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    2008 Necro tournement orlando

    Hello and welcome to my battle results and review of the necro tournament at 1850, in Orlando Florida. The tournament started on Friday 13th and ended at 50 pm on Sunday the 15th. Friday was mostly just introduction with blood bowl and apocalypse matches. Then the 40k and the fantasy games started at 80 am on Saturday. We had 5 matches all together and about 61 40K players and around 62 fantasy players. The winners were Orks for 40K, and fantasy.I have no idea. The ork player had 3 banblade basses from forge world as battle wagons that each held 20 orks in each.and he had bikes and some other stuff. But he kicked butt.

    So my army...did ok. I placed in the top 20 in the tournament at 177.5 points. The winner had 241. So I placed well but not great. But I want to go through each battle quickly and give my point of view of my army and the other person’s army.

    Match one: Orks vs. Nurgal marines. The mission was table quarters, 2nd Center, 3rd kill HQ.

    His list was;

    Snick rot. + 10 BOYS TWO FLAMERS
    2 zap gun HQ
    5 12 man orks with big shottas, power claw, and trucks
    2- 3 gun cannon squads
    2- 15 man lotta squads

    He had more but I forget what it was

    My list:
    Sons of pestilence 1850 death guard
    Demon Prince (wings, MoN, Warp time)
    Demon prince (wings, MoN, Warp time)
    8 plague marines: Champion (PF), 2x Meltaguns, Rhino (smoke, search lights)
    8 plague marines: Champion (pf); 2x plasma (Rhino, search light, smoke,)
    8 plague marines: 2x plasma (rhino, searchlight, smoke)
    8 plague marines: Champion (PF); 2 meltaguns (Rhino, smoke, searchlight)
    2 Obliterators, 2 Obliterators, Predator Auto cannon, heavy bolters
    The first match I lost. I set up poorly and kept my Oblits into reserves. He drove across the table in turn two he attacked 1 plague marine squad with 24 orks.I killed two squads and had another plague marine squad join into the combat to finish of the last few orks. His cannons destroyed my predator, and he killed two demon princes with the lottas and the cannons, and the zap cannons. I forgot about my Obies until the 4th round, and when I rolled for them to come in, only one did, but they took out all but three orks from a 12 man squad with twin linked flamers. My other obies did not come in, so he held a third quarter and took the mission. Also I killed snick rot and his squad with my plague marines in Close combat.
    My second match was against raven wing dark angels.

    His list was:
    HQ on a bike, special character azriel or something.
    25 bikes
    3 assault bikes
    3 whirlwinds
    6 skimmers

    You know my list

    The game started and he went first. Object was to take markers in the game, and hold them. So I set up my army on the opposite corner from him and kept behind cover. My two demon princes held my left flank with one squad of Plague marines. He took his whole army and flanked to my left because it was closer to the objective and to me. That was his turn; his shooting did nothing to me. His movement brought him within 16 inches of both my daemon princes. I flew 12, assaulted 6. I came into contact with 3 bikes and my other prince contacted 3 as well. My obliterators took out 3 speeders in round one, and my plague marines dug into a crater near the center. In the next 5 rounds I killed 25 bikes with two demon princes and got his HQ down to 1 wound. I killed all but 1 speeder, and I killed 1assult bike, one whirlwind. In the end I lost two demon princes.and two marines.His army was very fast, but i really got lucky with my demon princes and there raw ability to kill stuff.
    I won the battle with a major Vic.

    The next battle was hard and very bloody.

    Elder VS. Nurgal
    It ended up being a minor loss for me, but his victory points were 1002...mine was 959.
    I killed two wraith lords and his harlequins, a special iyden character, and half his wraith squad that was 10 strong, he killed all my obies, both demon princes, and one squad and 5 out of eight in another squad of plague marines.

    In the end he won....but not by much...I hate phoenix lord for eldar.I have to say his army was a beat stick and he really was a tough fight.

    The next match was IG vs. nurgal.
    I don’t have his list, but it had a lot of shooting. The mission was the hunted. We both scored full points, however he had 6 men on the board and that was it. I had lost my demon prince (who was the hunted), 10 plague marines, 2 rhinos, two obies. Everything else was left in great condition. I won the game.

    Last battle was: Chaos Vs Nurgal chaos........
    I lost 7 plague marines.
    He had no models on the board.
    I set up in a defensive line and just waited till he got close, he was shot at for 4 rounds and by the sixth he was completely destroyed.

    In all, the tournament was good. The missions needed to be redone due to the fact that both players could gain full points on every mission and this kind of stopped the concept of a winner and a loser. But it was fun. The most points you can earn per-battle is 22 and I did get two major point games on my second day that really helped. In all I would say the tournament was really cool, and the missions were ok.

    My final was.
    Major loss: 3 to 18
    Major win: 15 to 8
    Minor loss: 9 to 13
    Minor win: 22 to 20
    Massacre 22 to 0
    This was the final outcome of my five battles.

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