500 points Space Wolf v Orks - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    500 points Space Wolf v Orks

    In command of the Orks, was myself, and taking Control of the Space Wolves was Wold Lord Herby – my evil brother.
    Warlord Bludgutz
    Power Klaw
    Twin Linked Shoota
    Cybork Body
    Eavy Armour

    Big Mek Erik
    Kustom Force Feild
    Eavy Armour
    Cybork Body

    Shoota Mob
    15 x Ork Boyz
    Nob wit boss pole
    1 Big shoota

    Basha Mob
    14 x Ork Boys
    Sluggaz n Choppaz
    Nob wit' big Choppa n boss pole

    'Eavy Support
    Killa Kan
    Big Shoota
    Armour Plates.

    Total: 498

    Space Wolves:
    Wolf Pack leader with Power weapon
    Grey Hunters
    Grey Hunters with plasma gun
    Space Wolf Scouts.

    Turn 1:
    The orks Rushed forward, the Shoota Boyz hiding cowardly behind the central ruins, with only a few peeping around the side to snap a few shots off, the killa kan joined them and the Basha mob with the warboss ran forward at the bottom of a hill. The big shootas of the Killa kan and Shoota Mob opened the firing game, but failed to do any damage! The grey hunters replied by moving one Greyhunter squad into cover and the other opened fire on the shoota boyz, vapourising one with a well palced shot froma plasma gun.

    Turn 2:
    Again the orks charged forward, the shoota boyz taking cover, and the killa kan advancing to be alongside the Slugga Boyz., the shoota boyz let rip again, and again did no damage, the Killa Kan had more luck, picking off one of the marines scrambling into cover. The greyhunters were enraged by this and rushed forward towards the slugga boyz, while the other ones fired on the Shoota boyz again, killing one. Roaring with anger, unleashing their inner wolf, the grey hunters slammed into the slugga boyz. Several of the boys were killed, and the Wolf Pack Leader took a wound off Bludgutz, who retaliated by crushing him with his Power Klaw.

    Turn 3:
    The shoota boyz again moved more into the cover they had taken up, sitting themselves on an objective, and blazed away at the grey hunters again, killing one, the killa kan moved itself behind the combat and slammed into the melee. While the combat raged and a greyhunter fell, more boyz were killed, and bludgutz ripped apart a couple of Marines. Now for the Big moment, the killa kan raised its klaw, and brought it down, it slamemd into the ground and stayed there while a powerfist smashed into the Killan Kan and destroyed it. The other grey hunters fired on the Shoota Boyz killing one, but losing one of their own as his powergun overheated and killed him. The combat continued and more boyz were brought down, only a few grey hunters remained, but even though Bludgutz ripped one of the boyz apart to try n get them to stay were they where they fled, Bludgutz getting a powerfist in the head while he was shouting.

    Turn 4:
    Enraged by the Death of their warlord, the Shoota Boyz yelled Waagh and charged out of cover towards the few remaining grey hunters. The Big Mek moved into the cover to hold the objective. The Shoota Boyz yelling and whooping charged into the grey hunters and managed to bring one down, but a few more boyz were ripped out of existence. The Scouts appeared behind the big Mek, and concentrated fire brought him down. The whirling combat continued, with another marien beign brought down – leaving one left, and more boyz ebign ripped up, leaving eight. Nether the less, the Marine carried on.

    Turn 5
    The combat continued, the Boyz being unable to harm the Marine, and three of their number being brought down. The scouts moved to take the objective that the Big Mek used to control, the fighting ended up with the remaining 3 boyz running, the nob killed one of them in an attempt to rally, but again they fled, and were gunned down.

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    good win with the wolves. Always good to hear. Orks didnt sound too bad either, though i never get 2 H.Q.s in a game that is under 1000pts when im playing Orks. With the cost of the Big Mek one may have gotten 10 more boyz...but thats just me
    A feral Ork is a happy Ork.

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