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    Team Game: Blood Wolves vs. Chaos Divided (2k)

    We've got a team tournament coming up in atlanta, and last night we seized on the opportunity to get some practice in. It's Adepticon style rules for list generation and the like.

    The Lists:

    Blood Wolves coalition

    Blood Angels:

    10 man Death Company
    10 man Devastator squad w/4 lascannons
    10 man tac squad w/lascannon and plasma gun
    2 attack bikes w/multi-meltas (Attack Bike A &

    13th company

    Wolf Lord w/5+d3 s5 power weapon attacks, thing that makes everyone in a combat hit on 3+ (Wolf Lord)
    5 Wulfen (Wulfen A)
    10 Wulfen (Wulfen
    10 Wulfen (Wulfen C)
    10 Storm Claws w/fierce sarge (Storm Claws)

    My assessment:

    Golly, that's a lot of very fierce hand to hand units. In particular, that's 25 "fleeting" tough guys, 10 flying tough guys, and 10 walking tough guys. They've got the Dev/Tac/Bikes for anti-vehicle stuff (imagine a Dreadnaught sucking in those Wulfen....guh), but essentially, they are saying that they'll win CC with whoever, and win the game that way. Sound plan. I'm just not so sure about the uncontrolled Wulfen, seems like landspeeders and the like could pose an issue.

    Chaos Divided Coalition

    Night Lords:
    1 Deamon Prince w/wings, Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of submission
    10 Berserkers w/power weapon champ, rhino, Icon
    10 CSM with flamer, melta, Rhino, fist champ, Icon of Chaos Glory
    5 Chosen w/1 missile launcher
    8 Havocs w/4 missile launchers, 2 lascannons

    Khornate Daemons:
    Herald of Khorne w/Chariot (Herald A)
    Herald of Khorne w/Chariot (Herald
    6 Bloodcrushers
    5 Bloodletters
    6 Bloodletters
    5 Flesh Hounds w/Render
    Soul Grinder w/Phlegm
    Soul Grinder w/Phlegm

    My assessment:

    Much the same notion as the other list, actually,but with a bit less blitz, and a bit more shooting. Taking advantage of the synergy between CSM and CD will let the Grinders come in off his Icons, saving them from scatter, and I'll just hope for good luck with the Crusher unit. I think our Berserkers and CSMs will be the real stars of this coalition, counter-charging units that are busy fighting Grinders or Crushers.


    On our side of the board we have a building in the SE (SE Building)
    On their side of the board they have 2 buildings in the NW and NE (NE building and NW building respectively) In the middle there are some largeish rubble fields, but they don't turn to to matter enough to need further description.

    The Mission:

    Alpha Recon!

    My assessment:

    Alright, wow, that's changed the game. The epic clash of Chaos and Imperium coalitions is not to be, rather we shall be racing past one another in a desperate attempt to occupy the enemy deployment zones. Looking at the unit stats, they've got the Death Co, the Stormclaws and the bikes as likely reconning units, we've got the 2 rhino borne CSM squads and the entire Daemon half of the coalition. I'd say that the mission helped us more than it helped them. Further, we've got Lash, which automatically means we're alpha fans.

    The matchup itself is an interesting one. We have just what they don't like, big fierce walkers that spit (literally, heh) s8 AP 3 pie plates. If a Soul Grinder gets into battle the only ways they've got to get it out is to use the powerfist in the stormclaws or send in the Death Co and hope for rends. Further, those Wulfen will be dragged to the Grinders like filings to a magnet, so to a good extent we can control and channel their blitz. Their nightmare scenario is a Grinder landing behind their army, dragging in their wulfen, then surviving the shooting phase and getting into combat with them. On the other hand, their list outfights the CSM half of our list with ease. If they can get even a halfway serious engagement going their stat advantages will give it to em.


    They split their dev and tac squads, and fill Building NW with Devastators 1A and 1B, while the lower floors have Wulfen A, and Wulfen B strung through them. Wulfen C and Bikes A and B are lined up on the back of the N board edge, while Storm Claws with the Wolf Lord and the Death Company are lined up as far S as they can get. Tac A (plasma gun, sarge) and Tac B (lascannon) are chilling in Building NE.

    We set up with our CSM squad in the SW, hiding behind their rhino and holding their icon, our Zerker squad in the SE, hiding behind their rhino and holding their icon, and our Havocs chilling in Building SE. The Daemon Prince is hanging out around the Zerker Rhino in the SE, lash at the ready.

    Scout move:

    The wolfen move south, though A and B are slowed by the NW building they are moving through the first floor of. The Storm Claws move towards a rubble field, but don't try and go in. Everyone is spread out to avoid the Grinder's pie plates.

    Roll for first turn: tie on 2's, tie on 3's, then they win 6 to 5.

    Imperium turn #1:

    Wulfen A, B and C surge south, as does the storm claws (who now move fully into a rubble field) and the Death Company. Their whole fighting line ends up around the 24" line. The remainder of their force holds fast, though the bikes do a crisscross turbo boost to get their invul saves. Tac squads 1a and 1b move through the NE building to better firing points, drawing a bead on the rhino, Daemon Prince, Chosen block.

