the ruined building destroying their numbers to only three. However they held fast in the face of the oncoming fire.

    The leftmost squads Lascannon let rip a blast into the side of the devil fish destroying the durst cannon and stunning the crew. The Fire Warriors within dismounted but were not pinned.

    Tau - 1
    The Tau had an un-impressive first turn with the Fire Knifes and Commander failing to get through the Marines power armour. The plucky three man squad managed to fell one Terminator with the solitary wounding shot whilst the death rain team felled another.

    The hammerhead swung from behind the building and destroyed the preditor anihliator

    Marine - 2
    The woodland Tact squad pushed further fowards whilst the terminators continued their advance towards the main Tau body. The second preditor swung round to brings its las cannons to bear on the Hammerhead.

    The leftmost tact squad tried to finish off the Devilfish, yet whilst hitting the round failed to penitrate.

    The predator tried to shoot down the hammerhead but failed to get a penetrating hit, (much to the fustration of my opponent). The chaplin within the terminator squad fired upon the Deathrains with the shot bouncing off of the XV8 armour. The two assault cannons ripped apart one brave Shas'ui and wounding one of the remaing two.

    (End of Marine Turn 2)

    Tau - 2
    The Deathrains passed their LD check easily,
    All crisis suits moved into better firing positions whilst the Devilfish and Hammerhead manouvered to ensure they obtain the skimmer glancing bonus.
    The reduced FW team tried to snipe the terminators again but failed to get through the acient armour. The Deathrain team faired similarly failing to penetrate the impressive armour.
    The commander also watched as all his shots rebound from the encased warrior.
    The hammer head fired its railcannon upclose leaving a smoldering pair of power armour boots where the terminator had once stood.
    The FW fired into the woods but failed to find their mark. The Devilfishes SMS fired onto the same target but still feeling shocked from the previous turn the pilot missed with every round.

    The Fireknife team saved some respect for the Tau commander by destroying three of the marines by a combination of plasma rifle and misslepod

    Marine -3
    The Fireknife team had managed to spook the Marine Squad causing them to fail their leadership test and fall back 1"!
    The leftmost squad moved forward for better firing position against the Tau, whilst the Terminators continued their slog into the oncoming Tau fire.

    The predator spotted the Hammerhead in the open and promptly destroyed the skimmer. The terminators once again tried to finish off the FW squad but only maganed to kill one of the squad. The FW decided enough was enough and decided to leave the battle. However only running 3" away they still wanted to hang around incase the Tau won.

    Tau -3
    As per usualy the crisis suits jumped out from behind cover to open fire on the marines, the Devil Fish moved to obstruct the Terminators from charging the Commander and Deathrains incase they survived the ensuing fire.

    The fireknifes launch their misslepods against the newly moved tactical squad but all were saved by the valient marines. Nine of the FW squad fired on the same target hitting twice and killing one of the marines.

    Now that the un-nessacary shooting was done the attention focused on the terminator squad. The Commander Rapid fired onto the Terminator squad wounding the chaplin and killing the remaing terminator. His misslepods all hit but failed to wound! (Double ones!)

    The commander now staring death in the face almost wet himself with reliefe as a salvo of missle flew over his head and obliterated what was left of the chaplin.

    Marine -4
    Seeing their chaplin torn down the remaing tactical squads ploughed ever forwards towards the hated Fish Heads.
    The only shooting was by the preadator which fired onto the Devil Fish hitting twice and scoring snake eyes for penetration. (No glancing hits husahs!)

    Tau -4
    Seeing that the battle was going well the fleeing FW decided to stroll rather than run only running 3". The comander and death rains jumped out to line up the rightmost tactical squad in their sites.

    The Devilfish moved behind the cover of the ruined building to prevent the opponent from easy VP

    The FW unleashed a volley from their pulse rifles into the larger tactical squad but failed to wound. The Deathrains however managed to fell three marines in a combination of plasmarifle and misslepod death!

    The commander Rapid Fired into the woodland tactical squad scorching two marines whilst the deathrains only managed to destroy one.

    Marine - 5
    The marine commander had begun to loose his cool and decided to attempt to get as close to the Tau firebase to destroy them in CC.
    The Lascannon from the tactical squad vapourised one of the fireknifes and failed to make the DT test to assualt them with the remaining squad.

    Tau -5
    The Fireknifes passed their leadership test and the eternal game of Tau hide and seek continued as the suits jumped out from cover. The retreating FW squad shuffeled another inch forward.

    The FW continued to lay down fire upon the tactical squad felling another two marines.
    The commander and his Deathrain team leave a melted bolt pistol and sword where the captain had once stood. Whlst the Fireknife team rapidfired the remanants of the tactical squad leaving no one standing.

    The remaining XV8's jumped back slightly ready to pounce into the two quarters next turn.

    Marine -6
    The remaining marines dive for cover in the woods trying to make it across to the lower quarter to get a draw.
    The Predator fires all its guns in vain at the only FW target available killing two.

    Tau -6
    The retreating FW free from the buiding make a dash for the table edge but fall just short.
    The XV8's launch forwards ready to claim the table quarters. The FW only manage to kill one of the woodland marines who was quickly dispatched by the Fireknife team.
    The crisis teams jump into the table quarters claiming one and contesting the other.

    So the final score was 2-0 to the Tau empire with a 838 claimed points to the opponents 300.
    I really enjoyed this game and I think i managed to use the JSJ rule to its full effect!
    Comments are always welcome!
    Cheers for reading!

    War is coming, arm your pets!

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    Nice job, it's always nice to see a Tau victory!

    So... if I gave some daemons a matte paint-job, would they be "Matte Daemons?"
    Necron Tactica: Flying Circus

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