Dark Angels vs Tau - 750 Points Cleanse

I've been collecting 40k for like 8 months, adn thats how long ive been collecting warhammer, ive had a few battles but ive never had one with my tau friend, as he seems to always be on my team. Anyway, we decided that we should battle. (obviusly). I had experience in fighting horde armies and very close combat oriented armies, but i had never versed tau in a 1v1. I though, well all i have to do is charge!!!, but it was alot harder than i thought.........

My list is more accurate in upgrades, as i dont know exactly what my tau friend got.



Company Master with power weapon, iron halo, melta bombs, plasma pistol


Tactical Squad 1

1 plasma gun, 4 marines, sergeant, melta bombs.

Tactical Squad 2

1 rocket launcher, 5 marines


Assualt Marines

with 4 marines, 1 sergeant, power fist, 2 plasma guns and melta bombs

Grey Knights

with 4 grey knights, 1 justicar and melta bombs.


1 Predator (gulp, RALIGUN!!!!!!)

with heavy bolters and twin linked lascannon



1 Shas'o Commander

with twin linked plasma rifle and missle pods and shield generator and target lock


2 Crisis Battle Suits with plasma rifles and missle pods, sergeant upgrade (sorry cant remember the leaders name) and target lock

6 stealthsuits with 2 fusion blasters and sergeant upgrade.


2x 7 fire warriors with marker light, target lock and sergeant.


Hammerhead gunship

with raligun (obviously), smart missles, and a few nasty upgrades. (cant remember)


I was pretty damn proud, as i realised i wasnt outnumbered to badly, but then i realised i was badly outgunned, so i decided to deepstrike my grey knights and company master.

We rolled a D6 i got a 1 and he got a 6, so he went first.

He deployed his army with fire warriors occupying the flanks, stealthsuits on the right and crisis suits on the left, commander in the moddle with the hammerhead at the back.

My deployment was different, i had assault marines and tactical squad 2 on the right of my flank, tac squad 1 on the left with my pred and grey knights in reserve.

He also got first turn, which was quite annoying.....


Not much movement from his side, just the stealth suits moving up with the crisis suits and commander.

His railgun completely owned my predator, and it was destroyed stragiht away. His suits unloaded on squad 1, and killed 2 of the with plasma fire, fire warriors shot but did nothing, and the suits were out of range.

His suits moved foward in the assault phase down my falnk but the crsis suits moved back, retreating (as i expected..)


With grey knights coming in turn 2, i decided to make my move, i knew my squads wouldnt do much, so all squads advanced, squad 1 down the left hugged cover, squad 2 jumped out of cover, and assualt marines advacnced the right, into cover.

Shooting was only my assault marines, who killed 2 stealths suits with thier pistols.

No assaulting yet (NOOOO!!!)


I was quite worried here as squad 1 on the left was quite exposed, but i knew they could hang on.

his ss (stealhsuits) moved towards my assault marines, readying thier fusion blasters and burstcannons, and his crisis suits and commander advacned towards squad 1 and 2, who were on thier own.

shooting opened up with the hammerhead, who blasted squad 2, and killed 2, and the fusion blaster claimed 1 marine(thank the lord for cover saves!!!), and the fire warrior squad 1 combined with the 2 burstcannons fired at them and killed another 2.
LD test passed for all my marines. the crsis suits unloaded all thier plasma weapons along with missle pods, but not 1 marines fell to the deadly fire, (thank to the cover again!) and the fire warrioirs fired at them too, but did nothing, just wounded alot, but i saved them all.

In the assualt phase, the stealth suits realised that they were in trouble, so tried, tried to escpae my marines. all the crisis suits advanced towards squad 1.


The grey knights arrived (just in time!) and landed right in the bottom left, causing massive confusion for the tau, and they were close to the fire warriors........

squads 1 and 2 wanted to show the massive suits what they were made of, so advanced towards them, readying thier knives........... my assault marine squad was like 3 inches away from the stealthsuits
so the two were ready to deal death.

Shooting started with assault marines blasting away 1 more stealthsuit, but the held fast, my company master fired at the tank, stunning it, and providing me with some support.

My non sergeant assault marine charged in and killed 2 stealh suits! but the sergeant of the stealh suits got a lucky shot in.... (i guess thats carma!!)
but the assault marine sergeant was angry and pulped his puny head with his powerfist. squad 1 and 2 charged the shas'o and wounded him once, without losing one of thier number. but he passed his LD test. Oh i almost forgot, my assault marines sergeatn consolidated into his fire warriors!!!!


The tau where starting to look like they were in trouble, and the game was back in the balance, with squads fighting in combat and tau shooting the crap out of me. As he only had 3 non engaged units (including hammer head) he decided to move towards squads 1 and 2, attemting to help out his commander. The fire warriors rapid fired my grey knights, casuing 2 of them to fall.

The crisis suits entered combat, but the space marines struck fast and hard, removing one completely, and the other one fell back, i decided not to pursue. His shas o commander hit my marines 4 times and wounded three times (an unlikely thing for tau, and he was running around the room celebrating about it.) and he killed one, leaving 5 of my marines. my assault marine sergeant killed 2 with his power fist, took 2 wounds but his armour saved him, the fire warrioirs stayed in combat.


I was starting to like the carnage going on (no, i dont like khrone...) and i decided that if the hammerhead was unstunned next turn, i would be in trouble, so i decided to get my grey knights stuck in to the tank. My company master mved towards the sergeant in combat with the fire warriors, as, even he needed some assistance.

no shooting, because most of the fighting was locked.

My grey kngihts only stunned the hammer head, (again!!) but my company master and sergeant killed 5 inbetween them, they fell back, but they were caught and massacred.

The combat between the shas'o and my 5 marnes raged on, as he took a wound, and so did i, the combat was drawn, the sheer amount of attacks he got was suprising, but the battle raged on, 4 marines left.


he started to see the odds against him, and started to do the typical tau thing, his remaining fire warrior retreated back away from combats, trying to stay alive.

No shooting from the tau (YAY!!)

the crisis suit that fell back joined the fray once more, and the space marines were outnumbered, but kept on fighting, and wounded the shas'o commander, but the 7 attacks from the crisis suits proved to much, as 5 wounded and 1 fell, so again the fight was a bloody stalemate.


my grey knights really awnted to get rid of the hammerhead, as i believed the rest of my army could cope. and they moved around to the rear......
my assault marine sergeant was a little legend and moved towards the only unengaged fire warriors, and was little distance between them. the company master moved ino the middle, so that if assistance was needed, he could move to wherever he was needed.

the asssault marine sergeant used his bolt pistol, and killed 1 fire warrior. (first shooting in a while!!)

the assault marine sergeatn charged the 6 fire warriors, he took one wound, saved, killed 3 adn caught them in a sweeping advance. (OWNED!!)

the hammerhead was destroyed (finally!) by the grey knights, and squad 1 and 2 killed the shas'o commander, leaving only the lone crisis suit to his fate.


instead of complaining, he still believed, and 1 respected that, (although he was up against 3 tac marines, 1 assault marine sergeant with power fist, 3 grey knights and a company master). he killed one mairne in close combat, and i wounded him, so he had 1 wound left.


My assault marine sergeant and company master advanced and were close to the combat, but the grey knights were just lazy buggers and avoided the fight.......

my assault marine sergeant, comapany master, and 2 tac marines, killed the remaining suit 6 times over....


All in all a great game!! loads of fun to play and we both learned something. Cant wait till the next one, and i think he learned how good marines actually are in close combat.