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    Marines w/ Allies vs. Orks 2000pt (Tourney)

    This is a battle report from a recent tournament 2000pts. This battle went down in the first round. Mission was a patrol which limited initial forces to a single Troops choice. My Force was composed of space marines with Adeptus Arbites (Witchhunters) aliies:

    Space Marine Commander:
    -Termie Armor
    -Lightning Claws
    -Command Squad
    --Two Assault Cannons

    4x Tactical Squads
    -8x Marines a piece
    -Apothecary Vet Sarge w/ PF

    Judge Dredd (Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor)
    -Inferno Pistol
    -Power Weapon
    -Psychic Hood
    -3x Crusader Henchmen
    -2x Acolytes w/ Carapace armor and Power weapons
    -Land Raider w/ Storm Bolter and Smoke

    Arbites Squad
    -9x Arbites
    -2x Flamers
    -Priest w/ Carapace and Eviscerator
    -Vet Arbite w/ Plasma Pistol and Eviscerator
    -Rhino w/ Smoke

    Vindicare Assassin

    The Board had quite a few hills and some debris fields, but the most prominent and eventually important feature was the Impassable river running through the battlefield with two “Difficult Terrain” crossing points. I won choice of board edge. The option was either long board edges or L-shaped deployment zones, I went with an L-Shape that was almost completely cut off by the river.

    Turn 1:
    -The Orks Advanced slightly and the marines took a pot shot with a lascannon killing a single boy.
    Turn 2:
    -The Orks get quite a few units on the board including a battlewagon which the 19 boyz promptly jump into and a 3 vehicle squad of buggies that forms a wall shielding the battlewagons approach. A Mekboy and squad of lootas also pop up getting into a firing position on the far side of the debris field.
    -I get in everything but a squad of marines and the Vindicare. With few targets in range, I knocked out all three of the buggies under a hail of Lascannon, Plasma and bolter rounds. And set up my arbites to stop any crossing attempts. But it’s not over yet, my DeepStriking Termies Mow down most of the lootas sending the rest fleeing off the board.

    Turn 3:
    -The rest of the Orks come in except for a Squad of Nobz in a Trukk. The battlewagon advances behind the destroyed buggie hulks. The only shooting is the MekBoy who kills two termies with his Shok Attack gun. A squad of boyz makes their way to the three remaining Terminators sensing an easy victory.
    -I get in my last squad and the Vindicare, but the assassin is looking to all but useless as the orks are almost completely obscured by burning hulks and hills. The Remaing Terminators advance on the Ork mob seeking the safety of HTH against the Shokk Attack shots, but fail to get off the charge. Judge Dredd’s Land Raider opens up on the Ork Mob felling only 2.

    Turn 4:
    -The Nobz come in blazing away with their truck to get into the action. The Orks move up a two buggie squadron to screen the battlewagon’s river crossing attempt. The Mek Boy fires at the termies again, but with a mere S3 can’t do anything. The large Ork Mob advances on the Terminators expecting an easy kill, but are surprised when the Marine Commander fells a full five of the boys before they can respond. The The Regular Orks do little damage to the termies and the Nob with a power claw only gets 1 wound through to a termie. Then the termie Power fists hit dropping 2 more boyz. The Orks are badly beaten, but easily pass their morale and pile in on the terminators.
    -My Land raider opens up on the battlewagon, but fails to even hit the Ork vehicle. Fortunately, my opponents screen of three buggies left a narrow fire corridor for my four lascannon marine squads sealing the vehicle’s fate. In the ensuring destruction a full 12 boyz are lost and entagled in the wreckage causing an already narrow passage to become virtually impassable. The Arbites Charge the two remaining Buggies and through eviscerators and frage grenades destroy the two vehicles, but the explosion kills an Arbite. The Space Marine Commander fells a full 3 more Ork Boyz before finally eating a single Wound from the nob and getting Instant Killed, but the damage is done and the Orks have lost combat, they easily stay around, but are stuck in combat with a single terminator.

    Turn 5:
    -The Orks are severely battered and their last great hope of the Nobz in the Trukk back up the the barrier of buggies for a last despereate attempt. A few boyz try to stuble through the wreck of the battlewagon, but to little avail. The Last Terminator stands strong against the Ork Boys killing two and weathering their assault. The Orks are still passing their morale, but the Terminator Is keeping them locked. The MekBoy gets off a shot at the large formation of Marines, but does only five wounds between three squads netting no real gain for the Orks.
    -Judge Dredd’s Land Raider mows down the few boys trying to stumble through the wrecked Battle Wagon and dashing any hopes of a successful river assault by the handful of remaining foot-sloggers. The Arbites Jump back in their rhino bracing for the Nob assault. The Single Terminator continues his stiff resistance, felling another Ork and against resisting their assaults, the Orks have gone from expecting an easy victory to praying they still have models left after the fight is over.

    Turn 6:
    (Note: This pic was taken after the Ork Turn)
    -The Ork Nobz, my opponent’s last chance to do some damage race over the damaged buggies and difficult bridge, dropping them infront of two Marine Squads. The Nobs are pretty confidence in their 5+ Invulnerables and FNP thanks to their handy painboy and their packing four power claws (one is the warboss). The marines suffer high casualties in the assault, but four of the Nobz are lost to Apothecary Power Fists, a bad omen of things to come. The remaining foot sloggers take cover as they realize any attempt to get through the wreckage to the river crossing will be little more than wholesale slaughter. The Ork Boyz finally finish off the last terminator but at the cost of two more boyz. The Squad only has five remaining models, making it all but useless. The Ork Trukk fires on the Arbites Rhino Knocking it out and killing 3 more Abrbites
    -The two remaining Marine Squads rush into the fray. The Nobz kill off one marine squad and damage two more, but the combed Power Fist attacks are brutal leaving no Nobz left standing. The Land Raider side steps and dumps all of it’s weapons into the trukk blowing it to pieces.

    Turn 7:
    -Random Game length kicks in and the MekBoy gets off another shot from his cannon felling a few more marines and reducing the remaining squads to below half.
    -My Units move out of LoS of the MekBoy on the chance of another turn.

    Final Result:
    -In addition to points for killing enemies, they are also awarded for friendly scoring units left alive. Resulting a final score of over 2500 for me and 1100 for my opponent; A Victorious Slaughter.

    Although I was kinda disappointed that my Arbites and Judge didn’t get to do anything, surviving the game gave me plenty. The Marine squads did pretty well against the usually difficult to stop Nobz, and I was pretty pleased at the Terminators as they did a considerable amount of damage. But the big deciding factor was the river and the fact that I chose an L-shape cut off by the river, effectively killing my opponent’s options.

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    damn, that ork player rolled for craps! gg
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    Good report, appreciate the photos as they make the battle much easier to follow.

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