Like my descriptive title?

This battle was between the Necrons of the Hellfire temple and the Imperial Guards: Columbia 25th regiment

All hail Archeron, templar of the Hellfire temple and Lord of the Necrons

with all those niceties aside lets start the report.

The battle was a cleanse mission with deep strike, blind setup, infiltrators, and temple special rules. No turn limit, it was fight until one side has nothing left.

temple special rules are as follows.

nothing can deepstrike on the temple. no player can use the infiltrators rules to have something deploy on the temple. If a shot crosses over the temple then the target recieves a 6+ invulnerability save on top of its armor save. this is because the energies surrounding the temple has the potential to dissolve bullets.

If you haven't figured it out, the necrons were the home team.

I deployed my stuff. Commander Christopher Fierro deployed his stuff. He had two leman russes. roughly 40 infantry. (6 had grenade launchers) his HQ squad which included a flag bearer, some guy with two twin linked pistols and the guy with the enormous claw hand thing. he had a basilisk and three ogryns as well. he also had a pack of 13 ratlings. he also had two of those walker things. one with lascannon the other with autocannon

I had one monolith in reserve, 10 warriors in reserve, and 8 scarab base in reserve.

my lord had veil of darkness and ressurection orb.

i had two squads of ten warriors on the field as well as 5 immortals who accompanied my lord. 3 destroyers 3 wraiths and 2 heavy destroyers (each operating independently), rounded out my army.

the games started out with advancing units. my heavys got in some fire and his basilisk and leman russes used their ordance weapons. two missed. one leman took 4 units out of warrior squad 2 who passed their leadership test with ease.

he advanced his ogryns, but didn't do much else. his ratlings were hugging the piramid since he could not infiltrate them directly onto it.

I sent my wraiths completely through the pyramid and they reappeared in base to base contact with the ogryns. My heavy D's got into firing range of leman russ number 1 and my destroyers set there sites on leman two.

I immobilized leman two with the destroyers but no such luck with leman one.

basilisk came dangerously close. leman one fires hunter seeker at my lord he now has two wounds left.

i use veil of darkness. lord and immortals are now in same area with destroyers (coming up the right flank) heavys advance onto the left flank. monolith deepstrikes on target. it lands directly in front of basilisk (genoius part is coming.) 10 warriors exit from the door. scarabs appear on left flank. heavies destory heavy bolter on leman one. leman two is destroyed by imomrtals (i love gauss weapons) heavys destroy lascannon on walker thing. flux arcs take some casualities in the infantry. kill one servitor to the tech priest. (forgot to mention that he also had tech priest with 4 servitors). basilisk destroys monlithj but doesn tblow it up (BASILISK HAS NO LINE OF SITE. IT STARTED IN CORNER SO IT CANT TURN. IT CANT SHOOT ANYTHING CEPT FOR MONOLITH BUT THATS DESTROYED) genius. now normally, the basilisk dosent need line of sight to guess between 35 and 120, but, we tried to figure out if shooting over lith was possible and it wasn't. basilisk cannon could not clear the lith so logically it wouldnt be able to shoot over it. heavies take out walker with auto cannon. ratlings destory last of wraiths (ogryns were finally destroyed completely and warrior squad one takes out ratlines with help from destroyers.

infantry fire upon wariior one, but no one goes down. warriors unleash fire into infantry and drive them back. two turns later they have fallen back off the table. lord leaves immortals and uses veil to send himself within assault disatance of leman one, but cant caus ehe just deep striked. leman one is immobilized by heavy. destroyers assault unarmed walker cause i waws bored and immortals finish off the tech priests. the hq squad and leman is all that is left. leman shoots down scarabs. next turn. lord assaults leman with war scythe and makes quick work of it. hq finishes off warrior squad two.

destroyers finish walker and go for other walker. destroy it.

heavies go for basilisk

warrior three and ighq go into cc cant shoot them now. send all non foot units after basilisk. lord joins warrioir squad three and gets in on the cc. eventually lord is in cc with the other three (warrior three was completely destroyed) lord takes out dual pistol guy and big claw hand guy. flag bearer is last man standing. he takes out lord. and now that he is out of cc flag bearer is gunned down by immortals