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    Thrillseeker arachnid's Avatar
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    83 (x2)

    1000pt chaos vs. Dark angels

    Ok, so i finally got to use my guys in 5th ed, and being new at 40k, i got spanked thoroughly
    the first battle due to not having enough hard units.

    I cheated together a dreadnought with some bluetac and had another go.
    theres a high chance weve both made mistakes here and there.

    Chaos roster: (mine)

    Lucius the eternal
    Sorcerer MoS, wings, wind of chaos, plasma pistol

    Heavy support:



    10 csm, MoCG, melta, plasma, champ with PF

    8 zerkers, 2 plasmapistols , champ with PF, personal icon

    14 summoned lesser daemons


    chaos dreadnought, ML, plasma cannon

    1000 pts exactly.

    Dark angels: (his)

    excuse the hazyness, not really familiar with DA-units.
    (or any, except my own for that matter)

    hq. company master, power weapon, stormbolter, iron halo.
    + retinue of
    3x somethings with shield + powerweapon
    1x apothecary

    5x troops, 4 bolters and a plasmagun

    5x troops, 4 bolters and a plasmagun

    1x Dreadnought, extra armor, tl-lascannon, ccw+flamer.

    1x Predator, tl-lascannon, las-sponsons

    1x Vindicator

    996 pts or so.

    Setting up.. well we didnt have a correct sized table or terrain, so we just rolled annihilate and took a table edge to set up on.
    I won roll for first turn

    Turn one:

    after a sane result for the dread i move and run my zerkers and lucius (who joined them) up towards the enemy.

    Moved and ran the csm's up.
    both got full 12' movement

    sorcerer flew 12 up behind the zerkers, getting a nifty cover save. (im taking my cover with me, hehe)


    Dreadnought fired plasmacannon at the hq and his retinue, covering 3 models.
    2 guys died outright, hq used iron halo and saved.
    missile launcher at the same target using frags, which scattered off to a miss.

    obliterator fired lascannon at vindicator front armor and missed.

    Opponents turn:

    hq and retinue moves towards zerkers and fires bolts .. 3 zerkers bite the dust.

    left squad in range of zerkers and fire bolters and plasma, plasmagunner blows up, 2 zerks die

    Dreadnought fires lascannon at chaos dread and blows the missilelauncher off.

    Vindicator fires at the zerker squad and scatters to touch the sorcerer as well.

    1 zerker dies, sorcerer fails his inv. and dies.

    Predator fires TL-lascannon + 1 sponson at zerker squad.
    1 miss, 1 hit & wound..

    I elect lucius as the victim, and makes his inv save. (wohoo)

    End of turn 1..

    Turn 2:

    Reserve roll.. a 5... Lesser daemons come in off the zerkers icon, slightly behind them.

    Dread rolls a sane result.

    zerkers move 6' towards the hq and retinue

    csm move 6' and fires bolters and plasma at the right 5-man squad who has done nothing so far.

    and find that im out of range by a hair (bummer)

    Dread fires plasmacannon at the left squad and kills 2.

    obliterator fires lascannon at dreadnought, and blows its ccw clean off.
    (there was some argument about wether the built-in flamer went as well, but it did)

    Zerkers charge the hq and retinue, but miss by a hair.. another bummer.

    Opponents turn

    no movement.

    Dread fires lascannon at obliterator and kills him.

    Vindicator fires at the daemons, covers 7 of them .
    5 make their inv saves, 2 die. (dice gods are fickle)

    pred fires at chaos dread and misses completely.

    right squad fires 4 bolters and plasma at csm's.

    2 csm's die

    left squad (all 2 of them) fire bolters at zerkers , 1 miss 1 saved.

    Hq and his retinue fire at zerkers. stormbolter, + boltpistols, all miss or get saved.

    Hq and ret. charge the zerkers and lucius.

    We matched the hq's against eachother for simplicity's sake
    (working out all the tricks lucius has up his sleeves was hell otherwise)

    (somewhere along the line lucius had lost 2 wounds before this, but i forget where, probably to the vindi)

    Lucius attacked first, 3 attacks, 3 hits and wounds. company master being the only one in base contact was lashed with the whip and lost an attack.

    company master saved 1 attack and lost 2 wounds.

    company master's turn ... missed 2, hit home with 1 attack.
    lucius died... However.. all armor and inv. saves lucius makes get that nifty backlash ..
    which hit the company master and killed him.

    retinue missed the remaining zerkers and got slaughtered in return.

    end turn 2.

