I went to a local 1700 point tournament a couple weekends ago. I hadnít touched my chaos forces in a while, so I decided to bring them out again.

Daemon Prince, MkS, Lash of submission, Wings
8 Terminators, IcK, LC, PF, 3 Combi plas, Heavy flamer
8 Terminators, IcT 1 PF, 6 Combi plas
5 Noise Marines with Sonic blaster
5 Noise Marines with Sonic blaster
9 Thousand sons, Asp champ - Doom bolt, Personal Icon
2 Obliterators
Predator, 2 Las cannons, AC
Predator, 2 Las cannons, AC

I was only able to play test this list once before the tournament. That game, which was the first time I used lash, made me realize just how powerful that spell can be. Only time Iíve had it used against me, my 10 point filler shadow in the Warp power totally nullified it until the sorcerer was fed twin-linked devourers (I imagine he wasnít too happy with his dice).

There were two army lists I didnít want to face this tourney, one was Orks, the other Eldar. First game was against the Orks. His list looked something like this, possible errors from memory.

Big Mek shock attack gun
Big Mek Power claw
10 Lootas with 2 custom mega blasters
10 Lootas with 2 custom mega blasters
10 tank busters
12 Hard boyz in truck with powerclaw big shoota
12 Boyz in truck with powerclaw big shoota
20 Boyz with 2 big shootas
20 Boyz with 2 big shootas
2 Deff Dreads with 2 big shootas
3 Cannons

The objective was to take either or both quarters your opponent starts in.

Iím not sure why I wrote this one last, but my memory of the specifics has faded a little, so here is more of an overview.

This game was the ork player advancing and shooting, while I returned fire and charged once he got close enough. His early shooting was sub par as his dice didnít like him. The Shock attack gun firing on one of his own units, 4 big shootas only hitting once and then not wounding, and other such gems were examples of his poor luck. In return I was unable to roll 4s to wound with my bolters and sonic blasters or even my power weapons in CC. The first few turns I blew up both trucks forcing the orks to walk, but only inflicting minor casualties on the squads themselves, and totally unable to destroy the deff dreads. His shooting in return dropped one of the noise marine squad to 1, who stood around shooting for a few more turns, actually killing more then the full squad some turns. The grot cannons did very well against me putting 2 wounds on the obliterators, and then me rolling snake eyes against the overkilling str 8. This upset me as my plan had been to lash and then twin twin-linked flamer an advancing squad. A few turns later the grots turned on the daemon prince as he came out of combat and blew him away. The center devolved into a large melee, and much on both sides didnít make it out. At the end his fire base was untouched, with a few forward squads sitting below half strength, while my daemon prince was dead, oblits dead, one pred dead, khorn termies dead, tzeenth below half and 1 sonic marine squad dead.

Minor victory to the orks as I managed to do just enough damage to offset my losses VP wise and no one accomplished the objective. I must admit I was pleased with a minor loss, as I feared much worse.

Second game was against the Blood Angels player whom I had tested this list against earlier in the week. He was running the same list as before so I was hoping to do as well as our trial game, which I had won.

His list looked like this

Chaplain with jump pack
10 Death company with jump pack
10 Tac Marines with power weapon and missile launcher
10 Tac Marines with power weapon and missile launcher
5 Tac Marines with plasma gun
10 Assault marines with powerfist
10 Devastators with 3 missile launchers and las cannon
Baal Predator

The mission was annihilation, no deep strike, no infiltrate, no special rules, gain victory points for kills and scoring units you still have on the table.

There were two massive LOS blocking hills on this table, one leading from his tableside up to around half way up the table in the top left corner, and the other mirrored in my bottom right corner. Aside from the two hills there were some ruins and shrubs in both our deployment zones and a big killing field in the center. He put death company behind his hill, the assault squad across from mine (to jump behind it, then jump out I assumed) the baal pred hidden off to the right behind a ruin and the marines spread out in cover across the center. He didnít use combat squads for any of his units. I deployed centrally with the khornite termies facing the death company on the left and the tzeench termies on my other flank.

Turn 1
I won first turn and immediately started abusing lash. I walked my whole force up, knowing I was out of turn 1 charge. I pulled the dev squad forward and put them into a nice tight circle and hit them with the plasma cannons on the obliterators. The 1K sons finished off the survivors and the rest of my forces fired on the 5 man tac squad, killed everyone but the sergeant who fled off the table. One Khornite terminator was in range and could see one death company. 1 bolter shot later the blood angel fell having failed both saves.

