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    5th Ed. Black Templar Combat Patrol, Fluffy

    This is a slightly more literary attempt at a battle report, using the same Black Templar combat patrol featured in my Black Templar-Eldar Combat Patrol (5th Edition Black Templar-Eldar Combat Patrol)

    Black Templar brother-initiate Albrecht peered into the periscope of his squad’s rhino APC, scanning the small temple ruin in the valley below. The periscope’s light amplification gave the space marine a fair view of the scene in the thin pre-dawn light. The trail of the chaos heretic he pursued was growing warmer, yet his tactical acumen would not let him rush into a possible trap unprepared. Brother-initiate Albrecht’s first recon squad was well detached from the crusade’s main body, and the closest reinforcements would be little more than other recon detachments similar to his own.

    Albrecht shouted over the rhino’s thrumming engines, ordering his brother techmarine guiding the rhino to pause briefly to deploy a fire support combat squad. Turning to his squad, he used simpler hand signals to direct his brother initiates armed with long range weapons to take up a firing position and cover the rhino’s advance.

    The rhino slowed to a crawl, and as the assault ramp lowered, five Black Templars stood up, the oath-chains binding the team to their holy weapons ringing in accompaniment to their shouted benedictions of hate.

    “Remember your oaths, brothers!” shouted Albrecht. “We are pursuing a sorcerous heretic into the heart of his own defenses! We are Black Templars and we stand alone in the heart of darkness! No pity! No remorse! No fear!”

    As quickly as the assault ramp was down, the combat squad was out. The rhino gunned its motors and moved on towards the ruins. A moment later, the techmarine manning the rhino’s storm bolter shouted across the vox-channel. “Movement to 10 and 2 o’clock, small units!”

    Albrecht instinctively ignited his power fist and demanded specifics, picturing the dark countenances of chaos marines rising from the ruins. The remainder of his crusade squad stood to disembark, each marine readying for combat.

    The techmarine shouted into the open vox channels, demanding identification. A second later, he replied, “There is no response, brother. Their heraldry appears to be Dark Angels, but they are advancing in combat formation to the ruins.”

    “This is a chaos trick! The Dark Angels are not attached to this crusade and are not on this planet! Advance and deploy to the ruins!” Albrecht cut over to the vox recon channel. “Contact at coordinates 174.34-052.54, engaging unknown traitor legion. For the Emperor!”

    (Setup: This was an annihilation mission with a dawn of war setup, 400 points of Black Templars against Dark Angels.)

    The Black Templar rhino rolled forward at full speed towards the temple ruins. The fire support squad followed suit, and as the Rhino edged around the corners of the rubble, the missile team ran to a firing position in the rubble from which they could to command the entire structure. A voice broke over the recon vox-channel: “Don’t keep the glory to yourself, brother Albrecht! Third squad will be there in a moment…” A second voice cut in:
    “Copy that, third squad, speeder flight one covering you.”

    One team of dark-green figures in power armor advanced to the edges of the temple ruins, while another edged through the cover of a hill to the east. The first sporadic shots were fired as dawn began to break, leaving no illusions to anyone as to the intent of either party.

    (First turn: no casualties)

    Brother-initiate Albrecht ordered a combat deployment, and the rhino advanced along the edge of the ruins, opening its side hatches towards the rubble. First squad jumped out and turned immediately to level weapons at their opponents who were taking up firing positions. Almost simultaneously, missile, plasma, and bolter fire erupted from opposite ends of the ruins, tracing lines of contempt between the Black Templars and the opposing squad.

    Brother Albrecht caught sight of a large figure in power armor advance on his own toward first squad. Wearing a plumed helm and bearing a massive power weapon, the figure strode forward confidently. Albrecht saw an energy field being activated by shrapnel from the firefight and shouted, “Melta forward! Hard target!” First squad’s combat team shifted, allowing brother-initiate Heinrich field-of-fire for his meltagun. The air boiled around the opposing figure for a moment as it expected its energy field to offer some protection, but as the field failed, the figure’s power armor buckled quickly into a ball of molten slag.

    Meanwhile, the Black Templar techmarine operated the rhino’s storm bolter, working in tandem with the heavy bolter of the land speeder that had just arrived to try and pin the other opposing squad in its position away from the combat until third squad could engage. The opposing squad was resolute in its advance, however and moved implacably towards the ruins.

    (Second turn: BT no casualties, DA: lost 1 commander, 1 plasma gunner (overheat), and 2 marines with bolters.)

    With a shout of praise to the Emperor of Mankind, Brother Albrecht ordered his team forward into close combat. The fire support team narrowed their aim for a final round of deadly shooting before shifting their fire away from the ensuing melee. The opposing forces met at the edge of the ruins, with giants in powered armor matching each other for strength and ferocity. At the sight of one of his brothers falling, Albrecht’s fury scaled to conquering heights, and his power fist crushed his opponents. After a moment of unexpected hesitation in their opponents, the Black Templars fell upon them with renewed savagery, finishing them without mercy.

    In the heart of the valley, the Rhino’s storm bolter and the land speeder’s heavy bolter established a deadly crossfire through from which the remaining opponents could not emerge. As the enemy tried to split their fire between the APC and the skimmer, the elements of the third recon squad arrived with a shout, ending the battle.

    (Third turn: BT lost 1 initiate in cc, DA: lost 2 marines in cc, failed morale check and subsequent initiative test, lost another 2 marines with bolters from squad 2, game conceded at that point.)

    As the Black Templars consolidated their forces in the temple valley, a single figure in black power armor emerged from a hidden tunnel exit in the surrounding hills. By the time the auspexes of the Black Templars found the tunnel’s entrance in the temple ruins, he would be well on his way again. He paused to view the carnage in the valley one last time. The Black Templars were pursuing him to punish the recent discovery of his plots against the false Emperor, but the arrival of the Dark Angels represented an animus of centuries. Neither pursuer would be easily dissuaded, but if they could be set against one another, escape might be possible…

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    nice win and write up!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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