Rising Suns vs. Ultramarines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Rising Suns vs. Ultramarines

    Mission: Capture and Control
    Deployment: Pitched Battle
    Point Total: 1,500 points
    Results: Tactical Draw

    Report to his most wise and powerful Seii Taishogun Ieyasu

    Daimyo Kenshin on the Veegas V Incident

    Most wise and powerful Seii Taishogun, I send report of a clash with the Ultramarines of the third company.

    At 0500 hours Edo time I landed on Veegas V with several squads from my company and the first
    Sogekihei (sniper) squad. I immediately ordered the second Gunjin squad into the accompanying Rhino and moved the contingent out in search of our objective, rescuing Sou Kenzo after his injury to the Orks.

    As always there was a danger of attack by the Orks that reside in the Veegas system, but it was strangely quiet. After locating Sou Kenzo behind a copse of trees I ordered Gunjin squads three and four into position to provide covering fire, then brought one of the predator annihilators along next to him to pick him up. The rest of the force was placed in various strategic areas along either flank. As we arrived in position there was an explosion mere meters from my own position on the right flank. Looking south I saw that half of my personal guard had been killed by an Ultramarines Devestator.

    Shocked by this surprise attack by those who are supposed to be our own allies I immediately ordered all troops to move forward, and ordered the first Sogekihei into a nearby building in the center of the battle. The Rhino carrying the second gunjin squad was fired upon, but through the benevolence of our great tenno the transport was unharmed. While the crew shook off the effects of such a powerful blow I and the remainder of my guard charged the devestator in front of us.

    I ordered Kensai Miyamoto to command the left flank, and he moved forward along with the first semeru (assault) squad, and our last predator annihilator. As that group moved forward the sogekihei took position in the building and began firing on a rhino bearing down on our left flank attack. As I had yet to see any infantry it was safe to say that this Rhino, along with the three others, contained the Ultramarines infantry. Each enemy Rhino charged in, one to the left, one up the center and two along the right.

    Our sogekihei fire finally stopped the Rhino from charging the left flank, destroying one of the treads. The enemy unloaded a squad of tactical marines who immediately charged the first semeru squad in front of them. I'm proud to report that not a single man was lost in bringing down a full seven of the enemy squad. The Ultramarines broke and began retreating, but their cowardice cost them as the first semeru cut them down as they ran. Myself and the remainder of my guard engaged the Devestator who had cost us so and Kenshi Miyagi destroyed the vehicle with a well-placed grenade.

    The enemy Rhino arrived at the center and was met with missile and plasma fire from the Gunjin squad three, who were guarding Sou Kenzo. The enemy vehicle was unshaken though and unloaded a squad of ten marines. Gunjin squad three was already depleted from previous battle and only fielding five marines at this time, but they willingly fought in the name of our great Tenno.

    Gunjin squad four quickly moved to join the melee, leaving the right open to enemy attack. This was an error in judgement they were punished for, rest assured. At this point Kensai Miyamoto reported spotting a communications tower the Ultramarines had erected and requested permission to destroy the tower, rightly fearing that the enemy would call in reinforcements. I gave him permission to engage with the forces on the flank and focused on destroying the enemy Rhino before me. The doors of the Rhino opened and the enemy squad flooded out, including the Company Captain, a warrior who should be given great respect.

    I engaged the enemy in hand to hand combat, seeing no other choice since our flank was so exposed. My personal guard, including Kenshi Miyagi, were soon wiped out. I engaged personally with the enemy captain, as honor requires, but was shocked when his guard turned and attacked me while I was engaged with him. One of them tore open a gash in my thigh and though the wound was not deadly the muscles in my leg were torn open and I could not walk. The enemy immediately turned their attention to Sou Kenzo and only through the constant barrage of fire from the sogekihei and one of the annihilators were they repulsed.

    Meanwhile, Gunjin squads three and four were pushed back by the enemy, who were dangerously close to Sou Kenzo. Kensai Miyamoto engaged a squad protecting the communications tower and tore through them, and he easily secured his objective. At this point I decided to pull everyone back, regardless of Kensai Miyamoto's victory. There was a very real danger of Sou Kenzo being taken by the enemy and he was our priority.

    The Ultramarines didn't give chase as we pulled back, and we got Sou Kenzo safely into a transport. The next morning when we prepared to attack again the enemy was gone. Rest assured, Seii Taishogun, that I will not allow such an insult to go unpunished.

    End Report

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    Nice report. i enjoyed how it was in story form. I read the fluff on this chapter a couple of days ago. I also enjoyed reading that. Well done.

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