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    IG vs. Iron Warriors 1500pts

    This is by far the funnest game I've ever had (out of two dozen or so).

    1,500 points, mission: Take & Hold, with three objectives. We rolled Omega rules, so escalation, concealment, and all that good stuff had to be factored in.

    My army list is a standard list I use for ~1,500 points (I don't really have any more models to use). I outfitted my stuff with fairly standard, unextravagent equipment.


    Forces of the 2nd R.S.V. Guards Brigade:

    HQ Platoon

    J.O. w/ Honorifica, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon; Mortar; Vox; Commissar w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon

    Chimera w/ 2 x Heavy Flamethrowers, Smoke

    Support Squad w/ 3 x Autocannon

    Anti-Tank Squad w/ 3 x Lascannon

    10 x Veterans w/ 3 x Plasma Guns

    10 x Veterans w/ 3 x Melta Guns


    J.O. w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW; Mortar

    10 x Guardsman, Grenade/Missile Launchers, Vox
    10 x Guardsman, Grenade/Missile Launchers, Vox
    10 x Guardsman, Grenade/Missile Launchers, Vox

    10 x Guardsman, Grenade Launcher, Lascannon, Vox

    Chimera w/ Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Smoke

    Leman Russ w/ 3 x Heavy Bolter, Smoke

    Leman Russ w/ 3 x Heavy Bolter, Smoke

    Forces of the Iron Warriors

    Warsmith w/ Terminator Armour, some sort of combi-weapon, Power Fist/Weapon

    5 x Terminators w/ Heavy Flamer, Power Fist

    Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon, DCCW

    10 x CSM w/ Plasma Pistol, Missile Launcher
    10 x CSM w/ Plasma Pistol, Missile Launcher

    8-10 x Khorne Berzerkers w/ Plasma Pistols

    5 x Havocs w/ 4 x Heavy Bolters

    Vindicator w/ Smoke

    Vindicator w/ Smoke


    Deployment was fairly simple as most of our stuff started off-table.

    Take & Hold Objectives

    They were spread out as evenly as possible, with two going in cover (in the western and central buildings) and one in the middle of the road on the eastern side of the map.

    Imperial Guard Deployment:

    I deployed in my standard "double echelon" formation, splitting my forces in two. In retrospect, I realize only now that I should've accumulated most of my forces towards the right-side of the table rather than the left, as I did; I ended up deploying my Lascannon team, two Guard squads, the Plasma Vet squad and the Platoon HQ squad near the single western icon, with only one Guardsman squad, the Autocannon squad and the Melta squad deployed to secure the central and eastern objectives. I think it may have actually turned out in my favour, though. You'll see why.

    Iron Warriors Deployment:

    The Iron Warriors' deploiyment was more uniformly spread across the width of the map, with the Berzerkers sheltered behind the largest building, the Havocs in a small thicket of trees, one CSM squad in the open opposite the western objective and one behind a tree-covered hill in the far west edge of the map. The Warsmith tugged along behind the CSM squad deployed in the open.


    I won the roll for first turn; I decided to go second, in order to benefit from concealment and force my opponent to expose himself first or stay where he was.

    Iron Warriors Turn 1:

    Not much was done; both CSM squads moved up, the western-edged squad moving onto the hill while the open squad moved towards the western objective, and my plasma squad, with the Warsmith in tow. The Berzerkers too moved up into the building. The Guard's forces were concealed well, and nobody was able to get a shot off.

    Guard Turn 1:

    With the Iron Warriors crucially exposing themselves, the shooting began. The CSM squad in the open field got a face-full of rapid-firing plasma guns, however, 4 of the 6 shots caused fatal overheatings, while only two hit their mark, downing two Traitors, but at the cost of all three of the Veteran Plasma gunners; the loss was partially made up, however, by fire from the nearby Lascannon squad, which downed another Traitor.
    The Melta Vet squad rushed into the building, occupying the first and second floor and unleashing burning melta fire into the Berzerkers, only managing to kill one. Again, help was given by the nearby Autocannon squad, which downed another of the bloodthirsty.

