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    Grey Knights vs. IG 2500 (pics)

    Decided to post a battle rep to get ready for ĎArd Boyz. My opponent is also trying out his 2500, so this should be interesting.

    My Grey Knights:
    Grand Master (Name: Odysseus)
    Retinue (5x Man)

    GK Termies (6x Man) (Name: Leonidas)
    -TH/SS all around

    3x GK Squads (10x Man) (Name: Tony, Ryan and Dan)
    -2x Psycannons
    -Melta Bombs on the Justicar

    GK Squad (8x Man) (Name: Max)
    -2x Incinerator
    -Melta Bombs on the Justicar

    Heavy Support
    2x Dreadnoughts (Name: Kronos and Atlas)
    -TLLC & CCW w/ Storm Bolter

    Land Raider Crusader (Name: Redemption)

    My Opponent for this fight is IG, from I can tell this is what he was packing:

    Cmd Squad (mortar I think)
    -3x man Sentinel Squad (multilasers and HK Missiles)
    -2x Anti-Tank Squads (Missile launchers mostly)
    -2x Special Weapon squads w/ sniper rifles

    2x Infantry Platoons (donít know exactly how many squads, mostly autocannons)

    Veterans (3x Plasma and a Lascannon)

    Stormtroopers (weapons unknown)

    Ratlings (6x man I think)

    Leman Russ

    2x Bassies

    3x Hellhounds

    The Objective is loot counters, we get 5 for this mission. The deployment type is pitched battle. My opponent gets the deployment/first turn roll and I fail to seize the initiative.

    My opponents opening volley is pretty effective. He scores a direct hit with the battle cannon and drops 6 GKs from the squad on the right and even with a 3Ē scatter, one of the bassies still hits and immobilized my land raider. The only other casualties are 1 or 2 GKs and a Thunder Hammer Termie. The vets not only whiff, but lose a plasma in the process.

    His first turn of shooting cripples my best bet of opening up his lines by immobilizing Redemption. The GKs inside led by Justicar Max bail out and make their way on foot, a decision thatís going to haunt me later. Leonidasí Thunder Hammers and Grand Master Odysseusí boys make their way forward gunning down the vets while the thunder hammers score a nice 6Ē run in the shooting phase. Justicar Tonyís severely battered squad takes cover behind the hill in front of them. Brother Kronos has a good firing position for his TLLC on the top of the building, but fails to damage a hellhound, Brother Atlas cannot even hit the Leman Russ. Redemption opens up on the three sentinels with everything destroying 1 and removing the Multilaser off the other two. All of the Grey knight squads on the left open up on the stormtroopers holding the far right objective destroying them to the man.

    A Bassie drops an indirect round squarely on Justicar Maxís Incinerator squad knocking out almost all of them. A few missile launcher rounds polish off the rest. The Thunder Hammers were resisting fire pretty well only taking a single casualty until his last two units opened up. Out of the 7 wounds inflicted I roll 4 1ís losing the entire squad . The hellhounds open up further reducing Tonyís squad to a mere 2 models, and burning several Grey Knights from Danís Squad. Grand Master Odysseus loses 1 of his personal bodyguards as well. While all of this is going on one of the infantry squads makes itís way to the objective on my left.

    Redemption finishes what it started 1st turn destroying the remaining sentinels. Kronos scores a solid hit destroying a hellhound, but Atlas is having no luck against the Russí armor. Brother Tony and his only remaining squad member get nice and close behind the hill to minimize exposure to enemy fire. Grand Master Odysseus and his retinue fire Psycannons at a Hellhound now parked in the ruins in the middle of the table, hoping to immobilize it before their charge, but they fail to damage it. When Odysseus charges, he and troopers score several penetrating hits, but only immobilize the vehicle, remove the inferno cannon, and shake the crew. Justicar Ryanís squad on the left open fire on the guardsmen moving to the objective killing three, but the guardsmen are not shaken. Justicar Danís squad moves into the ruins in the middle to take cover from enemy fire and dump rounds into the heavy weapons squad on the left killing three and causing them to fall back.

    My opponent continues his advance on the left starting his ascent on the tower. He then focuses the bulk of his firepower on the termies beating up the hellhound, they fell a single termie and Odysseus decides to take a nap on his armor saves absorbing 2 wounds. On the left flank, he drops several bassie rounds and mortars and opens fire on Justicar Dan in the ruins, but his early success has waned, he reduces Justicar Ryanís squad on the objective to 8 models and Justicar Danís to five. In my opponents assault phase, the Grand Master continues his assault against the hellhound, but only scores several crew shaken results and removes the heavy bolter.

