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    Combat Patrol - Chaos vs Orks

    The Rhino transport rumbled through the city ruins, crunching flagstones under the weight of its treads. Squads of renegade marines picked their way through the fallen buildings and cluttered streets, allowing Tyraxus a moment to focus his attention on the glowing display consoles. Massive warehouses and crumbling manufactorums marked this section of the city as the industrial supply district. He was certainly nearing the damaged Imperial power plant, and had little doubt that part of the Ork warband that had overwhelmed the installation would still be present.

    "Brother-Captain," Avanus came over the comm, "we have spotted the power station in Sector 4. It appears only slightly harmed, though we cannot fully assess the extent of the damage until we have secured the facility." Tyraxus checked the holo-projection of the power plants layout, picked the most vulnerable point of entry, and signaled his scouts to advance.

    Without warning, a concussive blast ripped into the ruined building near the Rhino, narrowly missing the transport. With a massive roar, concealed Orks sprang from the city ruins and charged towards the renegade marines. The sound of small arms fire filled the night as Orks poured out of hiding, firing all manner of weapon at the marines caught out in the open. Tyraxus barked an order and the Rhino's engines screamed to life, tearing through the rubble-strewn streets in a headlong rush towards the nearest building.
    "Ávanus, advance along the right flank, take up position and fire at will. Caernus, follow behind the transport and secure the warehouse on the flank. Establish a crossfire. Leave none of them alive."

    Muzzle flashes lit up the night sky as the renegade marines began firing into the Ork mob. Ducking and weaving through the cover, they expertly picked off any greenskin foolish enough to expose themselves to the marines fire. As the Rhino drew closer to the Ork firing line, a second salvo of Ork rokkits streaked across the ruined street and detonated against the warehouse sheltering Caernus' squad. The impact blew a large retaining wall into thousands of tiny fragments of rockrete, showering the stunned marines with dust and debris. A groan rose up from the now damaged structure, and within seconds the roof collapsed, burying the entire squad under several feet of rubble.

    The Rhino roared into the Ork firing line. Uttering a dark oath, Tyraxus led his squad out of the transport and into the Orks, firing at everything that moved. Caught off guard by the viciousness of the renegades, the Orks were quickly cut down in a hail of bolter fire, allowing the marines to gain the safety of the ruined building. As the Rhino sped off, another salvo of rokkits fired from the building above Tyraxus and his squad, detonating against the roof of the vehicle and punching through its armoured hull. Cursing his luck, Tyraxus drew his power sword and headed into the building, his squad pulling out their sidearms and revving their chainswords in anticipation of the imminent carnage.

    As Tyraxus entered the warehouse, the startled Orks quickly reached for their choppas and charged. Shouting curses, Tyraxus methodically cut into the Ork boyz, severing hands, arms and legs, his green bladed power sword slicing through flesh and bone like it was as insubstantial as the Warp. He risked a glance back, and was rewarded with the sight of his squad butchering the rest of the hapless Orks, cutting them down as they fled from the Champion's wrath. With a sudden ear-splitting whine, the air filled with hundreds of shells as a group of Orks began to rain fire down upon the renegade marines from the upper levels of the large warehouse. The sudden barrage tore apart the marine standing to his left, and the remains of the squad scrambled for cover. Oblivious to the danger, Tyraxus charged headlong towards the staircase leading to the upper floor. The brazenness of his charge seemed to surprise the Orks, and within seconds he was among them, cutting his way through them before they could drop their heavy guns and defend themselves.

    As the last Ork fell lifeless to the ground, Avanus' voice came over the comm.
    "Brother-Captain, we are under heavy fire. The Ork mob has cut us off and is approaching rapidly. We'll try to stall them in the ruins, but we've taken heavy losses." Tyraxus spat another curse at his luck, sheathed his sword and signaled his squad to take up positions to lend support to Avanus' beleaguered squad.

    With a great roar, the greenskins charged into the remains of Avanus' squad. Tyraxus watched as the marines met the charge with chainswords and frag grenades in hand, but the sheer volume of greenskins flooding their position quickly overwhelmed them. Avanus met the largest Ork head-on, the massive creature standing nearly a full foot taller than the space marine. Avanus swung low catching the Ork on the thigh, but the greenskin shrugged off the blow and sheared the renegade’s arm off with his mighty power klaw. Avanus fell away, struggling to aim his bolt pistol at the Ork nob, but the greenskin reacted too quickly. The klaw snapped closed around his neck and severed the marine’s head in one motion.

