1500 pt IG vs Ultramarine - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pt IG vs Ultramarine

    I played a game against my friend and it was so entertaining that I figured that you guys should hear about it. It really was one of the more fun games I have played.

    IG list Doctrines:grenadiers, iron discipline, sharpshooters
    HSO w/power weapon, plasma pistol, and iron discipline

    Inquisitor Lord(demonhunter) w/artificer armor, power weapon, combi-melta, holocaust
    -retinue 3 warrior henchmen w/plasma guns, 2 sages, familiar, acolyte

    Veteran squad(10 man)w/3 meltaguns and sharpshooters

    Grenadier squad(7 man) w/2 melta
    -chimera w/multi-laser, hull heavy bolter, extra armor, smoke

    Grenadier squad(7 man) w/2 melta
    -chimera w/multi-laser, hull heavy bolter, extra armor, smoke

    Grenadier squad(7 man) w/2 plasma
    -chimera w/multi-laser, hull heavy bolter, extra armor, smoke

    Infantry platoon command w/bolt pistol and iron discipline
    2 infantry squads
    remnant squad(8 man)

    Leman Russ w/hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons, extra armor, smoke

    Leman Russ w/hull heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons, extra armor, smoke

    I don't know the exact list that I was facing but here is what I remember seeing
    2 chaplains(one with a big squad attached, the other had a jump pack)
    assault marine squad(with the other chaplain)
    land raider
    5 man scout squad with a missile launcher
    tactical squad w/plasma gun and lascannon
    Predator w/autocannon and 2 heavy bolter sponsons

    The field had some road crossing the length in the middle and there were 2 crossing along the width. In between these we put a couple of fairly large buildings in between the roads do it looked like the outskirts of a city where the buildings weren't too dense. There were also 2 forest in my deployment zone on my left side. When we rolled for a mission we rolled take and hold(control center objective).
    Deployment had me split my forces with my 2 infantry squads, a melta grenadier squad in their chimera, the plasma grenadier squad inside their chimera, and my vet squad on my right and everything else on my left. My opponent had his chaplain with assault squad, land raider, and the other chaplain with the big ol' squad on my left. Everything else was put on my right. His scouts sitting right next to the objective.

    I won first turn, but gave it to my opponent since all of my men were hiding behind various pieces of terrain.

    Turn 1 SM
    All that really happened was his vindicator, predator, and the tac squad on my right moved forward with the tac squad getting inside a bunker. His scouts did shoot my inquisitor lord group, and the only guy in range was a warrior. His walking chaplain climbed inside the land raider with his squad of death.

    Turn 1 IG
    Seeing my chance to maybe do some damage I popped my tanks out of hiding and let loose, with only one shot hitting its mark, the assault squad that was set up so that I could only hit 3 guys, but they did all get killed. On the right side I popped my chimera out that was holding my melta grenadiers and tried to go for an easy predator kill. Unfortunately it wasn't in melta gun range so not a whole lot happened there except me putting my chimera in front of an auto cannon.

    Turn 2 Sm
    Now the game gets interesting as the land raider carrying a big squad of pain with a chaplain of even more pain came to stop right in front of my clustered men in a forst still inside of my deployment zone and unloading the living cargo and lots of bullets into my inq. lord. The only survivors were a plasma henchman and the lord himself. Now I am sad. On the right side things werent looking so well for me either as my chimera that was horribly exposed died and 2 of my grenadiers died. The vindicator killed 3 guardsmen in a massive stroke of lucky cover saves.

    Turn 2 IG
    Ok so I lost a few guys, and I am hurting a bit. After moving my squads on the right trying to climb through the ruins they are hiding in am moving a whopping 2 inches. The plasma chimera did move out and it now has LOS to the side of the predator. My shooting was extremely lucky. My inq. lord decided he really didn't like that land raider sitting in front of him and gave it a shot with his combi-melta. I hit and needed 6 to damage the vehicle, and I got it. Then I made the thing explode 6 inches out, and though it caused no casualties it was a huge blow to the SM force(especially since I am the first on to kill it). Also one of my leman russ hit the vindicator in the side with a pen and knocked off its cannon as well as stunning it. Then my plasma grenadier wrecked the predator, and that chimera killed 2 scouts and they failed their leadership test and ran off the objective.

    Turn 3 SM
    His assault squad plus chaplain is now right next to the inq. lord. His big squad then moves to attack the officers that were just outside of the forest. Other than a little bit of shooting he gets his assault on with my inq lord, who gets killed, and my officers, the JO and his squad gets killed. In shooting he also killed my chimera.

    Turn 3 IG
    There wasn't a lot that I could move that would hvae much of an effect on the game at this point, but i did move my plasma grenadiers closer to the objective and took some shots at the vindicator with my multi-laser that didn't do anything to the vindicator. In assault his assault squad was finishing up with the remnant squad over on my left side, and they successfully broke from the combat and ran behind my leman russ. The other chaplain and his squad finished up with my HSO and started working over my stormies that were over there.

    Turn 4 SM
    This was the last round that we were going to play since the shop was going to be closing in about 30-45 mins. So he charges his nearly useless vindicator straight onto the objective and his now free assault marines jump into rage of the objective. My melta grenadiers are killed off by the tac squad still sitting in the bunker.

    Turn 4 IG
    Knowing that I now had 2 enemy units sitting on the objective that I needed to win. I decided I was going all or nothing and moved my chimera with plasma grenadiers next to the vindicator and unloaded my men in range of the objective. Both of my leman russ rolled off target with their battle cannon shots so I was a little worried. Then my multi-laser and plasma guns failed to damage the vindicator. It was then that I realized that his assault marines jumped into the smoking crater left by his land raider. So he rolled the dice and 2 of them died which brought them below scoring.

    I loved playing this game, and though we usually wind up with a draw when we play, it was the closest game we have ever had. We both got lucky, and he usually plays with drop pods and I have never used a mech guard list it was a lot of fun. I am aware that I only used 3 doctrines and if anyone would like to help me with my list or just make a comment feel free to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Foot View Post
    His walking chaplain climbed inside the land raider with his squad of death.
    Yes it was ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by The Foot View Post
    and his now free assault marines jump into rage of the objective
    nice typo, but probably true, I think they did have rage especialy after you reminded me to make the dangerous terrain test for landing in the smokeing crator of my land raider.

    I'm the smurf he played against, this was my list.

    HQ Chaplain: Reclusiarch w/ Jump Pack and bolt pistol

    HQ II Chaplain: Reclusiarch w/ bolt pistol
    Command Squad: 9 Marines, Sarge w/ power fist, company champion, 2 melta guns


    Tactical Squad: 10 Marines, Sarg with power fist, plasma gun, las cannon

    Scout squad: 4 sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher


    10 Assault Marines, 2 plasma pistol, sarge with power fist


    Land Raider Crusader w/ smoke

    Predator Anihilator w/ heavy bolters and extra armor

    Vindicator w/ extra armor and power of the machine spirit

    What I find doubly interesting (and shamefull for me) is that he so completly killed my land raider that even in 5th edition it would have been destroyed, assuming the information about the new damage chart for vehicles is accurate.

    Ap 1 weapons no longer upgrade glance to pen in 5th, they add 1 to the roll on the chart. Glancing hits normaly subtract twp from the roll meaning a 6 would only immobolize but sense it was an ap1 weapon....

    My land raider's first death is full of epic fail! T.T

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