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    Imperial Guard vs Chaos Space Marines - Friendly

    So this is a battle report of me and my friend testing the 5th edition rules. He forgot about the objectives completely for a while and most of my plasma guns kill my guardsmen on the first shot.

    Points: 1500pts

    Armies: Mechanized Imperial Guard with DH Inquisitor Allies & Chaos Space Marines.

    Battlefield: Table Quarters

    Mission: The objective in opponents deployment zone one.

    Terrain: Lots of ruins, with plenty of room for vehicles to move around or through Ruins.

    Deployment: (bottom left quarter) The two mechanized armies moved into the close space of the bombarded city. The Inquisitor and his newly requisitioned Guard squared off against the Traitors of the Emperor’s Finest. A Huge Landraider with an attendant corrupted Predator, Vindicator and a pair of Noise Marine filled Rhino’s. The two infantry squads in their Chimera Squared off against the Landraider while the Heavy weapons of the Command Anti-tank support squared off against the Predator and Vindicator. Inquisitorial Storm trooper’s aimed to block the advance of the rhino’s and their traitorous complement. Colonel York the Regiment’s most Senior Officer had sent the Sentinels to attempt a Flanking Maneuver and his command squad along with his younger infantry command counterpart took cover among some ruins prepared to prevent a breakthrough by the Chaos Marines. The Uber-green troops of the White shield held the ruin with a vigor only youth could show.

    The Chaos Forces arrayed out with two Rhinos aimed down the Left Flank (all from Imperial Guard Board Edge perspective) filled with noise marines they represented a serious threat to the Imperial Guard. As close to the centre as possible a Chaos Land Raider pointed towards the Imperial Guard Objective; filled with deadly Traitor Terminators. On the right a Predator Annihilator and Vindicator both dedicated to Chaos pointed their weapons at the Guard.

    Turn 1: Chaos Space Marines surged forward in their armored might with only the Predator concentrating on heavy firepower. The Landraider and Predator fired at the Heavy Support squad. Their excellent aim riddled soldier’s with vast holes their advanced carapace stood no chance of stopping. The remaining survivors scrambled to the Lascannon and aimed at the Predator that had killed so many of their fellows. The shot was on target and destroyed the drive engine but the Chaos Machine failed to quit. Chimera’s surged forward. One headed straight for the Landraider making a beeline for the Imperial Command Squads. The Meltagun Soldier bravely pushed his head out of the top hatch and fired his meltagun at the machine of death. With a wince the Vehicle grunted to a skidding stop. In an attempt to slow more of the machines of death “Silencer” the Imperial Basilisk immobilized another Chaos War-Machine (one of the rhinos coming down the left flank).

    Turn 2: The Chaos Forces unperturbed by their immobilized vehicles abandoned them. Terminators and Noise marines abandoned their useless machines and surged forward. Lascannons from the immobilized Landraider and Predator finished off the Anti-tank squad and destroyed the Chimera now right in front of their Terminators. The Noise Marines destroyed their opponent Rhino full of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers in a spectacular explosion. Terminators Scrambled over the smoking hulk of the chimera an exploding fuel tank taking down one of the ancient behemoths. The rest landed heavily next to the survivors of the wreck and cut them to ribbons.

    Turn 2: Stormtroopers and Infantry piled out of their vehicles on the left flank and fired everything into the Noise Marines. Despite losing three of the Guardsman to Plasma overheating the noise marines suffered 8 casualties. The now unoccupied Terminators became engulfed in the flames of 6 separate flamers. But their unholy bodies can withstand fire as only two of the terminators died from the flames. Summoned by his Master; A Daemonhost appeared out of nowhere prepared to rip a new behind in some terminators. The outflanking Sentinels arrived in time to blow up the Predator with two pinpoint shots into the rear armor. The Basilisk blew some large but useless holes in the ruins of the building the Landraider was occupying.

    Turn 3: The Noise Marines aimed their Weapons at a Chimera now empty of troops but their weapons fired wide. Their
    Rhino Remained still and the other noise marines just now remembering they had an objective to hold and their rhino immobilized started slogging back. The Terminators offended by the Demonhost working for their enemy charged and chopped it to ribbons. They consolidated towards the White shields prepared to whither another 6 flamers. The Vindicator playing it safe until now drove around a ruin and landed a huge shell on the only surviving member of the Heavy Weapon team; and conveniently moving out of line of sight of the sentinels on its rear.

    Turn 3: The Basilisk fired towards the threat of the Vindicator blowing a Storm bolter off quite pitifully. Flamers abound again target the Terminators this time backed up by 20 lasguns in rapid fire range a Lighting Arc from a Psyker, and Meltaguns from the Command squad. The Terminators lose another on their members leaving only the Chaos Lord with Blissgiver. On the Left Flank the Empty Chimera Rams the undamaged rhino, and tankshocking the fearless troops of the Slannesh, they calmly stepped out of the way. The Rhino becomes immobilized and the Chimera only gets a little scratched. The Noise marines are promptly cut down by Storm Troopers and an Infantry Squad in a hail of las fire (now there were no plasma guns to kill the Guardsmen.

    Turn 4: The Noise marines rushing back towards their objective spot the Sentinels nearby and fire vigorously past the hulk of the smoking Predator and Blow one up. But the other undamaged, The landraider immobilized early on finally manages to make itself heard and takes down the meltagunners in the command squad with Lascannons and Heavy bolters. The Terminator Lord charges up the ruins the Command squad survey the field from and kills off the two other guardsman accompanying the Officer and Psyker with Twin-linked bolter fire and Charges in. The battle is short the lord flicks his whip and like that the two are turned into chunky human/psyker soup. The Remaining Sentinal weighs it’s options and charges the Noise marines ill equipped to deal with the walker in close combat. Again more flamers and lasguns pepper the lord looming over the whiteshields. Finally burning the lord to death (note: he was flamered a total of 18 times.) The Basilisk Answers the Vindicator whose shot blew of the Heavy bolter of the Basilisk with another equally pointless shot that reduces the building behind it to rubble.

    Turn 5: This turn is short. Noise marines and Sentinel fail to hurt each other about 8” from the objective. The
    Landraider kills a Conscript and the Vindicator kills another 5. Then the basilisk blows up the Vindicator and the Conscripts pass their Leadership test thanks to the Inquisitor keeping them in line.

    Result: Imperial Guard 1
    Chaos Space Marines 0

    Man of the Match: Terminator Lord, 18 Flamer hits, man this guy had somebody looking out for him, 2+ armour save but still.

    Play of the Match: Sentinel charging Noise Marines.

    Reply if you enjoyed, though tactical advice will be preaching to the choir as this is an older battle report and we’ve seen most of our errors already.

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    Nice to see some noisemarines being used

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