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    Tau on Tau Violence

    Greetings and well met! This is not only my first battle report but my first battle. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Oh, and by the way if you don’t want all the boring story stuff just skip the italicized text. The real bits are scattered through out the report.

    Mission: spearhead, seize ground (3 objectives)
    Turn Limit: 6 turns
    Army Size: 500 points
    Tau on Tau

    The battlesuit closed over Shas’el Ta’kree with the dull thump of armor locks engaging. The display screens lit up with a tactical assessment of his surroundings. Running a final check over his systems, he activated his command communication net. “Ash’rak,” he spoke into the mike, “can you hear me?”

    “No,” came the familiar voice of Shas’vre Ash’rak, Ta’kree’s oldest friend, “I can’t hear you at all.”

    Grinning, Ta’kree shook his head. “Listen, I know this is a training exercise. However, we should still observe protocol.”

    “Aye sir,” Ta’kree could almost hare the smirk in his friend’s voice. “I guess I was swept up in the moment of you impending graduation from the academy.”

    With a shake of his head and a smile of his own Ta’kree scanned the other communication frequencies. “I don’t believe that the commander will make this last test an easy one,” he replied when he cycled back. All units were reporting optimal.

    My List
    Shas’el Commander, PR, MP, TA, HWMT
    Shas’vre Crisis Suit, PR, MP, TA, HWMT
    Firewarrior Team, Shas’ui, BK
    Devilfish APC, DP, MT, TA
    Kroot Carnivores x12

    Ta’kree’s heads up display shifted to an overhead view of the surrounding terrain. Three gleaming symbols appeared in a line across the image. The closest mark resided in the gap between two small L-shaped patches of forest. The next mark was situated on a small hill flanked by craggy peaks. The furthest mark lay on the edge of a copse of trees. There was a blip from the display and a group of new signals appeared. “Look sharp,” he said, “here comes the Commander.”

    His List
    Shas’O commander, PR, MP, MT: 112
    Shas’ui crisis suit, PR, BC, MT: 58
    Shas’ui stealth team x3, TL, BK: 100
    Firewarrior Team x10, Shas’ui, BK: 115
    Firewarrior Team x10, Shas’ui, BK: 115

    Switching his display back to normal, Ta’kree watched as the other Tau began to advance. One of the opposing teams made a break for the far objective while the rest of the host advanced on the middle marker.

    “Sir,” came Ash’rak’s voice in his ear, “I think they have stealth suits.”

    Ta’kree blinked and focused on a patch of empty air that was shimmering oddly. Yes, they had stealth suits and they looked like they were splitting off from the man force.

    His Turn 1
    One team of fire warriors advances on the closest marker while the rest of hit troops cut across the board to take the marker on the hill. He diverts his stealth squad to the right, making a move towards the third marker. As far as shooting goes everyone is either out of range or out of sight, so he runs to the foot of the hill. Miraculously he forgets about the assault move of his battlesuits.

    Seeing that the commander was going after all three objectives at once Ta’kree made his move. “Ssessik,” he called the Kroot leader over the network, “I need you and your carnivores to hold that closest objective.”

    Sessik growled in acknowledgement and set off, his troops made good time through the brush. Turning back towards the Devilfish he signaled the advance. When they reached the foot of the hill the Firewarriors disembarked and began scanning the hill for enemies. Ta’kree was also looking for signs of trouble.

    My Turn 1
    The Kroot advance into the woods and everyone else moves towards the hill. The Firewarriors hop out of the Devilfish and run towards the hill (still no LOS, It is a tall hill). My battlesuits catch up and prepare for combat.

    Suddenly over the hill poured the other Tau; pulse rifles opened fire and there was a couple of yells over the communications network as the sensors on two warrior’s armor detected fatal hits. Ta’kree felt the juddering impact of a hit as one of the commander’s missiles splashed paint over his suit’s armor. Ash’rak’s voice chuckles over the network, “they got me too.” Before Tak’ree could return fire, the enemy battlesuits had leapt behind the ridge.

    His Turn 2
    His Firewarriors advance to the top of the hill along with his commander and other battlesuit. They open up with everything but between many missed hits/wounds and several good armor saves only two of my Firewarriors go down. His commander opens up on my commander and only manages to wound him once. The same goes for our other battlesuits. He then jumped the battlesuits behind the cover of the hill. Meanwhile his other Firewarrior team moved to engulf the farthest marker and his stealth team was still advancing on the third marker.