    Iron Warriors Turn 2:

    Re-enforcements did not arrive, naturally, but the forces of the Iron Warriors pushed on. The forlorn Traitor squad lingering on the western edge of the map moved deeper onto the tree-filled hill, while the second Traitor squad, recovering quickly from its losses, bolted into the building occupied by the remnants of the Plasma Vet squad. After a flurry of pistol rounds and viscious close-combat, the Veteran squad was shattered, but those few left somehow managed to perservere and continue the fight.

    The Berzerkers similarly crashed into the Melta Veterans, but the brave Guardsmen managed to hold the line, suffering 6 casualties but somehow holding onto hope.

    The Havoc squad, almost unnoticed, let off a barrage of heavy bolter fire which ripped into the Guard squad occupying the south-eastern building, killing two.

    Guard Turn Two:

    Likewise, Guard re-enforcements failed to arrive. Somehow, throughout the flurry of hand-to-hand combat raging on, the Veteran squads managed to hold their own, resisting annihilation and the urge to flee, empowered by the knowledge that each second they held on improved the chances for the rest of their forces.

    With little to shoot at, the Traitors hiding in the woods on the west of the map were pummeled with fire from the Lascannon, Guardsmen and HQ squad opposite them, losing a single casualty.

    Iron Warriors Turn Three:

    Things did not bode well for the Guard as Traitor re-enforcements began to swarm in. A loud crack announced the arrival, via teleportation, of the damned Terminator squad; after a moment to catch their bearings, a quick torrent of fire and flame, with help from the Traitor squad in the woods, wiped out the Lascannon squad before it could fire off a single shot at this new threat.

    More bad news, as both Veteran squads finally fell, annihilated by the forces of Chaos; victorious, the Traitor squad over the western objective continued the slaughter, smashing into the nearby Guard squad stationed on the street just outside the building; the Warsmith, too slow to keep the pace, stood perched atop the building, over looking the Imperial lines.

    The Berzerkers consolidated, their bloodlust ensuring that they would not stop to hold the objective they had just captured.

    Just as things seemed unable to get worse, more re-enforcements arrived; a Vindicator stormed onto the battlefield in the eastern half of the table, joined by a Dreadnought which rumbled onto the central, north-south road.

    Guard Turn Three:

    Just on time, however, the Commander of the Imperial forces arrived, bringing with him the entirety of the available re-enforcements; the Commander's Chimera stormed onto the map towards the Terminators, opening its hatch to unload its transportees before unleashing a double volley of heavy flamers, but without effect.

    The first Leman Russ rumbled onto the table from the center of the board edge. After a moment of scanning for targets, one was found; the Warsmith, alone perched atop his captured building. With a quick order the Leman Russ' battlecannon fired; a direct hit! The Warsmith exploded into millions of pieces, failed by his invulnerable save.

    The second Chimera, holding the Armoured Fist squad, rumbled up alongside the Leman Russ, unleashing a volley of Multilaser and Heavy Bolter fire at the Berzerkers, while the Autocannons committed their fire to the same target; by the end of it, only three remained.

    The Second Russ rumbled onto the eastern edge of the map, immediately letting off a battlecannon shot at the Havoc squad, missing.

    A lot had changed, and things were looking up, but the immediate future held several serious problems. The Terminator squad was closing in, and the Vindicator, which surely would be joined by a second Vindicator, needed to be dealt with, with only a single Lascannon and two battlecannons on the table.

    Iron Warriors Turn Four:

    Enraged by their Warsmith's demise, the Iron Warriors were thrown into a frenzy. In the close-combat around the western objective, the Traitor squad comprehensively defeated the Guardsmen, forcing them to flee but unable to pursue, while the Terminators likewise charged and quickly dispatched the Guardsmen squad nearest them; in a deft move, one Power Fist-armed Terminator struck a blow against the nearby Chimera, stunning its crew and immobilizing the machine.

    The Havoc squad let off another volley of shots at the Guard squad still bunkered down in the south-eastern building; finally, they managed to bring the squad down to such levels that it turned tail and fled; under half strength, it could do no more but let off a single grenade launcher round at the Berzerkers, uselessly.

