Apocalypse 3850 Eldar vs Necrons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Apocalypse 3850 Eldar vs Necrons

    I've written the report in story format, I hope you enjoy. The section "Frathwind - Betrayal of Fate" is where the actual battle report, incase you decide to skip all the hard work and creativity I put into my pre-game fluff. I was the Necron Player in this battle:


    The Prophecy – Eldar Storyline

    Farseer Eldrad Uthran, former leader of the Eldar, is widely believed to be either dead or lost in an eternal struggle with a powerful chaos entity. However, neither belief is true. Although Eldrad was indeed last known to be trapped in an eternal struggle with one of the vilest chaos entities abound, such is no longer the case.

    Unbeknownst to his former enemies and allies, Eldrad had escaped that fate long ago, thought by what means, he never revealed. In any case it can be assumed that the great seer bested his chaos adversary and returned to the material plane. Strangely Eldrad had chosen not to return to his craftworld Ulthwe. Instead the great seer covertly travelled the star lanes posing as an Eldar Pathfinder until he reached the maiden moon of Illarus IV. A certain Wildrider clan of Saimm Hann is known to travel to this moon to trade with the local Eldar Exodites. For Illarus IV lies close enough to the current position of craftworld Saimm Hann to be reached on conventional drives. It is known that the young cheiftan of the clan stumbled upon Eldrad in a small Exodite village, believing him to be a pathfinder and wishing to recruit him. Eldrad told the chieftan he had been expecting him, and had fortold his arrival. This astounded the chieftan, as no known pathfinder has been able to walk the path of a seer. The chieftan asked Eldrad to reveal his craftworld and title. Eldrad simply removed his cloak and lowered his psychic camouflage to reveal himself to the cheiftan. Realising that one of the greatest hero of the Eldar race now stood before him, ALIVE, the priest dropped to one knee and offered the Farseer any service he and his clan could provide.

    Eldrad smiled benevolently, and spoke “Young chieftan, your heart and soul are pure, and your loyalty to the Eldar race is rivaled by very few, I have foreseen a great shifting of powers in this universe… and you will be the one to start a great chain reaction of events which will see the salvation of this universe and the banishment of all evils. Come now and let us prepare for this greatest of judgments. We have much work to accomplish young chieftan, and I will need the strength of your clan to help us complete our first goal…” The chieftan felt awed by the mere prescence of this great and ancient hero, and yet he couldn’t help but wonder how the seer could’ve escaped from his perils. He was supposed to be dead, or trapped in eternal struggle. Eldrad spoke once again “Do not let yourself get caught up in the past. The past has happened, as it always does. The future is still to happen, and I am here to guide us to it. The present however, is now, and this is what you must concern yourself with, for I may know the paths available, but I cannot be the one to tread them. This is a farseers gift and curse together. I can however see what must be done, and who must walk the paths. You young cheiftan, must now walk the path to war. There is a world not far from this system where one nightmare is attempting to awaken another from its millennia long slumber. We must first put a stop to this. If this ancient nightmare was to awaken, things will become very difficult to foresee. I can already sense a vast void in the psychic energy of space-time surrounding this world. We must not let this new nightmare awaken. This is all you should know for now. Now come… and prepare your kinsmen for a battle unlike any other. But most importantly… Never speak of my return to anyone, not even your kinsmen, merely state that you had a vision telling you to go to this planet. I will be accompanying you, but I will mask my psychic energy to your kinsmen, so that they believe my deeds on the battlefield are your deeds. Do not worry, they will trust and believe you, for their loyalty runs deeper then you know. You shall come to be thought of as a great seer in due time, even though you posses no seeing abilities. You must never deny or accept this falsehood to anyone. Let them stay ignorant for now. Of this, I cannot stress its importance. Go now, and martial your kinsmen for tomorrow when sunlight hits the crystal dome of your craftworld, we march to war.”