    Grand Master Odysseus decides to leave the job of killing the hellhound to Justicar Dan and proceeds forward to the enemy sniper squad. Justicar Dan advances into the ruins with his remaining men. Justicar Ryan dumps a Psycannon volley into the damaged heavy weapon squad killing only 1 guardsman. Justicar Tony continues to hide behind the hill. Kronos and Atlas do some unimpressive shooting but are still able to keep the Leman Russ from shooting and Redemption is forced to sit there looking bored. In the assault, Odysseusí mean wipe the snipers with little challenge and Justicar Danís troopers polish off the hellhound (FINALLY!!!).

    My opponent starts advancing an infantry squad on the right to the objective using the hill and destroyed hellhound as cover. He opens up with almost literally everything on the termies in his line. Odysseus and his men are finally slayed under a tremendous hail of gunfire. The bassies and mortars attempt to kill Justicar danís squad in the ruins, but my opponentís luck has apparently run out as 4 indirect-firing weapons fail to kill any of the knights. His infantry squad on the left climbs up to within distance of the objective in the building.

    Justicar Dan stays put on the objective, the geography of the building and damaged hellhound are blocking LoS from almost everything. Justicar Tony and his Psycannon gunner fire upon the advancing infantry squad on the right only killing 2. Redemption is the only unit with LoS to the top of the building, so it opens up felling 2 more guardsmen and forcing a check, but they easily able to pass and the casualties removed are the only two within LoS preventing further shots. Justicar Ryanís men fire Psycannons across to the anti-tank squad but fail to get through their cover save. Kronos finds his mark yet again and slays the last hellhound, but Atlas is feeling useless as ever against the Russ.

    My opponent starts off with a run to the objective by the squad on the right getting them to within cap range. He fires off several rounds, but his shooting has rapidly dwindled, and only minimal casualties are sustained by Justicar Ryanís men. Yarrick and the command squad start making their way to Justicar Dan, but are a good distance off.

    I unleash Justicar Tony and Atlas on the squad holding the objective on the right, but do no damage. Kronos manages to Shake the Leman Russ.

    I pay for exposing Justicar Tony as him and his last man are wiped out, Atlas fails little better dying to enemy missiles.

    Itís already Turn 6, so I decide to gamble, I jump Justicar Danís men up on the Hellhound, being careful to keep Dan in range of the objective to get shots off at the guardsmen, while they had good cover from Atlas and Tony, they are completely exposed from this angle and I kill 5 causing the squad to flee. Kronos fails to hurt the Russ.

    Turn 7 rolls around, donít I feel like an ass for exposing my squad . He advances his sniper team nearby running them up the objective and tries to get Yarrick and his commander in charge range, meanwhile, he dumps EVERYTHING into the now exposed GKs, but Justicar Dan Proves his mettle only losing two men to the fusillade.

    Okay, now itís definitely the end, I pull back the remaining Knights in Justicar Danís Squad and line them up for a shot on the snipers encroaching on the objective, I really want to kill them with shooting to avoid having to charge and risk getting out of range of the objective. Redemption shows itís still awake by felling 2 snipers from the only weapons that have LoS, and Kronos Nails 2 more with his storm bolter and TLLC. Dan Polishes off the last two with Psycannon and storm bolter rounds.

    End Result: Narrow Victory Me- 2 Objectives Him- 1 Objective

    Tactics Analysis:
    Really should have screened Justicar Tonyís men behind the TH/SS termies to give them a cover save, losing over half the squad first turn was almost crippling. Redemption suffered the second worst result short of being killed, all I needed was one good movement phase to get the Justicar Maxís men stuck in. I fairly confident they couldíve prevented any attempt to go for the objective on the far left if they had made it. Even though Maxís men were disposable, losing them all by turn 2 prevented them from even effectively soaking up fire. I probably shouldnít have charged them forward in the open, but I didnít have many options left at that point. That one bassie shot first turn really changed what I could do. The TH/SS were really looking good right up to that one volley of saves, if even 1 or 2 couldíve made it, my opponent wouldíve been reeling. I guess the biggest speed bumps to me were in the form of dice rolls, but I can certainly seee parts of this I couldíve done better. If I had to do it again, I wouldíve left Justicar Max in the Raider, as my opponent didnít have much in the way of heavy AT on that side and meanwhile advance Justicar Ryanís men to the far left using the building for cover as they went for the objective. I also wouldíve used the termies to screen Justicar Tonyís men.

    Army List Analysis:
    I never really felt like I was missing anything, the list performed well even after being virtually crippled in only 2 turns. Itís a strong statement when you can take that kinda hit and still pull off a victory.

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    Very nice battle report man, enjoyed it. As always I love seeing the space marines represent!!!! Good luck at the 'Ard Boyz"! I wish i could do it too

    Kendo's DA's, Eldar, and stuff WIP
    Dark Angels: W-22 D-4 L-5 High Elves W-8 L-1

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