    Tyraxus ordered his squad to advance, firing into the Orks as they looked for a new target. Caught off guard by the attack from behind, the Orks were slow to locate the advancing marines. Bellowing and cursing, the Ork leader smashed his power klaw into a nearby greenskin, getting the attention of the rest of the boyz in the process. Drawing his power sword, Tyraxus charged towards the Ork mob, rushing heedlessly towards the larger Ork. He ducked and weaved through the nobs hasty swings until his sword found home, catching the Ork in the leg just above the knee and cleanly severing half of his leg. The Ork stumbled, falling forward and catching himself with his hands. Before he could react, Tyraxus was over top of the fallen Ork, his bolt pistol discharging three quick rounds into the nobs thick skull.

    With brutal efficiency, the remaining marines cut through the Orks. Seeing their leader dead, many turned and fled back into the city ruins, seeking shelter among the blasted out buildings.
    "Hold your fire," barked Tyraxus, "we have more important things to attend to. Secure the power plant, and signal Lord Rhyn. Tell him we will commence repairs as soon as reinforcements have arrived."

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    11 (x1)

    The Warp Dragons Expeditionary Force

    6 Chaos Space Marines – Squad 1
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Melta Gun
    110 Total

    6 Chaos Space Marines – Squad 2
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Plasma Gun
    115 Total

    6 Chaos Space Marines – Assault Squad
    Icon of Chaos Glory
    Aspiring Champion
    Power Sword
    Melta Gun
    175 Total

    Nagretz’s ‘Ard Crew

    20 Shoota Boyz
    2 Big Shootas
    Power Klaw
    Boss Pole
    170 Total

    5 Tankbustas
    75 Total

    5 Tankbustas
    75 Total

    5 Lootas
    75 Total


    4 x 4 board

    3 ruined buildings, 1 in front of each deployment area on the south side of the board, 1 in the centre

    Chaos Picks Side
    Orks Deploy First
    Chaos Takes First Turn

    Turn 1 – Chaos

    Rhino moves 12” behind center cover
    Chaos Squads 1 and 2 advance

    The Rhino pops its smoke launchers
    Squad 1 fires at the Tankbustas (2 hits, 1 wound, 1 casualty)
    Squad 2 fires at the mob of Boyz (3 hits, 3 wounds, 3 casualties)

    Turn 1 – Orks

    The Tankbusta squads move closer to the top edge of the board
    The Boyz advance up to the ruined building

    The Lootas fire at Squad 1, rolling 3 shots (3 hits, 3 wounds, 0 casualties)
    Both Tankbusta squads unload on Squad 1 (7 hits, 6 wounds, 6 casualties)

    Turn 2 – Chaos

    The Rhino drives around cover, moving 12” towards the Tankbustas
    Squad 2 advances towards the center building
    The Assault Squad disembarks

    The Assault Squad rapid fires into the Tankbustas (9 hits, 6 wounds, 6 casualties)
    Squad 2 fires at the Boyz (2 hits, 1 wound, 1 casualty)

    Turn 2 – Orks

    The Boyz move 4” into the ruined building

    The remaining Tankbusta squad is forced to shoot the Rhino. It Explodes.
    The Lootas fire at the Assault Squad, rolling a 1 for shots fired (0 hits)
    The Boyz fire at Squad 2 (9 hits, 4 wounds, 1 casualty… fairly depressing for a massive 29 shots)

    Turn 3 – Chaos

    The Assault Squad advanced menacingly on the Tankbustas
    Squad 2 moves into the center building

    Squad 2 rapid fires (and causes 1 plasma overheat, the gunner passing his save) into the Boyz (7 hits, 3 wounds, 1 casualty)
    The Assault Squad fires their pistols at the Tankbustas (5 hits, 2 wounds, 2 casualties)

    The Assault Squad charges into the remaining Tankbustas (7 hits, 3 wounds, 2 casualties) and Massacres 3” towards the Lootas

    Turn 3 – Orks

    The Boyz move out of the ruined building towards the center of the board

    The Lootas aim at the Assault Squad and roll a 3 for shots fired (6 hits, 5 wounds, 1 casualty)
    The Boyz fire at Squad 2 (12 hits, 4 wounds, 1 casualty)

    The Boyz give up aiming, and charge into Squad 2. Squad 2 attacks (3 hits, 2 wounds, 2 casualties) and the Boyz hit back (16 hits, 7 wounds, 4 casualties). The mob Massacres a whopping 1” into the ruined building.