The assault marines jumped up so that next turn they could hide behind hill, death company moved to stay out of LOS of the daemon price to avoid lash, the pred advanced, the rest of the army stood and shot. The pred bounced all itís rounds off the tzeench termies, the daemon prince took a wound from a missile launcher, the other one missed and all the bolters that were in range bounced off him too.

Turn 2
I advanced some more, making sure to stay out of assault range of the death company. Lash failed with an 11 on the psychic test. One pred killed the baal pred, my army shot the assault marines bringing them down to 2, those who were out of range of the assault marines took some pock shots at death company with the other pred killing 4 more.

He moved to assault with death company, the last two jump troops moved behind the hill in my deployment zone the two tac squads stood and shot. Death company bolt pistols pinged off the 1K sons, both missile launchers missed the Daemon prince and the bolters did nothing. Death company was out of charge range by an inch.

Turn 3
My forces advanced some more, the preds drove away from the hill with the powerfist assault marines behind it. Lash pulled one tac squad out and put them into a circle. Both plasma cannons from the obliterators hit, but the first one hits all partials, and rolls no 1s to wound killing all 10 marines in 1 shot. 1K sons rapid fire death company leaving only the chaplain who is killed by the noise marines.

One invulnerable save later the daemon prince takes no wounds from the last tac squad missile launcher and all the bolters ping off his toughness.

Turn 4
I lash the last tac squad out of cover and kill them to a man.

Assault marines jump out at the preds, who have shifted away and are out of range,

Turn 5
The 2 assault marines die to my entire armyís firepower.

I lost no models, took 1 wound on my daemon prince and my entire force was scoring giving me a margin of victory of 3400. So this is why people hate Lash. I think using combat squads here on all his units would have helped greatly against the lash, forcing me to plasma cannon off 5 man squads instead of 10.

The third game was against an Ultramarine player

Commander with jump pack and power weapon
5 Terminators 2 Assault Cannons
5 Marines Las cannon
5 Marines Las cannon
5 Marines Las cannon
8 Marines Powerfist, Flamer, Rhino, extra armour, smoke
8 Marines Powerfist, Flamer, Rhino, extra armour, smoke
Land Speeder tornado
Land Speeder tornado
8 Assault Marines Powerfist melta bombs
8 Devastators with 4 Heavy bolters.

The mission was ďDawn RaidĒ. First three turns were night fight, escalation, and enemy lines victory conditions.

Escalation and night fight favored me I thought, while having to get across the table into a 12 inch deployment zone on foot didnít seem that easy. Only my predators and daemon prince were in reserves.

There were ruins in each of the 4 corners, a few scattered shrubberies and a hill in the center. He deployed the devastators and 2 las cannon squads in the larger ruins in the top left, and the third las cannon squad in the top right ruin. I started deploying in the center and then filled everything in the far right in a refused flank. I was planning on just walking my whole army up the far side of the board, staying as far away from his firepower as much as I could and using night fight to move my forces mostly unmolested across the table.

He won the roll for first turn, and gave it to me.

Turn 1
I started moving everything up as far as I could. The oblits got 3 inches, and the 1k sons 2. Not a great start. Noise marines both saw the squad across from me and killed 4 marines.

He stood still, saw my Tzeench termies with 1 las squad and fried one.

Turn 2
One Predator and the Daemon prince show up. Worried about leaving the left side of the table uncontested the pred drives up and hides behind the ruin on the far left side. The DP flies up behind my advancing troops. Oblits get 4 1K sons get 5. Noise marines finish off the last marine in the squad across from me.

He gets the commander, the whirlwind, 1 rhino and 1 speeder showing up. Whirlwind, rhino and commander come on behind the ruins my forces are advancing on. Speeder comes on the left. The heavy bolter devs see my Tzeench termies and kill one, I make a +4 invulerable save on them from a las cannon.

Turn 3
My last pred shows up and drives on the far right so it can just make out the corner of the ultra marineís rhino. The other pred makes a dangerous terrain test and drives into the ruins to see the land speeder. Everything else advances (3 for the oblits, 6 for the sons). Both preds fail night fight and I have nothing to shoot at.

He gets on the assault marines, the other rhino and the land speeder, only the termies fail to show. The land speeder comes on the far left with the other one and they both turbo boost 24 up the table. Assault marines jump on hiding behind the ruin to jump out next turn and the commander joins them. One rhino drives up into my forces and pops smoke, the other hides behind it blocking most LOS to the squad that disembarks and flames and rapid fires into the 1Ksons, killing 3. The whirl wind gets a big hit on the sons and the near by khornite terminators, but poor wounding rolls and good armour saves mean none die. One of the squads in the left cover makes the night fight check and kills one more Tzeench termi leaving 5 from 8.