    The Approaching Abyss – Necron Storyline

    Deep in the cold depths of the dark and barren Tombworld the imperials call ‘Dellmoor’ a great nightmare being labeled as the Nightbringer in human tongue, decscended the cavernous depths of the Tombworld’s catacombs, with its similarly terrifying escort of a Platinum class Necron Lord and elite Pariahs. All around them, tiny scarabs and giant ponderous tomb spyders were at work bringing the tomb world’s automated systems back to life. The ancient slumber of 10,000 warriors was coming to an end. Already, the Tombworld’s own Tomb Spyders and Scarabs were beginning to aid with the re-awakening process.

    As the great doors sealing the ancient warrior filled chambers slowly began to rise. Pale sickly green lights began to flicker on all around, as the ominous and highly advanced guass reactors powered up all around. It would only be a matter of days now before the entire Tombworld was ready to be awakened. Including the great nightmare being thought to be a myth by humans, and labeled as ‘The Outsider’.

    The terrifying plans of the Nightbringer would soon be brought to fruition, with the aid of its fellow C’tan The Outsider. The Outsider’s cooperation was crucial in the Nightbringer’s plan, and it would receive cooperation, whether it was given freely or taken. Soon the only thing the necrontyr could not master, the immaterium, would be brought to an end. The end of the warp and all connections to it was at hand.

    Dawn of Crystal Tears – Convergent Storyline

    Just as the sunlight struck the highest peak of the crystal dome on craftworld Saim-Hann, a sleek red warship bearing young chieftan’s clan rune shot out into the void of space. Onboard a massed number of jetbikes and grav tanks were still and silent, like the calm before a storm. Nearly a hundred of the chieftan’s warriors painted in blood, were silently detaching themselves from all other thoughts, but those of destruction and war. This was and is an Eldar warriors strong point. For such huge mental capacity when honed properly can be a powerful gift, or if unturned… a devastating curse. Since the fall, Eldar have learned much, but never enough to save their damned race. Could Eldrad have finally discovered a way to restore the Eldar people’s future in this galaxy? Or was the seer just getting desperate? No… Eldrad Uthran, greatest Farseer to have ever lived and fought, was never desperate. If anyone could save their people from oblivion, it was him.

    The Platinum lord accompanying the Nightbringer suddenly sharply twisted its skeletal neck and head to face directly upwards. In a moment, he sharply pulled his black almost ethereal cloak wide around himself and in an eerie fashion, disappeared leaving naught of a trace that could say he was there but a moment ago. The Nightbringer’s Necrodermis twisted and contorted portraying a small mocking smile on the barely visible lower portion of its face-like dermis. The dark cloak-like dermis covering its face lowered slightly, and to any sentient onlooker it would almost seem like the Nightmare being was silently laughing.

    Meanwhile on the surface, the Eldar warship warped a small wraith-gate to the surface of the planet outside a small imperial ruined city. The ruins were a testament to the ignorance of those who dwelled on this dead-world before they met their doom. The Chieftan, an Autarch who had much battle experience even at such a young age, immediately ordered his Windrider host to move out with him and scout the terrain ahead of the main assault force.

    Just as dawn approached the city ruins, Eldrad stood in plain sight masked to the eyes and minds of the other Eldar. Only a farseer of his power could possibly convince the minds of nearly one hundred Eldar warriors that he was not there. They infact currently believed that the chieftan Autarch was standing right infront of them, not Eldrad. Eldrad’s powers are truly magnificent to behold.

    Below the dusty red surface of Dellmoor Necron forces were amassing for a surprise attack on the invading Eldar. The Nightbringer knew that even with their seeing abilities the most powerful Eldar farseers could not sense the presence of the hollow voids that were Necrons, and its own lack of immaterial connections caused it to be a null presence. What the Nightbringer didn’t conceive however is that Eldrad had knowingly opened the way for a surprise attack, and even though he didn’t know what form it would take. He did know that the Nightbringer would be here. Eldrad had after all, somehow managed to isolate the Nightbringer’s ‘null-presence’ from the others. A feat that had never been achieved before, as detecting null-presence of any sort was extremely difficult, due to other real prescences blocking them from a seers mind. To detect null-presence is much like trying to listen for a lack of sound, with loud bells ringing all around you. Soon, Eldrad’s plan would be set in motion. All he could do now is watch as the strands of fate delivered their judgement.