    The Berzerkers, meanwhile, charged across the road towards the Autocannon squad, as the Vindicator moved in, joined by a second which appeared in the western sector of the table.

    Guard Turn Four:

    Seeing the quick demise of their men, both HQ squads charged the Terminators; with two power weapons, two plasma pistols and a flurry of attacks the command squads managed to bring down all but one of the behemoths, but at the cost of the entire Platoon HQ squad.

    The Leman Russ, seeing the result of the close-combat at the western objective, opened fire, killing several Traitors and forcing the rest to flee. The second Russ again fired on the Havoc squad, killing one more.

    The surviving Chimera and the Autocannon squad tore into the Berzerkers, killing all but one.

    Iron Warriors Turn Five:

    Sensing the end was near, the remaining Traitor squad finally broke its cover, dashing across the open field towards the western objective which, with the retreat of the Traitor squad formerly holding it, was now wide open. The Havoc squad likewise dashed into the open, moving towards the eastern objective. And in a final move, the Vindicator nearest the center objective plowed into the building, its bulldozer blade enabling it to survive what could've been a disastrous immobilization. It immediately took up a firing position, blasting a massive round out a window which smashed into the Armoured Fist Chimera, tearing it apart but only killing two of its passengers.

    The lone Terminator fought with gusto, but only managed to kill three Guardsmen; in turn, he was torn apart by a flurry of power weapon attacks. The Imperial commander, his Commissar and his Vox caster retreated from immediate attack behind the immobilized Chimera.

    The Dreadnought continued lumbering forward, firing off a useless shot at the Leman Russ opposite it.

    Guards Turn Five:

    The eastern Leman Russ, seeing the carnage wrought by the nearby Vindicator, changed its target, moving forward, ignoring the Havoc squad and blasting a shot towards the side armour of the Vindi. A direct hit; the shot penetrates, stunning and immobilizing the war machine, while nearby guardsmen cheered that the central objective was now free for the taking.

    Scanning for targets, the Autocannon squad ignored the nearest Vindicator, which was now immobilized, and set its targets on the Vindicator across the table; several lucky shots hit, causing a single penetration, which hit a fuel line and annihilated the Vindicator.

    The central Leman Russ returned fire on the Dreadnought, scoring a direct hit and destroying it outright.

    In a single turn, all of the Iron Warriors' vehicles had been immobilized or destroyed. Things looked very good going into the 6th round.

    Iron Warriors Turn Six:

    Most of their forces seriously weakened, destroyed, fleeing or otherwise disabled, the Iron Warriors found themselves with only two worthwhile units; the Havocs and the remaining Traitor Marine squad.

    Both high-tailed it towards the nearest objectives, doing little else. The Havoc squad managed to move around to the side of the Leman Russ nearest them, but an attempted shot with a plasma pistol had no effect.

    Guard Turn Six:

    Victory seeming assured, the Guard also moved in to capture the objectives. The Leman Russ nearest the central objective sped forward at top speed to claim it; the HQ squad, still at half strength, moved towards the western objective, to contest it and steal the Iron Warriors' ability to secure it. Meanwhile, everything capable poured unholy death onto the Havoc squad; with only three men remaining out of five, a single fallen Traitor would rob them of their ability to capture or contest objectives. However, despite being fired at by a battlecannon, a lascannon, three autocannons and a ton of lasguns, and despite being in the middle of the open, not a single Traitor fell.

    But with the second Russ sitting literally ontop of the last objective, that left two of them contested and one firmly in Imperial hands. Victory!

    Iron Warriors Turn Seven

    Blast! A seventh round! Blasted Omega rules blasted blast!

    Laughing maniacally, the Iron Warriors general ordered his mobs forward. The remaining Traitor squad pumped rapid-firing shells into the nearby HQ squad, eviscerating and destroying it, and securing the forces of Chaos the western objective.

    In a cruel twist of fate, the immobilized Vindicator, spurred to life, fired a point-blank shot at the Leman Russ which had sped forward to capture its objective; a penetration resulted, detonating internal ammunition stores in the Russ and sending its turret a mile into the air.