    Devs 1a and 1b fire lascannons on the CSM's rhino, immobilizing it, shaking and stunning it.

    Assaults: None

    Chaos turn #1:

    Daemonic assault check: I request the Soul Grinders, Blood Crushers and a Herald of Khorne. I roll a 1. Uh oh, trouble

    Deep Striking:
    So what I've got to come in is 2 bloodletter units, a Herald of Khorne and a unit of flesh hounds. Nothing that'll even slow down the Imperium's blitz. This is going to be tricky.

    I elect to bring in the Herald and Letters A on the E side of the board. The hope is that the Death Company will assault our Havocs, win combat and get pulled east by their pile in, allowing the Letters and/or Herald to charge them.

    I bring Letters B in the SW corner of the map, slightly S of the Rhino ready to counterassault the Wulfen if they come south and get sucked into the immobilized rhino.

    lastly I change a very dangerous Deep Strike, dumping my Flesh Hounds behind the enemy lines in the NW. I scatter 11", but it's narrowly in. Now the dogs are the closest unit to all 3 Wulfen squads.

    Chaos Movement:
    CSM and Havocs don't bother to move, while Chosen, Rhino full of Zerkers and Daemon Prince move up the East boarde edge, with the Zerkers bearing an all-important Icon.

    Chaos Shooting:
    Knowing that they are doomed the Havocs open up on the Death Company, killing 2 with lascannon/missile shots. The Lash Prince shoves the Wulfen C back north, making dead certain that the puppies are their closest enemy unit.

    Chaos Assault:
    Nothing doing.

    Alright, so we've begun to recover from the bad Daemonic Assault roll. We've got the puppies pulling the Wulfen the wrong way next round, Bloodletters ready to counter charge Death Company (possibly, depends on the exact circumstances of their jump pack move prior to charging, and how many Havocs they kill on the charge) We've got a round of breathing space to get more Daemons in, and our caravan is safely underway on the eastern board edge.

    Imperium turn #2:

    The Wulfen surge back north, surrounding the Flesh Hounds. The Storm Claws take position fully in their rubble field, forging south. Tac 1a and Tac 1b approach the DP, though staying in cover. The Death Company jump in such a way as to make it clear that the Imperium players have seen through my counterassault plan, and done the math on bloodletters charging death co. they aren't going to make it easy.

    Devs A and B shake the immobilized rhino (naught else to really shoot at, and they are hoping to blow it up and wound all the letters nearby). Tac 1a and 1b shoot and, with the aid of the bikes, kill the Daemon Prince. There's a bit of a kick in the teeth, that lash had figured rather prominently in my plans.

    Wulfen A assault the Flesh Hounds and obliterate them, massacre a few inches back south. Death Co assaults the Havocs and kills the 2 in their killzone. The havocs immediately fall back (curse you Lemartes!), allowing the Death Co to massacre back west, away from the letters, though they leave one guy in 6". (grumble grumble...)

    Chaos turn #2:

    Reserves: I get the Bloodcrushers and the other Herald, but not the Soul Grinders (Argh! the Death Co are ripe for a template shot, and the Wulfen would get sucked in to a Grinder in the middle....Gah!)

    I DS the Crushers into the SW corner, opposite Wulfen A and B. I DS the Herald into our eastern caravan.

    Chaos movement:
    The caravan moves north, with the letters joining up as it becomes obvious they won't get to charge the Death Co. The Zerkers leave their Rhino. The Havocs fall back, but don't get off the board. The Zerker's Rhino moves west of the building NE.

    Chaos shootingome futile shooting, nothing really happens.

    Chaos assaults: Bloodletters charge Tac 1a, losing 2 due to cover but wiping them out, Berserkers charge Tac 1b, wiping them out.

    My assessment:

    Not getting those grinders hurt, but the crushers are in the right place, nothing is making it through them still scoring. If the Death Co just hang out to escort the havocs off the board they might be disappointed, I don't think a 6 would make it off, need the 7. If they fly away the Havocs might rally. Basically, I think all the Death Co is going to accomplish this game is to score and kill one of our units that was never going to cross the board anyway. Further, our caravan of scoring fun has about reached their side. I think the game is turning our way, just need to start handling those dang wulfen.

    Imperium turn #3:


    Wulfen A and B surge down towards the Bloodcrushers, but terrain keeps them out of assault this round, leaves them about 8 inches out. Wulfen C go running east, towards the NE building along the N board edge. The bikes hang to the north board edge. Storm claws w/Wolf Lord move SW towards the Crushers, challenging the crushers to a fight it looks like a terrible move, but if he doesn't do this the Crushers will charge Wulfen B and the counter-attack will pull them in for the massacre. The Death Company moves over next to the Havocs, apprently preparing for an escort off.

    Devs A and B fire on the Bloodcrushers with lascannons, only managing to cause one wound. The assault bikes fire on the bloodletters and berserkers, and kill one of each.