    At the top of the craftworld Saim-Hann’s crystal dome, nearly a hundred crystal tears fell from seemingly no-where and shattered on the ground, the dawn-light refracting magnificently and beautifully as each tear broke into tiny shards. A nearby seer stood astounded by the symbolic event. Such an event only ever happened at the changing of an age. The seer stood, both excited and terrified, as she knew that this could mean a turn for the better or for the worse. She did not know who or what was fighting who, but she silently prayed to the laughing god, to help bring victory to whichever side would change the universe for the betterment of the Eldar.

    A momentous event had begun. Now there was nothing left but for both forces to fight for their goals. For better or for worse, one of these ancient sworn enemies would change the fate of a galaxy.

    Deathwind – Betrayal of Fate

    Dawn light spread over the city ruins lighting up several ruined buildings, including a great cathedral that could have once stood proud, but now lay ruined and dusted in red dirt. The cold morning breeze suddenly went still all around the Eldar. They all knew well that this eerie omen signaled the arrival of the ancient and soulless evils. A dull, low humming sound much like a large turbine makes began eminating all around, but especially below them. Pathfinders took up their final positions, as grav tanks began powering up their weaponry. Very soon the first of the tiny black beetle like machines rose from the dirt. The Eldar warriors all prepared to fire as soon as the enemy scarabs drew near enough. In the distance a dark misty veil spun the dust into a small storm, and when it had settled a Necron Lord and a squad of warriors could be seen standing still, staring with their beady black eyes ominously at the Eldar without moving. The silence of the Necron forces around them brought increased tension to the Eldar.

    Suddenly a few meters from the Eldar, a black cloak began to rise from the ground. As it rose it stayed perfectly motionless and its two dark black glossy eyes could be seen, as dark as the abyss, with only a small strip of light glazing their smooth surface. The Eldar forces simultaneously opened fire, as Eldrad began to direct his psychic powers towards the enemy. A blast of light was fired from a fire prism tank towards the nightbringer, which was evaded without any obvious exertion of effort. Eldrad attempted to reach the mind of the monsterous entity, yet he couldn’t seek it out, whilst so many others were close by. He instead brought his attention to guiding the fire of his fellow Eldar, and weakening the strength of a nearby tomb spyder. Nearby, hidden pathfinders began to pick off the tiny beetle like machinations with surgeon-like prescision. However, there was just too many of them, and they were moving too quickly to be taken out effectively.

    As Eldrad gazed back towards the pale morning dawn light he suddenly felt a sharp twist in the strands of fate, as if everything he knew and saw suddenly drifted away to reveal a much darker truth. In this instant the great seer himself realized all was lost. Suddenly and silently three Necron Monoliths started to rise from the dirt encircling the Eldar positions. How was this possible? How had he not seen this disaster until the last moment? Was it a psychic null field? No… he knew their limitations well enough. No something else was at work here.

    A great and terrible screech erupted from a nearby bunker. Suddenly, Eldrad realized how he had been fooled. But how and why could the Necrons have brought that creature here? So many questions and no time to think. For now all Eldrad could do is focus on the battle, and try to save as many precious Eldar lives as possible. He would contemplate this strangeness later.

    The Ork weirdboy Zoginob clawed at his aching brain as if trying to scratch out some horrible presence. He screeched again, a loud and terrible screech, then curled up and suddenly spread his limbs wide as sickly green light poured from his mouth and eyes. The ground crackled around him as he suddenly collapsed on the ground. His unending tourment the result of horrific brain surgery and manipulation by his C’tan captor. Fear now filled his mind. Orks weren’t meant to fear, but this one feared a dark reaper-like figure to an extent far beyond most regular fears. The only way he could get any form of relief was to fill his mind with the thoughts which the reaper had told him to think of. Thoughts of confusion, thoughts of corruption, thoughts of trickery, plans ruined, false predictions, things the Ork weirdboy couldn’t understand, but thought of anyway, simply to provide relief from his torment. The weirdboy could still remember the terrible smile the reaper made when he told it of the vision where the Eldar farseer Eldrad was coming to meet him.