Turn 4
Night fight is gone. The prince jumps over the rhino and beside the disembarked squad. 1k sons get 3 inches to move, and shift over so the rest of the squad can see the disembarked squad, everything else advances as time to make it to the deployment zone through the ruin is running out. The pred on the far left opens up at point blank range with the autocannon and the las cannons into one of the speeders and causes no damage at all. The other moves up and shoots the auto cannon at the smoked rhino and shakes it. The daemon prince lashes the assault squad it can now see 10 inches which pulls it entirely through the cover and in front of all my forces. 2 plasma cannons and 10 noise marines later and all are dead including the commander. The 1K sons kill 6 marines from the disembarked squad who hold firm. The khornites unload 2 rapid fire combi plas and one single shot combi plas into the rhino, generating 2 glances, one of which turns up a 6 piling everyone out, and killing 1.

Termies still donít show. The whirlwind lands another shot killing 2 noise marines and 1 1K son. The surviving sergeant and flamer marine shoot the DP hitting 4 sons behind him but kill nothing. Tzeench termies are almost out of LOS from the dev squad but make their saves from the 2 HBs that can see them, and both invulnerable saves from the las cannon squads. One speeder makes it to the side armour of the pred on the left, and the other is still on the front. Both unload everything and cause no damage. The sergeant and the flamer marine charge the DP, but are both killed at Init 6.

Turn 5
Everything moves up again. 1K sons wonít be able to make it to the deployment zone now with a roll of 4, so move up to the pinned squad. The DP flies over the terrain close to the whirlwind, both termi squads advance, the only squads who can actually make it to the deployment zone now. (Squeezing into the right forced my noise marines to fall behind the termies to avoid bunching up for the whirlwind) The obliterators, noise marines 1Ksons and khorn termies shoot the entangled rhino squad, killing it, while the predator kills one of the speeders. The DP charges and destroys the whirlwind.

The termies finally show up and deep strike into the edge of my deployment zone. Speeder flies to the rear on my pred. One las cannon squad takes a pock shot at the DP and puts a wound on him. The speeder feeds the rear of my predator itís ass cannon and blows it up. With no other target the termies turn and fire their ass cannons on the lagging oblits killing one.

Turn 6
The tzeench termies move into the marine deployment zone, as do the khornite termies. The DP stays in, but flies closer to the ruins on the left. The last Obliterator and noise marines who have no chance to make it in, move towards the terminators. The DP lashes one las cannon squad and puts it behind the ruin so it canít see anything. 1 plasma cannon hits, gets 2 partials, and then 3 wounds, but 1 invulnerable save is made leaving the termies scoring. The noise marine open up, only getting 3 or 4 wounds, but itís enough and one more goes down bringing them below half.

The speeder stays in the back corner, the termies advance on the oblit the devs and 2 las cannon squads stay put. The termies put 2 wounds on the last oblit with their ass cannons, but 1 save is made keeping the squad at half strength, while the 5 man las squad puts a las cannon wound and 2 bolter wounds on the DP. Inv save is failed and if one bolter wound goes through itís no longer scoring, but both armour saves are passed.

End of turn 6
While a lot of my squads have taken damage, none of them were taken below half and only one pred was killed. The tzeench and khornite terminators were in his deployment zone with my DP, while he only had a speeder in mine. In the end it was a massacre for me.

Lash again proved very useful letting me wipe out his assault marine squad to a man with shooting instead of being on the receiving end of their charge. Escalation and night fight in the end both proved to be advantageous to me, although getting my troops across the table and fully into his 12 inch deployment zone was actually very hard in 6 turns with foot troops. I kept getting in my own way while trying to avoid being close enough to his fire support squads to be seen in night fight.

I think he would have done better to copy my plan and just advance everything up the far left side into my deployment zone. With the rhinos, land speeders, deep striking Termies and assault troops compaired to my S&P tzeench and oblits I think if he had just avoided the fight he could have come out in points.

Game 4 was against sisters of battle. This mission was basically Omega cleanse. With escalation showing up again Iím happy I didnít bring out my Nids.