    In a single short turn, the forces of Chaos completely turned the tables; with one objective securely in their hands, another cleansed of Imperial presence and the third contested, it would seem that victory was as likely theirs as it was the Imperial's on the previous turn.

    Guard Turn Seven:

    The remaining Imperial forces desperately poured everything it had into the Havoc squad, which had tried to hide behind the hulk of the Leman Russ, which simply moved to re-expose them.

    Lascannon and Autocannon fire again pummeled the Havocs, to no avail; all three laughed the attempts off. However, the Russ proved a more capable foe; lowering its barrel, it blasted the Havocs point-blank, barely managing to kill one.

    But one was all that was needed. With the Havocs below half-strength, the eastern objective was firmly in Imperial hands.


    The game ended after seven turns with both sides holding a single objective, and the third being barren of all presence. What a horrible stroke of luck! My Guard seemed absolutely assured a victory at the end of turn six. If it weren't for the extended turns, I would have pulled off a nice win.

    In the end, after counting our losses, we were basically tied. I had less than 150 victory points more than the Iron Warriors, leaving the battle a draw overall.

    All said, it was a very exciting game, especially when we rolled for a 7th turn and it came up a 6. I knew at that point that my assured win would turn into a battle for a draw. Still, it was the best game I've played yet, and it was extremely close. I'm proud of pulling a draw off (though obviously I would've been prouder with a win ) against a more seasoned player and in any case it was a good learning experience.


    Several things jumped out at me.

    First, I was sad my heavy flamer Chimera got offed so easily without causing any damage. Heavy flamers just aren't that great against Terminator armour, I guess.. who'd a thunk it?

    I also found myself disappointed, for the first time, with my Plasma Vets. They only managed to kill two Traitors (the plasma guns, that is), but all three killed themselves in the process. Of course, it's half my fault for risking double-tapping plasma guns in the first place, but I was hoping that significantly less than 4 of those 6 shots would miss and overheat.

    I wasn't too happy with the Melta Vets either, but there's not much else i could've done about that. When it became clear the Vindi's wouldn't be around on turn 1 (or turn 2) their primary goal was to try and slow the Berzerkers down so that other stuff could arrive. I suppose that part worked out.

    Like I said at the beginning, I probably made a mistake in concentrating so many forces on the western edge of the map. But in the end I think it turned out OK; my opponent, weary of that package of power over there (mainly the HQ squad and Lascannon squad, and two Guard squads, and Vet squad.. and later a Chimera and another HQ squad...), deployed most of his re-enforcements to destroy it, leaving only one Vindo and the Havocs to secure the other two objectives. I suppose I could look at it from that standpoint; it was successful in that it isolated those Terminators, one of those Vindis, and two Traitor squads on the left-hand side of the table which allowed me to focus on the other two objectives, but the tactic came purely by accident.

    Its funny how absolutely useless ordinary Guard squads are for anything but soaking up fire and perhaps stalling an enemy assault squad for a turn or two. None of my Guardsmen squads did anything of any worth; it was mainly the Autocannons (which performed surprisingly well, and re-affirmed my faith in them) and the Lemans which caused most of the damage. That long-shot against the Vindicator was awesome.

    In retrospect I should've finished off that immobilized Vindi but I took a gamble and charged my Russ right up there to cap the objective for the end of turn 6. Unfortunately, fate saw it fit to rob me of victory. That bastard. Remind me to kick him/her in the balls next time I see 'em.

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed the pics, they took almost as long as writing this damned report.

    P.P.S. You'll notice I mention a Chaos Dreadnought in the text but not in the pictures.. I completely forgot about it when doing the pics (which I did first), but it didn't end up doing much or killing anything anyway. It kinda just lumbered down the center street until coming into view of the Russ and then getting blasted to pieces.

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Nice game. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. The highlight for me reading the report is when you charged into those terminators and showed them what a great upgrade cheap power weapons can be for guard. 1000 years of battle experience vs a pointy stick with a 9volt stuck on the end.

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