1250 4-Way Tunnel Board (Vostroyans, Saim-Hann, Tyranids, Daemonhunters w/ AdMech) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1250 4-Way Tunnel Board (Vostroyans, Saim-Hann, Tyranids, Daemonhunters w/ AdMech)

    This was one of the first battles on The Salmon Thief's tunnel board, which is meant to go below his Cities of Death board. The board isn't completely finished.

    The points limit was 1250 points. We rolled and placed six objectives. Saim-Hann went first, going clockwise from there; Daemonhunters with inducted Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard, then Tyranids, and finally Vostroyans.

    The board was pretty crowded when the game started, as you can see. Each player started controlling one objective. The Eldar Jetbikes rushed forward to take objective three. In the hall between objectives two and four, Striking Scorpions took out a whole squad of Tech Guard, but succumbed to the Electro-Priests (Arco-Flagellants) behind them, although several Electro-Priests died. My Stormtroopers, the red ones, held objective four. In the hall between objectives four and five, the Grey Knights and Terminators advanced and shot up a squad of Gaunts. On other fronts, the Vostroyans advanced towards both the Tyranid objective and the Eldar one. Vostroyan Stormtroopers, the grey ones, also advanced towards objective six. Little did I realize at this point, however, that they are not troops for Imperial Guard as they are for Daemonhunters.

    Eldar continued to engage the Adeptus Mechanicus forces. On one of these turns, the Dire Avengers used Bladestorm with both Guide and Doom from the Farseer and took out a whole squad. Grey Knights continued thinning the Tyranid swarms. Vostroyans advanced on the objective being held by the Jetbikes, and some died on each side I think. Vostroyans and Tyranids continued fighting, as did Vostroyans and Eldar.

    From the pictures, it looks like a lot of things died this turn. Adeptus Mechanicus advanced on the Eldar, and the Avatar hid around the corner. The Grey Knights finally moved into close combat with the Tyranids. Everyone retreated from the central objective.

    Tech-priest with Combat Servitors moved into assault with the Avatar. A lot of Grey Knights died from Genestealers, and a lot of Genestealers died from Grey Knights. Looks like the numbers were thinning on every front.

    The Adeptus Mechanicus had all been killed by Eldar by now besides a platoon command squad. They made a dash for the nearest objective and were ultimately cut down by the Avatar. Grey Knights finally took the Tyranid objective, and the Vostroyan Stormtroopers began moving away from objective six. Vostroyans moved toward the Eldar objective.

    Vostroyan Stormtroopers shot down the four remaining Grey Knights, so I lost that objective. The only remaining Tyranid model, the Broodlord, continued ripping through essentially defenseless Vostroyans. Men continued to drop between Vostroyans and Eldar.

    The game ended with no one controlling an objective besides the stalwart Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

    In the future, this board will have rooms carved out and a whole city on top of it with manholes going into the sewers. Check out The Salmon Thief's "Ultimate CoD Board" thread in scenery if you're interested.

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    That looks like it was pretty fun, a bit crowded but it will probably be better when the door is finished.

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    Good report and pics. Go Saim-Hann!!!!

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