A 45th are in the Wastelands on Angalorum Prime, on border duty. Recently Orks of the native Deff Edds tribe have been getting quite uppity, several months go they were smashed at the the Battle of Waylands River by Lord Gavin Darlickinghams 8th Division. However the scattered bands of survivors have been making a “Bloody Nuisance* of themselves, raiding wastelander caravans and Angalorum military outposts.. even launching sneaky raids into the more civilised Kingdom of Anglia. The 45th are part of the force sent to extinguish these mobs and locate the Big Nob, Big Arry, leading them.

The Scenario.
Number 2 Platoon has been tracking one of these bands and has them located at an old abandoned Wastelander village. Number 2 platoons objectives are to:-
Eliminate the Orc Mob and Secure the Village (two buildings)
Da Orks are to Rout the platoon.

(In short, I'm playing some basic solo games to learn the basic mechanics before I take a full force down to GW for my first game in about 14 years)

Lt T. Greyjoy (bolt pistol/power sword)
Sgt. W. Battersby (Meltagun, Veteran Sgt.)
Cpl C.Thomas (Shotgun)
L.Cpl. t. Higgs (Shotgun)
Pvt. V. Kay (Lasgun + Vox)

Number Two Section
Cpl Nobbs (Vet Sgt.)
Missile Launcher Team (2men)
Grenade Launcher

Number Three Section
Cpl Barrs (Vet Sgt.)
same as above

Number One Section
Cpl Rivers (Vet Sgt.)

Da Orks
Nob Wazgut and 7 boys with shootas, 1 boy with Big Shoota, 1 boy with Rokkit Launcha
Nob Sik Boy and 4 boys with choppas and sluggas, 1 Big Shoota and 5 shootas
Sik Boy has a power claw and a slugga.

Sikboy is the overall Boss of this band, Wazgut is his second though effectively this is one band it is split into two for game purposes.

Special Rules.
  1. Standard Guard and Ork HQ and troop choice requirements were abandoned.
  2. Orks will never automatically rally if forced to fall back, until Sik Boy is dead.
  3. Sik Boy has Three wounds but other than that he is standard Nob.

Officers Report: Lt Theon Greyjoy, CO Number 2 Platoon, D Company, 2nd Battalion, 45th Rgt.

Enemy sighted approaching abandoned villages to the in an extended line, shouting and firing their weapons in the air. They seemed in a state of high excitement and in some hurry to take the higher ground. I immediately ordered One section under Cpl Rivers to follow me while Three section under Cpl Barrs, I sent left to seize the more ruined wast lander building while Cpl Nobbs Two Section was ordered right to take the more complete structure. We advanced at a run as I was concerned that we would be exposed. The Orks appeared to have the same idea and quickened their pace as fast as their oddly shaped form would allow them. Contact was made initially after Two Section had been able to open up on them advancing enemy with missile fire. Private Ibbotson is cited for ludicrously bad shooting and we were unable to inflict any casualties at this range.
The orks had split into two groups, and their right flank squad opened fire with its heavy assault gun (Big Shoota). This Ork, was particularity dangerous and unfortunately he was able to gun down Private Wendish and Lance Corporal Bittern.

As the Orks closed on our position we were able to open fire with full arms, bringing down a couple of boys, however the Ork with the heavy assault gun was able to survive a blast from two squads missile launcher. As this was happening I led my squad up onto the ruined building to gain the advantage of higher ground as well as to bring our Melta gun to bear from an enfilade position. I ordered 1 Section to fan out across the centre of the village. Several of the orks had began to climb the ruin and on of them was able to shoot Pvte Trapper from above, though at the time the true extent of his injuries was unknown.

The volume of fire began to intensify and we enjoyed some bloody good shooting matches with the greenies. 5 boys were brought down by concentrated fire from Two Section on our left flank. A boy with a home made rocket launcher was sighted and targeted and despite his comrades being shot down around him he was left rather unscathed. Three Section brought down another three boys on our right. One Section brought its guns to bear on the launcher wielding boy and despite several confirmed hits the brute was still standing. It was Sgt. Battersby with a well placed shot to the face that was able to bring him down. In the fire fight, the second Heavy Assault Gun was able to fire as well and both of these primitive stubber weapons were brought to bear on Two Section and though men were hit non was injured seriously. Three Section were unfortunate to lose Private Dunwell from small arms fire on the left, A lesser nob, lead the survivors of his mob in a charge on our right flank, Three Section met them with the cold steel and in despite L.Cpl Thorman and Pvte Hill falling casualty to the frenzied nob leading the charge three of his boys were bayoneted, L.Cpl Hunter is recommended for a Bronze Hammer for personally killing two of the raiders.

Cpl Thomas, under my direction was able to blast the Assault Gun ork off the top of the ruins with a couple of well placed rounds from his shotgun. One section was finally able to bring its flamer to bear, torching a hapless and exposed boy who'd been making a bloody nuisance of himself. L.Cpl Roper of Three Section has earned a reprimand for reckless use of his grenade launcher in an enclosed environment and with a poorly aimed shot that ricocheted off a wall, missed his target and nearly caused Cpl Barrs to become a casualty himself. Pistol fire from with in the ruins, was able to bring down Pvte Frazer of Three Section. Despite being wounded in the thigh, Cpl Nobbs was personally able to dispatch the lesser nob while Pvte Action was able to finish off the big ork with the heavy gun.

Despite his Wound Cpl Nobbs was able to secure the structure on the right and begin to treat his casualties. Sik Boy and his surviving mate made a break from the other side of the ruins, in a desperate bid for freedom. Sgt. Battersby was able to bring down his companion, and a well placed shot from a rifleman in One section was able to injure Sik Boy. I gave the general order for the whole platoon to let him have everything, he was brought down finally by a shot from Two Section.
The action now over I ordered the platoon to tend the wounded, while I sent three men from One Section to finish off any of the orks that might need it. I accompanied them in this and we found several survivors that needed a final dose of laser fire. We spared one after removing his hands and muzzling him as per Kings Regulations when taking non Blood Axe orks prisoner, as it was believed he may have some knowledge of the location of Big Arry. Of the Orks, we burnt 19 bodies though we mounted their heads on spikes as a warning to other Deff Edds that my pass this way and to re assure the Wastlanders that the Kings Justice still reaches into the Wastelands. We patched up our wounded as best we could and were able to bag up our dead. I voxed back to company HQ and requested a casualty evacuation for our fallen men. After Casualty Evacuation, I lead the platoon back on foot and reported back to Major Stark and Lt Colonel Athelwulfson.

4 Men killed
4 Men wounded

19 Boys killed
1 Boy captured/wounded

Officer Reporting: Lt Theon Greyjoy.

Mission Evaluation.
Greyjoys tactics were sound and the bravery of his men was with out question it should be noted that the fire discipline of Two Platoon was notably poor in several sections. The mission has been graded as a Tactical Success. L.Cpl Hunter and Cpl Nobbs are both to receive commendations for bravery, though L.Cpl Hunters citation for a Bronze Hammer has been vetoed, he has been put forward for a Combat Pip. L.Cpl Ropers reckless grenade launcher use could have cost the company a good man and as such is to be demoted to Private and will relinquish his grenade launcher to a soldier more adept to its usage in his section. Lt. Greyjoy is ordered to promote a suitable replacement.
Maj. E. Stark, D Coy, CO.

*Offical Angalorum Military Term