    Outside, the battle raged on as the Eldar continued to pound shot after shot into the Necron ranks, felling one or two, which then simply stood up. By now the three great monoliths had risen fully from the sand and through their green portals seemingly endless waves of Warriors were stepping forth. Eldar warriors gazed on in horror as they were quickly being surrounded with speed far above any they were used to from Necrons, and above even their own. Soon the same Lord from before, appeared from a veil of darkness which brought up dust clouds in swirls as it dissipated. Through the clouds, Eldrad could make out platinum markings on its chest and shoulder pads. In his many significant years of experience fighting the Necrons, Eldrad had never witnessed such markings on a Necron Lord before. He had determined that the shade of metal coloring on the Lords body indicated rank, but had only ever seen Bronze, Silver, and Gold Markings. Platinum by its rarity, could then be assumed to be higher still then Gold Lords, who were by no means an easy opponent. As the tide of metallic black skeletal forms filled the streets and ruins around him, Eldrad searched the strands of fate in his mind, for one that could deliver him and his comrades to safety. There was no point staying any longer, this battle had been planned out meticulously from the start by his enemies, and he had carelessly allowed himself to be fooled by his opponents. He would need to ponder over these new discoveries for many nights in the dome of crystal seers if he managed to escape.

    All around the ruined city, Eldar forces were being cornered and cut-off, whilst terrifying skeletal warriors shot and clawed, and green lightning crackled out from the monoliths, killing multiple Eldar warriors, from any and all squads close enough to be hit. Grav tanks flew past desperate and cornered units, green light crackling onto their hulls and shaking them violently as they flew past. Vile skin covered warriors with long metallic claws for fingers charged from the rear into a pack of War Walkers, ripping weapons off and slashing into vital operating equipment on the hulls.

    An entire shining spear squadron was shot down by green blasts from the weapons of approaching Pariahs, and the gauss cannons of destroyers hovering above the rooftop of the ruined cathedral. Such was the carnage upon the Eldar forces that every single Eldar unit except for those accompanying the young Autarch chieftan, was constantly being shot at or assaulted by multiple enemies. Some brave harlequins charged into an oncoming swarm of scarabs, and slayed a great number of them, whilst a wave serpant rushed to the aid of the other Eldar forces and dropped off a load of wraithguard which promptly blasted away at a nearby Necron monolith. Although their shots managed to hit and even penetrate the thick hull of the ominous machine, the only resultant damage was a medium sized scarring which quickly seemed to ‘heal over’.

    Eldrad searched desperately to find the mind of the young chieftan Autarch, and managed to tap into his thoughts. He warned the Autarch, who had still to join the fight, that he must not engage, that the fight had been a set-up from a long time ago, and there were other darker forces at work here. He asked the Autarch to forgive him for what he was about to do, then he mustered his psychic energies and in amazing display of power, forced his consciousness into the mind of the young Autarch. From here he could see the entire battlefield and everything that was happeneing.

    The Autarch had seemingly just arrived and had been circling above for a minute or so, it was a good thing Eldrad had contacted him when he did, or he would have engaged. Eldrad watched the scene closely, as he skimmed over the scene before him, his eyes passed over the squad of Harlequins being slaughtered by a vastly outnumbering swarm of scarabs and wraiths, as well as the Nightbringer slashing through the last of the Wraithguard. His eyes then fixed in horror upon his own body, left behind but moments ago as a bolt of green lighting smashed into his rune armour, and knocked him down. He could feel his consciousness waning as his bodily ties weakened. That blow must have left him mortally wounded, and he had no choice now but to act and save as many as he could before it was too late. With all his remaining strength, Eldrad leapt from the mind of the Autarch into the minds of all Eldar, an event not considered possible by other farseers.

    Yet again, he pushed the limits of psychic energy as he controlled the thoughts and actions of nearly 30 remaining warriors. Not simply guiding them, but controlling them completely, all simultaneously. The warriors all moved to their closest available transport and all extras including his own unconscious body were picked up in a fast swoop by the windrider host which then darted back up into the sky. They all darted back to the Eldar warship high above and began landing in the available decking bays.

    As the doors slid closed behind them, Eldrad finally made a last leap back into his own mind. Utterly exhausted his vision faded, and he knew that he was about to black out, but could not -,avoid it, the world around him went dark.

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