    Turn 3:

    crazed result rolls a 1.. fire frenzy!
    Turns and fires at daemons twice, one misses, one scatters back a full 8 inches and hits himself on sidearmor..
    crew shaken, which gets ignored.

    csm's moved up 6' towards the rightmost squad.

    remaining zerkers (champ + 2 plasmapistoleers) forget to move....

    daemons move up 6' and run 5'

    Csm's fire plasma and melta at vindicator side-armor, but are found out of range by a hair

    Opponents turn:

    right squad moves up 6' towards csm's

    no shooting.

    left squad charge the zerkers

    dread charge the zerkers

    dread (with no ccw's left) fails to do damage
    left squad fails to kill anything

    champ with pf attacks dread and scratches the paint a little.
    the other 2 zerks fumble and do no damage.

    Right squad charge csm's
    kill one csm that was napping, right squad gets wiped out in return.

    end turn 3.

    turn 4:

    dread rolls sane. and falls asleep..
    zerks still locked in combat.

    csm's move 6' fire melta at predator front armor and misses.

    csm's charge the pred, Powerfist rolls a good hit with a better result, blowing the pred to smithereens, along with 2 csm's.

    opponents turn:

    Vindicator opens fire on csm's that are about 3 inches away.. all huddled together in a perfect circle..

    csm's are turned to dust by the blast.

    left squad , dread vs. zerkers continue to play checkers and do diddly squat to eachother.

    Turn 5:

    No movement

    chaos dread fires lazilly at vindi sidearmor and misses.

    zerkers, loyalist dread and the remaining 2 bolter-marines stand around cat-fighting.

    opponents turn:

    vindi fires at my dread and misses wildly.

    the huddle still doesnt feel like fighting..

    End of turn and the game..

    I lost one full unit of csm's
    2 hq's
    1 obliterator

    for 4 points.

    He lost

    one troop unit
    1 hq
    one retinue
    one pred.

    4 points..


    Tactical draw.

    Some things didnt feel right while we were playing, like do all blastweapons scatter?
    plasmacannons foi, shouldnt, but we couldnt actually find any print on it.

    do demolishercannons always scatter?

    how do powerfists actually work against armor, and how does it affect the model that uses it?

    Multiple combats with varying initiatives, toughness and models in it... big headache..

    Im not an american, so inches are hard to guess for me, which led to frustration.
    but ill learn i guess.

    All in all a fun go with some odd situations in it.

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    One Awesome Dude hotspike18's Avatar
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    283 (x6)

    Nice try dude - better luck next time!

    You could always cut strips of cardboard (or buy an elementary school ruler) to 12" and then use that as point of reference, just to help you visualize how far 12" really is.
    "If you can wait til I get home, then I swear we can make this last."

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    Thrillseeker arachnid's Avatar
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    83 (x2)

    hmm, yeah i guess ill just glance at the tapemeasure when my opponent isnt looking for now..

    at least until i get my "inch-eye"

    A couple of things we did wrong that ive found out:

    my pf champs make all attacks at I 1, and all attacks with the pf.. Doh!
    (i split the attacks into the weapon types and initiative)

    a model that is in btb with multiple models can choose to split his attacks between them if he chooses. (even if they are in different units)

    Forgot to roll for wounds for all those vindi-blasts.

    a pf has no ap value, just the regular str x2 + dice.

    Krak grenades exist!

    I should have gone to ground with my csm's when the vindi pie-plated them all.

    I need to play with terrain on the table.

    i need some transports.

    I should have gone with bolt of change instead of wind of chaos on the sorc.

    Do plasma-cannon shots really scatter? if not.. whoops, another error

    i really need to finish the rest of my army

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    One Awesome Dude hotspike18's Avatar
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    283 (x6)

    -Keep in mind that Powerfists also do not benefit from having a BP in your other hand, no go on that one.

    - I'm not sure about splitting attacks, but he certainly has to choose which unit to attack, splitting attacks might be an old rule

    -You're right, Powerfists have no AP vs. vehicles, but, they ignore armor saves in CC period.

    When you fire a plasma cannon now, you roll 2D6 plus the scatter, if you get a crosshair, it's right on target, if not, then you move it 2d6" subtracting your BS from that number.

    Hope this helps.
    "If you can wait til I get home, then I swear we can make this last."

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    10 (x1)

    keep in mind if you go bolt of change on your sorc. you have to switch his mark to tzeentch, which is 25 points more expensive.
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