His list looked something like this

Canoness Ė Jump pack, blessed weapon, 2+ armour save, book of free faith point, adamantine mantle
Canoness Ė book of free faith, power weapon
5 Grey Knight Terminators Ė 2 incinerators
5 Celistines Ė 3 storm bolters, rhino
10 Sisters Ė rhino 2 meltas, evisorator
10 Sisters Ė rhino 2 meltas, evisorator
6 Seraphim - Evisorator
10 Retributers Ė 4 Heavy bolters

I won choice of table quarters and placed him in a quarter with no terrain except for a large impassible hill. He deployed his retributers as far up as he could pushing me back, then joined the foot canoness to them. Everything else started in reserve.

I deployed as far up as I could with the 1K sons takeing the center across from the retributers, the tzeench termies on the right, the khorn on the left each with a noise marine squad, and the oblits hiding in a ruin in the back. Preds and DP were in reserve.

He wins first turn and takes it.
Turn 1
Retributers open up with heavy bolters and bolters into the Sons using the ap2 hits on 6s to wound faith killing 5.

I walk up and fire everything, and kill 6 sisters leaving all the heavy bolters and the canoness.

Turn 2
The Celistines, one sister squad, the exorcist and the canoness show up. Rhino drives up near the khornites, the canoness hides behind the rhino, the celistines drive into the far left corner and pile out. In shooting 2 more sons are killed by the retributers, the sisters rapid fire with faith the khornite termies killing the 3 in 12 inches, the celistines kill 1 tzeench termi with storm bolters, the exorcist shoots 5 times, but rolls 4 1s to wound against the tzeench termies who pass the last invul sav.

The DP and one pred shows up. DP flies on near to the khornite termis, and the pred drives onto the middle of my long table edge. Everything else advances. DP lashes the battle sisters squad who fail their 5+ save against it bringing them close to the khornites lining them up in a tear drop shape for the heavy flamer. The 1K sons, tzeench termies
And noise marines shoot and finish off the retributers. Oblits and pred do nothing to the exorcist. Khornites shoot flame, and then assault the sisters killing them all, and pileing back away from the cannoness.

Turn 3
The GKT show up who deep strike right beside my oblits in the back, and the seraphim arrive and fly up behind the rhino. The Canoness flies beside the khornites, the celistines keep their distance, the exorcist takes cover behind some shrubs for obscurment. 3 storm bolters and the 2 incinerators fail to penetrate the obliterator armour. Exorcist hits the pred with 4 missiles, but doesnít pen. Celistines kill a tzeench termi. Canoness charges the khornites, gains an invulnerable save and kills one and saves all her wounds.

The last pred arrives. The DP flies at the grey knights, the tzeench termies advance with the noise marines on the right, while the oblits and the other noise marines stay still. The oblits fire plasma cannons at the GKTs killing 2, and the noise marines kill a third. Tzeench termies fire plasma at the celistines, and kill 3, while the noise marines kill 1. The sorcerer from the sons fries himself with boxcars on his psi test. Fire from both preds does nothing to the exorcist. In CC the DP kills both GKTs before they can strike, the cannoness kills anther terminator but takes a wound from the powerfist but is immune to instadeath.

Turn 4
The last sister squad doesnít show. Seraphim move to assault the Khornites, rhinos tank shock tzeench termies who hold. Exorcist blows a las cannon off one of the preds. In CC all but two khornites are killed. And in return 1 seraphim dies, and the canoness takes another wound.

Left Noise marines advance on the seraphim as does the DP. Right noise marines move further into bottom right corner, while tzeench termies move towards his quarter. Oblits and the unstunned pred stun the exorcist, right noise marines kill the last celistine. Noise marines and DP charge the seraphim. Another Khornite is killed leaving the icon bearer with powerfist and heavy flamer, but the DP and noise marines kill all the seraphim, and the canoness flees and is swept.

Turn 5
Last sister squad arrives, drives up to the DP. They pile out and fire everything into him, doing 2 wounds.

DP flies in-between the exorcist and the sisters, so he can charge either. Other troops advance. The two preds finnaly kill the exorcist, the sisters pass their +5 save against lash, but the oblits, noise marines, and the last two sons bring them down to two models, who the DP then charges and kills.

Turn 6
He tries tank shocking the tzeench termies, but they pass their check.

I advance into all quarters.

I hold all 4 quarters and have killed everything except for the 3 rhinos, while only my khornites and 1Ksons were taken below half (to 1 and 2 models respectivly), giving me another massacre. Escalation really hurt him on this mission splitting his forces up so I could take them piece meal.

Overall a really fun tourney, and I managed to place #1 in the general spot. I think losing the first game actually helped me as I didnít run into the Eldar player with the Eldrad/Avatar combo. I think I would have had lots of issues with that list. Iím really happy with the way my list played as Lash really helped me in some games but I wasnít really relying on it for winning.