My first battle report space marines vs Necrons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    My first battle report space marines vs Necrons

    Ok i have never done a battle report so dont be harsh. Anyway this is what it is:

    Uriel ventris was hearing reports of greenish glows emerging from the distance a mere km away from there scouts were stationed on a nearby hill. Uriel ordered his small force into fighting positions ready for the oncoming Necrons. The devastators deployed on a commanding position on a greyish hill when the rest deployed into a line. He looked at his auspex again but it was not needed as they were already in sight marching for them, blank faces ready to harvest the world once more. In the midst he saw a lord ordering the necron forces to spread out. Suddenly from the chapel of sanctuary emerged some flayed ones, horrific faces which a normal man would flee from but was space marines they were against. Terminators opened fire gunning them down with round after round of assault cannon and storm bolter fire. Some fell legs broken by the power of the assault cannons but other got back up to be put down once more were even they couldn’t repair themselves.
    Uriel could see the Necrons were advancing and ordered the devastators to open fire blowing up a rank of destroyers which were heading down there flank firing there heavy gauss weaponry melting the armour of the nearby tactical squad reducing them to smouldering carcases. 2 smashed into the ground shaken by the impact to missiles when one got torn apart by means of a lasacannon which hit with amazing accuracy.
    The majority of the necron army was opening fire now with 4 ranks of warriors firing over a long distance causing many shots to fire wide. A space marine fell his face melting and so uriels squad returned fire. A few got brought down holes forged in there chests only to get back up. Uriel Asked the scouts to fire which they did sniper bullets slamming into the ranks of the necrons. Somehow out of a webway emerged a hooded figure piercing the heads of the space marines with visions of horrific fates. It was the nightbringer. Uriel knew they could do nothing to stop him and so ordered his men to keep firing empting a bolter rounds in seconds. The necrons now started to die under the sheer amount of firepower the space marines were producing. As the nightbringer drew close to the space marines lines, from behind the hill emerged a squad of assault marines firing plasma pistols. One of which exploded causing his pack to cartwheel out of control and smash into the ground. The nightbringer smiled and with one swipe of his halberd 2 assault marines were decapitated with the other sprawled on the floor thrashing his legs in pain. The night bringer looked around seeing most of his necron forces in scatters and vanished taking the broken necrons with it to the vaults beneath the sand to repair and one day return to reek havoc once more.

    This is the map of the battle we fought on.battle field 40k.JPG

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    Hmmm, clearly you've read the Warriors of Ultramar series, as you are familiar with the vendetta that Uriel holds for the Nightbringer.
    Firstly, let me say that I like the narrative-style battle reports rather than the "turn 1, i did this, turn 2, he did this" reports. I would suggest though that you reread some of the Black Library material and try to pick up on the style that they use. You should be able to pick out 'heroic' things from your battles and put them into the battlereport with an explaination and situation and recreate the thrill that you felt when you were playing.

    Your battle sounded like it worked out quite well however. You knocked out the Destroyers first, which certainly knocked out any ranged weaponry that he had, and put him at odds with your own Rapid Fire weaponry. Keeping Necrons far away from you is a two-edged sword, their Gauss weaponry can crush your warriors, but offers you more chances to hit them with high-strength, low AP weapons.

    I can't really tell if there was much movement going on, it seems like your marines just made a firing line and blazed away at the Necron player as he came towards you, until the inevitable phase-out. Sounds like he phased on turn 3 as well.
    I would look around the site at some of the other battle reports and try to pick up the technique. One suggestion is to break your story down into paragraphs. You should have about 8 of them- the first paragraph should basically cover deployment and army selection, the next six should be turn-by-turn narratives with 1 paragraph = 1 turn, and then the final paragraph should cover the aftermath and results of the battle.

    Good luck on your journey to becoming a great battle-report author, this is actually a step in the right direction, and if you keep working at it, you will start to see improvements very quickly.
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