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    Eldar Vs Tau 1750

    Tau Vs Eldar 1750

    Ive never tried my hand at writing a battle report but I thought I would give it a go. This is a game I had at my local club against a regular tau player this weekend, ive never beaten him before and this was a fun game so I thought id write it up.
    I was running a Mech eldar list that was as follows


    Farseer – Doom, Guide, Mind war, Spirit Stones, Runes of witnessing
    Farseer – Doom, Guide, Mind war, Spirit Stones, Runes of witnessing


    6 x Fire Dragons – Exarch w/ firepike.


    10 x Dire Avengers – Exarch W/ Duel Catapults, Blade Storm.
    Waver Serpent – EML
    10 x Dire Avengers – Exarch W/ Duel Catapults, Blade Storm.
    Waver Serpent – EML

    Fast Attack

    5 x Swooping Hawks – Exarch w/Skyleap
    5 x Swooping Hawks – Exarch w/Skyleap
    5 x Warp Spiders – Exarch w/powerblades, Duel Spinners, Withdraw.


    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism
    Falcon – Bright Lance

    His list was (as far as I remember) and I have no idea what wargear lol

    Suit Commander – Plasma weapon, Missiles
    3 x Suits, Wide assortment of shooting nastiness, Plasma and missile heavy it seemed
    12 x Fire warriors
    Devil Fish – Burst Cannon, Missiles. Disruption pods
    12 x Fire warriors
    Devil Fish – Burst Cannon, Missiles. Disruption pods
    Large Kroot squad
    2 x Hammerheads, Railgun, disruption pods.
    3x Broadsides, with advanced stabilisation system, many a shield drone.
    Pathfinder Squad w/ lots of marker light and drones

    We were playing on a city ruins table, lots of terrain but spaced out at least 8” apart, so was hard to jump from piece to piece.

    We rolled for mission and got capture and control with Spearhead deployment.

    I won the roll off and opted for first turn.

    I deployed one of my Farseers and the warp spiders in the building that held the objective, impossible to be seen from anywhere except my table edge. A fire Prism Sat behind this building as well so it was out of LOS, my Falcon deployed to the left of this building with the other prism sitting slightly behind it. Both serpents were as far forward as was allowed, one was out in the open and one was behind a tall building near the centre of table. A Farseer was in a serpent with dire avengers, and the dragons were in the falcon. Both squads of Hawks obviously held in reserve to deep strike.

    He deployed mostly as expected, a empty devilfish, sitting partially in front of a hammerhead, the other fish full of fire warriors and hammerhead were along the right flank ahead of the others, broad sides in terrain towards the back of his quarter, one squad of fire warriors deployed in terrain along the left side of his deployment and squad of pathfinders in terrain on the right side. The suit team were deep striking in and the commander joined the pathfinder squad. The kroot were outflanking.

    He failed to seize the initiative.

    Turn 1 –


    Farseer in the building Guided the fire prism hiding behind it and attempted to doom the hammerhead for no reason at all lol but was out of range/ i couldnt even target it lol. I moved the fire prism out from behind the building to get a clear shot at the hammerhead and devilfish coming down the flank. Both Serpents jumped forward 12” and all my avengers (plus Farseer)deployed to get shots off at the fire warriors and pathfinders hiding in terrain. The falcon moved forward 6” and the fire prism behind it remained where it was. My warp spiders took no damage from terrain and jumped forward 12” into the hollow between the building in my deployment and the building at the centre of the table.

    Shooting started off with my guided prism who managed to scatter onto nothingness despite his reroll. Both serpent targeted the hammerhead along the flank and managed to destroy it after its disruption pods failed to save it. Other fire prism scatter into oblivion and the falcons bright lance was out of range of the other hammerhead/pulse laser did nothing.

    The dire avengers who targeted the fire warrior squad were in range and opened up a blade storm on the foolish tau who decided to go to ground and avoid being torn to shreds. Despite their 3+ cover save after the storm ended, five lay dead and gone and now they were nicely pinned. The other dire avenger squad attempted to shoot the pathfinders, but were out of range with all bar one avenger, who still managed to down a drone with regular fire. Assault Phase saw the warp spiders jump 7” forward into the building that lay before them and well out of LOS.

    Tau –

    Seeing his fire warrior squad getting torn to shreds my opponent moved his empty devil fish up towards them. Broadsides attempted to move into a better position but he rolled a 1 and 3 for their movement so they advanced deeper into cover.
    With movement over I was dreading the shoot phase slaughter that tau are so very good at.

    His surviving hammerhead attempted to gun down a wave serpent but only managed to shake it.

    The Pathfinders used their marker light on the other serpent and managed to score a hit, the broadsides then used this to lock on and shot at it, despite all this it managed to survive without taking any damage thanks to a very lucky cover save and its energy field.
    The Devilfish on the flank targeted the Avenger squad close to the pathfinders and managed to kill two, the other devil fish added its support and gunned down another two.

    After the smoke cleared I checked to see if the avenger’s nerves would hold and fortunately they did, just barely.

