500pt Tau vs Black Templar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500pt Tau vs Black Templar

    This is one of my first battles. As such, it was pretty slack and not much an official game.

    I was in the store today before work. I had to leave for work at around the time they were hosting a 40k mega battle, but while I was there, some kid asked me to play him (he had the impression that i would be an easy mark, since I haven't played much before, and being tau he figured he'd take some beefed up Black Templars and just assault me.

    mission: just kill the enemy

    crisis shaso - tl plasmas, cib, hw multi
    12 fire warriors - rifles
    12 fire warrios - carbines
    8 vespids - strain leader

    Black templars:
    6 man command squad
    6 marines (heavy flamer, and something else??)
    6 marines (special weapons??)
    6 scout snipers
    some other hero

    i was told by some of the staff, to be wary of the kid trying to find sneaky ways to play (1 example i remember from this game was him trying to have his command squad roll armour saves at 2+ because his commander has a 2+ save). fortunately i read the crap out of my roommates rulebook, and my tau codex before spending my first penny on any models. didnt read the sm codex though. (as i found out later from the staff, he had a pretty illegal list)

    In the deployment, i put my fire warriors in 2 buildings, while i put the suit in the middle. the vespids were at the back of one of the buildings.

    We rolled for turns. He won and decided to go first. He was so antsy to tear me to shreds with his snipers, he didnt move any of his army forward, and went right to the shooting phase to shoot at the fire warriors. All the cover saves were passed. no tau casualties.
    Then i fired every gun in my army at his snipers. the scouts were wiped out to a man (at this point he added a a guy onto the field because it was "just so awesome". i allowed it. it is the guy labelled as "some hero" in my deployment diagram)

    This turn he moved all his guys forward. I let his command squad move 12 inches, and into the cover. It would help him to try and get into CC, and i figured i'd give him a chance. In the shooting phase, he was about to shoot me with his 24" bolter shots, when I pointed out, that rapid fire weapons only fire at max range if the squad doesn't move. he said he didnt know that before (obviously a lie)
    The fire warriors and the left flank, shot at the advancing marines (killing 2 i think?) I shot his command squad down to 2 with the rest, then charged with the vespid, the vespid all died save for the strain leader(due to his command squad have 3 power weapons on his characters. this was part of what made his list illegal, but o well), the strain leader then killed 1 of the retinue, and the sm commander was left

    at this points he just forfeited the game, claiming that i'd just shoot him dead before he can assault me (which was what he was braggiing about when i agreed to play with him; how he'd snipe me to shreds while coming up and assaulting me with such beefed up units)

    i actually quite enjoyed it. i learned a lot today about the performance and playability of my army. especially in the game i played right after (against a kid who has space marines, but knew less about them than me - a new tau player. even though he did claim to have played quite a bit of games. so i let him play my tau against me, while i used his space marines. i patiently explained what my tau units could do each turn, while myself playing the space marines with the store codex open to the reference sheet) this was also a very fun game for me, as i really learned about my own army by playing against it.

    the staff then told me about the gaming nights when the more mature crowd comes in (ie not kids)

    victory for the greater good

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    Wow im glad you have such patience for such players. Id be okay if my opponent was just learning to play the game, but the fact that he tried to cheat as often as he did, used an illegal list, bragged for the better part of the game, and then forfiet so early would just make me never want to play with the person again.

    Im glad you were able to have fun even against such an opponent. good battle report very easy to understand
    "Thank him who puts me loath to this revenge on you who wrong me not for him who wrongd"

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    Well written batrep, I love when the poor sport gets his head handed to him on a silver platter.
    "War does not determine who is right - only who is left" Bertrand Russell

    We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a Human can understand.

    Eldar: 3-3-1

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