I actually had a hard time cutting down my guard to 3000 pts, so Lord_Ezekial got three stratagems. It was a fairly straight forward set up. The Cadians held the city while the Chaos marines stormed in from the grasslands. It was a pretty standard Apocalypse set up, with objectives all over.

The first thing I noticed was a whole lot of rhinos pointed in my direction. They were target #1. Every time I turned around I noticed something else extremely nasty. A landraider here, over there a chaos lord with jump pack and instruments of pain. It was kinda scary.
Turn one started and my chimeras roared to life. The command squad leapt out and raced to the third floor balcony, where Commissar Keating lobed a vortex grenade right on top of the enemy landraider, sucking it and its precious cargo into the warp. The artillery from the basilisks crushed two rhinos and scoured a chaos terminator lord off of the street. Explosions erupted, bodies flew… it was glorious.
Then the chaos filth rushed the lines. Khorne berserkers filled the streets, it got pretty scary pretty quick.

Under a withering hale of fire a single khornite biker crashed into the front lines, but the line held. These units would be in stalemate for the rest of the game. On the other side of the battle field, the Chaos lord with jump pack, lightning claws and all the trimmings tried to charge my command squad, tripped over the railing and fell flat on his face in front of the commissar, who promptly performed a field execution upon the enemy lord for giving such a poor performance.
IG turn two. More explosions, more screaming. More fun.
Two of my deep strikers (stormies and vets) landed right on top of the enemy and were destroyed –oops. The third was my special weapons team, who somehow threw their satchel charge 4” behind themselves. Things were starting to heat up for sure.
Turn three. The basilisks proceeded to immobilize ever rhino on the board. My rough riders charged Kharn and his boys, but the rubber lances were sadly ineffective. The rough riders stayed in the fight only because the commissar was shooting everyone who tried to flee. It took me three turns, but I finally destroyed the chaos vets with the icon that were perched right across the street from my HQ. It took a final las-cannon shot to do it, but they all died. At this point we were both sarting to run out of warm bodies to throw in the grinder. Then Lord E threw down some awesome stratigy. Using orbital bombardment, he cleared by men off of two of the objectives, and then took one of them with a flank march. I was impressed, and totally out of position to counter. And with that the game ended. Chaos won 3 to 1.
Although the flank march was the only one to make it to my line, it did what it needed to do. I still had three troop units ready to deep strike in turn four, but I’m not sure they could have gotten the job done. Besides, he had the final turn, and keeping those boys alive would have been quite the trick. A great game. Next time we’ll have to try and get a full 6 turns in!