    Turn 4 – Chaos

    The Assault Squad moves towards the Lootas

    The Assault Squad fires into the Lootas (5 hits, 3 wounds, 3 casualties)

    And then the Assault Squad promptly charges into the Lootas (7 hits, 4 wounds, 4 casualties), using their Massacre move to place them farther away from the Boyz.

    Turn 4 – Orks

    The Boyz advance on the Chaos Assault Squad

    The Boyz opt to fire (9 hits, 4 wounds, 0 casualties)

    Turn 5 – Chaos

    The Assault Squad moves to engage the mob of Boyz

    The Assault Squad fires into the mob (2 hits, 2 wounds, 2 casualties)

    The Assault Squad charges the Boyz (10 hits, 4 wounds, 4 casualties) and the Boyz swing back (7 hits, 1 wound, 1 casualty (the startled Nob managed 1 hit, and rolled a 1 to wound)). The Orks failed their Ld check, took a wound from the Boss Pole (which was saved, buggers)

    Turn 5 – Orks

    The Assault Squad strikes (6 hits, 5 wounds, 5 casualties) and the Boyz do their best to hit back (0 hits, the fight had completely gone out of them at this point). Once again, the Boyz fail their Ld check, take a wound, and once again save it (ARGH!)

    Turn 6 – Chaos

    The Assault Squad mops up the rest of the Boyz (8 hits, 2 wounds, 2 casualties)


    Forces Remaining


    Assault Squad – Aspiring Champion, Melta Gun, 2 Marines
    Rhino – Destroyed
    Squad 1 – Destroyed
    Squad 2 – Destroyed


    Boyz – Destroyed
    Tankbustas – Destroyed
    Tankbustas – Destroyed
    Lootas – Destroyed

    Chaos: 395 VP
    Orks: 260 VP

    Solid Victory for Chaos

    Defining Moments

    The biggest single standout was the event that didn’t happen. During the Orks half of Turn 4, my opponent decided to shoot with his Boyz rather than WAAAGH!. He would have needed a 5 or 6 to reach combat, and decided to risk absorbing a charge and take an extra round of shooting to whittle down my numbers.

    Out of curiosity, we marked the table and revisited this afterwards. Assuming he rolled 6”, roughly half his Boyz would have made it into combat. We’re still both of the opinion shooting and absorbing the charge from 5 marines was the right choice, and more or less the dice failed him.

    Units of Note

    Chaos – The Assault Squad once again proves that getting the charge with a group of power armored, close combat oriented marines can be devastating in small point games. The Rhino managed to convey them safely into rapid fire range, as well as draw a turn of Tankbusta fire from the Assault Squad, allowing them to roll through the Ork firing lines.

    Orks – Of note for the wrong reasons, the Lootas were a sad sight on the battlefield. Pumping out a grand total of 35 shots over 3 turns, they managed to inflict all of one casualty. Ork shooting at its worst.


    Boy, Ork shooting sure is scary. When it isn’t pinging harmlessly off your armour, it’s blowing you to smithereens. Seems like every turn went hot or cold for the Orks, everything seemed to be either fantastic of dreadful.

    I didn’t really get much in the way of shooting out of Squads 1 and 2, yet they managed to draw enough fire to leave my close combat squad unharmed most of the game. Think I may have been better off leaving them closer together, allowing them to support each other if needed, or at least move into rapid fire range should they be destroyed in an assault.

    Really do like how the new Orks play though, swapped armies with my opponent after the game and had a blast running around firing rockets behind a screen of angry greenskins.

    This was the first of a few games played in a mini-narrative campaign. I’m hoping to write up and post the rest of the battles as they’re played.

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