    Death Company charges the Havocs, who fail their reform roll and are swept.

    My assessment: Things are turning our way in a good way. I've got to take care of Wulfen C, but other than that it looks really good for us. Our caravan is bigger than theirs, and we've got the crushers to savage their flank. Need my Grinders dangit.

    Chaos turn 3:

    Reserves: One of the Soul Grinders arrives. I deep Strike it right in the middle of the board.

    The bloodcrushers move out of the terrain and glare at the storm claws. The letters leap out from behind the CSM rhino, followed by the CSM, and menace the Wulfen. In the NE the Letters emerge from the NE building and approach Wulfen C. The Caravan moves further into the NE, except for the Berserkers, who move up to try and charge one of the bikes. The Berserker rhino moves W to screen the caravan from lascannons.

    Shooting: Berserker shooting puts a wound on a bike. The Soul Grinder misses the Wulfen with it's phlegm attack, but kills one with a reaper gun shot.

    In the SW the 5 Letters attack the Wulfen, get counterattacked, kill 5 and lose 4, thereby holding up the Wulfen for a round.

    In the NE the Letter's only kill 2, and get wiped out in return, leaving the Wulfen free to get at the caravan.

    In the SW the Crushers charge into the Storm Claws and HQ, taking one wound from the HQ and dealing 15 wounds to the ten man storm claws unit, obliterating it. The HQ holds though, locking them in combat.

    My assessment:

    All right, everything is as predicted except in the upper right. I really needed those letters to come through for more than they did, now the Wulfen are going to roll up and get into the caravan, and the grinder won't be fast enough to catch them. I'll take a second to note that the destructive power of a big unit of Crushers is always awesome to see.

    Imperium turn 4:

    Wulfen A is drawn to the crusher combat, Wulfen C is drawn to....the Berserker's Rhino! Randomly enough, it's perfectly positioned to pull them away from the zerkers, and over to the Grinder's territory. Saved! Bikes A and B take aim at the Grinder, but hide outside of 12", so their meltas won't be 2d6ing.

    The lascannons are fired at the grinder, and don't do anything. The first bike misses its melta shot, but the second hits and destroys the Grinder....except that he forgot to make a priority check. After it's failed, the bike has to fire at that self-same, closer, Rhino, blasting it out of existence and leaving the grinder menacingly unscathed.


    Wulfen A join in the Wolf Lord vs. Crushers fight, can't recall the exact casualties but nobody breaks. Wulfen B finish off the letter and massacre into the Bloodcrusher fight.

    Chaos turn 4:

    Reserves: The last grinder arrives, finally.

    Movement: The mobile grinder goes over to the wulfen, the CSM in the SW move over to the crusher/wulfen/wolf lord fight.

    Shooting: None of significance, the stationary grinder fails to kill one of the wounded bikes.

    Charging. The soul grinder jumps into wulfen C, condemning them to eventual obliteration (error, should have jumped a bike and massacred into the Wulfen). The CSM and Crushers put both wulfen units below scoring, but are slowly getting ground down, primarily by that Wolf Lord.

    Space Marine turn 5:

    Movement: The Bikes turbo boost south, trying to score

    Shooting: The Devs shoot down the non-fighting soul grinder, and put 2 wounds on a chariot. A nice 4 lascannon volley.

    Assault: Battle continues, with nobody breaking anywhere

    Assessment: Ugh, I can feel this slipping away. We are still up 2 chariots a berserker squad and a chosen squad to 2 biker squads and the death co, but I can't get them all out of LOS. I elect to run east and try and get out of range instead of climbing into territory.

    Chaos turn 5:

    Movement: Caravan moves east, trying to escape lascannon range.

    Shooting: None

    Fighting: Grinder continues to do very little to wulfen, through miserable rolling, last crushers die, leaving CSM's vs. Wulfen + wounded wolf lord.

    Argh! I need that Grinder to finish off those wulfen and go north, it's like 2 inches out of the scoring zone. I don't trust that we are all out of range of the devastators, and the guys in the back only need 3 casualties to be non-scoring.

    Imperium turn 6:

    Movement: None

    Shooting: The devastators ARE in range, and they shoot down 4 of the Bersrkers (grumble grumble...), tying the score.

    Assault: The grinder crushes down to 2 Wulfen, but they keep holding, due to not caring about outnumbering.

    Chaos turn 6:

    Movement: None

    Shooting: None

    Assault: The grinder kills one more wulfen, and the last one holds, leaving us with 3 scoring units fully in the deployment zone.

    The final result is a tie, with 3 scoring units reconning on each side. Heck of a see-saw game. Them getting first turn, and my Daemonic Assault getting the wrong half put them in the lead, then we came back by dropping the dogs behind them, then we took the lead with the Rhino decoying the wulfen and their fire, and the Crushers mauling through their caravan, then they pulled back with 2 rounds of incredibly accurate devastator fire.

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    I can't wait for this tournament, though I'm partnered with sirisaacnuton, who we've know can lose with anything. :p

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