    “Attack Routine Seven,” Ta’kree shouted into his comlink. Immediately the Devilfish sped up the hill, trying to bowl over the opposing Firewarriors. To his dismay, Ta’kree say them jump aside at the last minute and the skimmer soared past. Advancin his suit to the right he ordered his Firewarriors up the hill. Ash’rak began to advance around the opposite side. The closes objective icon on his screen suddenly lit green. “This is Sessik,” the Kroot’s voice graveled over the network, “I have established my troops around the objective. I will-.”

    “Later!” Ta’kree cut him off as he opened fire on the opposing Firewarriors. Several fell as their suits detected faux hits or paint strikes. There came a whoop from over the network. “I got the commander’s aide!” shouted Ash’rak.

    My Turn 2
    I decide to go bold and tank shock to opposing Firewarriors to try and get them off the hill. That fails miserably and then I have the choice of exposing my side armor to either his commander or his other battlesuit. I deploy the gun drones for some additional cover. Next, I Advance my Firewarriors up the hill somewhat and my battlesuits try a flanking attack around the hill. I open up with everything. The commander hits and wounds three Firewarriors, next my Shas’vre battlesuit eliminates his Shas’ui battlesuit in a hail of missile/plasma fire. I guess my Firewarriors were using their pulse weapons as walking sticks to climb the very steep hill since they didn’t so much as wound anyone. The same goes for the burst cannon crew on the Devilfish. Oh, and my Kroot are now firmly entrenched in the woods around the closest objective.

    Gritting his teeth, Ta’kree rounded the hill and realized that he had made a terrible mistake. He had forgotten about the Firewarriors that the commander had dispatched to take the far objective: Those same Firewarriors who now had him in their sights. As quickly as he could he dove his suit for cover, but it was too late. There was the shuddering impact of pseudo pulse hits and his entire cockpit went dark around him. Almost as if in mockery, the communication network was still open and he could still hear the rest of the battle. He heard the groans of the Devilfish crew as the commander shot off the burst cannon and the cursing as another of his Firewarriors fell to mass pulse fire from the top of the hill. He also heard the eerie sound of the Kroot as they saw their prey advancing on them.

    His Turn 3
    At the end of my last Shooting Phase, I noticed that my commander was exposed to the second Firewarrior squad, so I jumped him behind cover to try and break LOS. Not good enough. His Firewarriors are able to draw a bead on my commander’s arm and open up with 18 pulse rifle shots. I fail just enough armor saves for my commander to die. Back on the hill, his Firewarriors manage to kill another one of mine. His commander also knocked out the burst cannon on the Devilfish. Meanwhile the stealth team used their assault move to get into the cover of one of the L-shaped patches of forest.

    Tak’ree’s frustration began to mount as he heard the progress of the battle. His Firewarriors laid out a blistering hail of fire that laid low several members of the commander’s team. They broke and began to retreat.

    He also heard the Devilfish commander order the skimmer to ram the Firewarrior team securing the furthest objective. There was a yell and a crash of foliage over the communication network.

    Through the battlesuit’s armor Tak’ree heard the distinctive sound of Kroot weapons. There was a cheer over the network and Tak’ree beat his fist against the control consol.
    As if sensing his distress, Ash’rak’s voice came in his ear, “scratch one stealth team; now for the commander…”

    My Turn 3
    My movement phase was simple with last remaining battlesuit jumped out from behind cover and a tank shock of the Firewarriors sitting on the far objective. Shooting consisted of my Firewarrior team hitting and wounding five of his Firewarriors and miracle of miracles, they fail their moral test. My opponent’s stealths are finally in range of my Kroot and they open up. A couple of good attack/wound rolls coupled with a couple of missed armor saves and the squad dies without doing a thing in the game. My battlesuit opened up on the opposing commander and managed a lone wound. He then jumped behind cover.

    Suddenly, Ash’rak began swearing and there was the dull thump of paint warheads over the communication network. “Ach,” came his friends sardonic voice into his ear, “and thus I give my life for the Greater Good.”

    Tak’ree beat his fists against the inside of his battlesuit prison. If only he could see what was going on!