    Turn 2

    Eldar –

    I started this turn by guiding the falcon near the building in my deployment, the other Farseer attached to the dire avenger squad doomed the pinned fire warrior squad ahead of him in preparation for the oncoming assault. I then rolled for my Hawks and one squad came down. They landed without scattering behind the building with my warp spiders in it. On their way down the hawks threw their bombs over the terrain the pathfinders occupied and managed to kill the remaining drone and a warrior.

    At the beginning of my movement the hawks launched themselves back into the sky, ready to strike again.

    My shaken serpent flew behind the centre building where the hawks had just taken off from and sat out of sight, whilst my other one drifted around the ruin it and the avengers were standing behind and drew sight at the empty devil fish.

    The warp spiders jumped out of the building without incident and were now sitting very close to the pathfinder squad. My avengers rolled to move into terrain and get closer to the pinned fire warriors but rolled terribly and just got into better hiding positions within the terrain. The other dire avenger squad advanced out into the open towards the pathfinder squad, determined to do what they couldn’t last turn.

    The Falcon moved forward another 6” and both fire Prisms sat still.

    Shooting started with my fire prism targeting the devilfish full of fire warriors and managed to penetrate its armour, but then I only got weapon destroyed so I took off its missiles. The other fire prism fared far better and managed the make the remaining hammerhead explode. The explosion caught some of the models in the broadside team but their armour kept them nice and safe.

    The falcon attempted to shoot the empty devil fish but its disruption pods protected it from any damage. Seeing the falcon fail, my serpent that could shoot fired into its side armour with a missile but once again was stopped by the disruption pods.

    The dire avenger squad out in the open then blade stormed the dug in pathfinders and reduced them to four models + the Commander. The Warp Spiders saw this and attempted to finish them off but only managed to kill two more. The other avenger squad decided to run into a better position but I rolled terrible for them once again and they remained hiding in a ruin.

    With all my shooting over the pathfinders took their moral test and held firm within the terrain.

    In my assault phase the warp Spiders rolled a double 6 for their movement, and jumped towards the fire warrior squad/broadsides, when they reappeared they numbered one less.

    Tau –

    Rolling for reserves, the suits decided now was the time to enter the battle and jumped down behind a building with a clear shot at the dire avengers sitting out in the open. The kroot however were still making their way along the flanks of the battle and didn’t enter this turn.

    Looking up from their hiding place the pinned fire warrior squad was now free to move and it ran out of terrain towards the advancing warp spiders. The remaining devil fish jumped towards the dire avengers out in the open and all the fire warriors jumped out ready to get some revenge. The commander left the pathfinder squad and advanced towards the warp spiders. The Pathfinders moved towards the dire avengers sitting in the open.

    Shooting began with the newly arrived Crisis team shooting into the dire avengers, reducing them to two models, who were then swiftly finished off by the devilfish’s burst cannon. The commander and fire warrior squad fire with all they had into the Warp spiders and when the smoke cleared all bar the exarch (who made 9 saves!) were lying dead and broken. Seeing this, the other Devilfish attempted to finish him off but he refused to die.

    I was so proud of my remaining warp spider exarch that my opponent decided to target him with a broadside and he became red mist thanks to the rail gun.

    The other broadsides targeted my serpent and immobilised it.

    This was the end of his turn.

    Turn 3 –

    To begin this turn I doomed the crisis team who had just deep striked into the game. I then guided the Serpent (it has twin linked weapons…why guide it? It was all that I could lol) who had spend the turn hiding due to its shaken status.

    Once again I rolled for my hawks and once again only one squad came down, they scattered but not onto anything so landed fine, I then dropped their bomb onto the back of the devilfish so it covered a great amount of fire warriors and had a chance to at least glance the tank, the bomb didn’t scatter so we checked to see who got caught up in the explosion. By the end it killed five fire warriors, but failed to do anything to the tank.

    The other Farseer sitting in terrain, doomed the other fire warrior squad and guided his companions.

    Then began movement,

    I removed the hawks yet again, which really seemed to annoy my opponent (for good reason I think lol).

    The dire avengers in cover ran forward towards the terrain the broad sides occupied and the fire warriors had just left, finally scoring a 6 for their movement. I then moved my serpent who had spent the previous turn hiding into a better position so it could fire apon the devilfish’s side armour.
    The rest of my army remained fairly static as all the tanks could draw LOS to atleast some of the remaining units. (devilfish/ Commander/fire warriors/crisis suits. Pathfinders)

    I began with putting a focused shot from the prism right onto the bunched up crisis suits, thankfully it did not scatter and due to being doomed they were all evaporated. The falcon then fired into the Commander and managed to kill it. Then my remaining fire prism took aim at the last devilfish and made it explode, taking down several fire warriors in the explosion.

    I then fired a plasma missile onto the bunched up fire warrior squad who had just left terrain and killed them all.
    After this I announced my intention to blade storm the broadside team. This is when my opponent conceded and I won.

    Joy for rage quit.

    And that was the battle.

    If he continued playing he could have easily caused a draw but he was so annoyed with the game he wanted nothing more to do with it.

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    "Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail." - Elliott Smith.

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    Nice report. Alot of people have rage quit im sure. I know I have lol. And especially when playing eldar with hawks...silly rubber balling hawks...

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