    His Turn 4
    My gun drones prevent his retreating Firewarriors from making a regroup test (didn’t plan that but I’ll take credit). His commander hops out away from the hill and achieves LOS to my battlesuit. After a hail of missile pod fire my last battlesuit is down for the count. His Firewarrior squad unloads into the front armor of my devilfish but to no avail.

    There came a cry of ‘their breaking cover!’ Immediately the sounds of heavily breathing Firewarriors came over the network. This was followed by the report, “commander, I know you’re dead but we’ve taken the hill.” Takree let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and leaned back. Now if only they could hold it…

    My Turn 4
    My Firewarriors mount the hill and finally take the objective there. My gun drones move to hunt down the commander. Meanwhile my Devilfish backs up for another tank shock next turn. When shooting rolls around, the retreating Firewarrior squad is still within range of the two pulse carbines in my squad and another opposing Firewarrior is laid out. They pass the pinning check but are now down to three Firewarriors.

    The communication network was suddenly filled with the sounds of faux plasma weaponry against hull. Tak’ree heard the voice of the Devilfish’s commander as he swore, “Persistent son of a groulag, I’ll give him that!” There was also a shout of, ‘the Firewarriors are turning about!” Tak’ree would have given anything to be able to see what was going on.

    His Turn 5
    Ignoring the pursuing gun drones, his commander jumps around to the rear armor of my Devilfish and opens up, scoring a crew shaken result. His Firewarriors regroup (bonding knife) and start back towards the hill.

    The sounds of the Devilfish’s engines mixed with those of pulse weapon fire over the communication network. They were quickly replaced by cries of ‘victory’ and ‘we got them!’ Tak’ree could only sit back in exasperation.

    My Turn 5
    Revving the engine, my Devilfish tank shocks the forest bound Firewarriors again. And you know what? They failed their moral check! They started falling back through the woods towards the board edge. Meanwhile, my gun drones keep on following the commander, firing ineffectually. My Firewarrior open up on my opponent’s Firewarriors and cut them down to a man (tau?).

    By now Tak’ree was used to sitting in the dark and listening impotently as his troops fought for him; however he still sat bolt upright when the Shas’ui leading his Firewarriors shouted that the commander was opening up on them. “Incoming missile fire, everyone down!” There was a wet splat as paint warheads detonated their colorful cargo.

    His Turn 6
    Seeing that the end was nigh, he switched his attention from my Devilfish back towards my Firewarriors. Advancing his commander towards the hill, he opened up with everything he had. Fortunately for me it either missed or failed to wound. Oh, I forgot, his Firewarriors were far enough away from my Devilfish to be able to regroup.

    Over the sound of pulse weapons fire a new voice cam onto the communication network. “All units,” came the brisk voice of Shas’O Val’ires, “stand down. I repeat all units stand down.”

    My Turn 6
    My Firewarriors opened up on the commander, but they have no effect. My Devilfish again attempts to tank shock his Firewarriors but they pass their moral test (at this point my opponent was wise-cracking about trying to run people over with hover vehicles).

    The cockpit seals released and Ta’kree breathed his first breath of fresh air in what felt like a lifetime. As he climbed out of the battlesuit he noticed that the warriors of both sides were standing before him. In their center stood the commander he had just pitted himself against. The other Tau stepped forward and without a word, pinned something to Tak’ree’s chest. Without looking, Tak’ree knew it was the insignia of Shas’el.

    “There is still the matter of the ascension ceremony,” the commander said, “but as of now you are unofficially a knight of the Grater Good.”

    After Action Report
    This was only my first game of Warhammer so I have nothing to compare to. It seems to me, however that I need more protection for my battlesuits.
    Maybe some drones/bodyguards for added longevity (also not charging a ten man Firewarrior squad by yourself might help with that).
    Still getting used to the rules but I’m liking the whole ‘tank-shock-then-rapid-fire-to-take-objectives’ thing. Although I’d bet that there’d be problems with this tactic against armies with more melee power (Space Marines, Orks, Imperial Guard, the Girl Scouts, etc…).

    Like I said, any comments would be welcome (except those about grammar and spelling).

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    Excellent job on your first batrep, and congrats on your first game, you played pretty well it seems. Very enjoyable read with the "paintball" match well done
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    For the greater good.

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    Really liked reading this batrep!

    I hope you post more!

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