1500pts Speed Freaks vs. Daemonhunters - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts Speed Freaks vs. Daemonhunters

    Hey I played a game against a ork speed freak player which at first I was fairly cautious about.

    Land Raider
    Land Raider Crusader
    GM + 5GKT
    8 GK (2 incinerator)
    Inq Lord + shooty retinue
    Stormtroopers (9) plasmagun (2)

    5 trukks – 12 orks, nob, power Klaw, bosspole? 2 rokkits
    10 bikes – nob with choppa
    Warboss – Power Klaw, ? , ?

    Mission: Seize Ground
    I couldn’t believe my luck with only 2 troop choices, almost a worse case scenario.

    Deployment: Split deployment (the one which is 12” from your table edge)
    At least It wasn’t night fighting.

    The board
    Size: 4x4

    Terrain layout:
    In My half:
    In my left corner was a blue building
    A hill the middle of my deployment zone
    A flattened ruin to the right of my deployment

    Opponent half / other parts of the board:
    Manafoctorum building on the middle right
    Ruined building in the top right hand corner
    A destroyed dreadnought sitting in the middle of the table.

    • inside the blue building
    • inside the manafactorum building
    • left of Ruined building
    • behind the Destroyed dreadnought left of the ruined building
    • left of the objective 4

    Opponent chose to go first and deploy first
    Orky deployed
    Deployed bike squad on the top left
    Deployed all trucks across in a line
    Warboss bike squad behind trucks

    Daemonhunters deployment
    I deployed my Inq Lord in the blue building
    I deployed my LR centrally at the back of the hill. (GK inside)
    I deployed my LRC in the right hand corner (GM+GKT inside)
    I held my Stormtroopers in reserve

    Seize iniative: Failed

    Turn 1

    So my opponent rolled forward 12” taking pot shots at the LR’s with their rokkits.
    The bikes took direction towards the Inq Lord +retinue
    He also shot at my Inq Lord + retinue only for an Acolyte not only to take a cover save but the Inq Lords too! He passed both of course.

    In response to such a fairly poor opponent turn I moved my LR 6” and fired 2 lascannons at 2 trukks with machine spirit, destroyed one and glanced another, yes I did get a 1 to penetrate!
    My LRC got angry of all the rumbling noise and decided to make some of it’s own, destroying a Truk with it’s assault cannon after moving 12” towards the deadly ork trucks. One exploding scattering nearly into the LRC itself!
    A few orky casualties from explosions.
    My Inq Lord + retinue took a shot at the incoming bikes only for it’s Plasma Cannon to overheat, reroll and pass and then scatter 12”-4”! I killed a few with my other weapons.
    My Stormtroopers took a picnic…

    Turn 2

    My opponent stepped upto gear 2 and moved his bikes into range for all it’s guns to shoot. (I tried to ward my opponent off by ensisting bikes can’t assault on the upper level of buildings, but little did I know those dakka guns would cause serious damage)
    He moved 1 of the trucks (which had hidden behind the manafactorum previous turn) towards the LRC disembarking Ork hides.
    One orky squads unaffected by their vehicle that had been smashed acrossed the board, joined the squad of orks from the truck. Shot some rokkits which glanced, destroying an assault cannon then assaulted the LRC which had moved 12” doing nothing.
    One of the trucks moved alongside the bikers. And one moved towards the LR. Last truck moved towards objective 3.
    The Warboss and his biker crew moved alongside the other bikes ready to rain death on my Inq Lord+ retinue.
    All the bikes shot the Inq Lord + retinue and left all but 3 standing! Damn I should have gone to ground!

    Stormtroopers decided to smoke a cigar…
    Again apart from my Inq Lord+retinue nothing went bad.
    I decided to hold my Inq Lord hoping that my opponent would waste another turn on them.
    My LR tank shocked the truk moving 6” but failing to penetrate it
    My LRC moved 6” back. My grey knight terminators popped out.
    Inq Lord shot at the Trukk alongside the bikers, (plasma cannon, plasmagun, Pyscannon) destroyed a gun and result crew shaken.
    The LR shot the truk directly in front of it and it went kaboom.
    It also shot the truck on the objective and I think it blew up.
    My LRC shot the multimelta at the truck in front of it and blew it up.
    The Crusader unleashed rapid fire hurricanes on a ork squad, forcing it to fall back (even with commissar ork equivalent rule)
    My Grey Knight Terminators toasted about 7 orks with an incinerator and 2 with a storm bolter forcing the squad to fall back (out of charge range L)

    Turn 3
    My opponent moved his last truk (previously alongside bikers) onto the top of the hill.
    He moved all his bikers to the right of my blue building. The warboss detached and moved towards the LR.
    The two ork squads (one who blew up last time and previously before) headed towards objectives 3&4.
    Inq Lord + retinue died completely after a lot of dice!
    The Orks took pot shots with the rokkits at the LR doing nothing.
    The warboss on bike assault the LR hitting with all his attacks (moved 6”) and then went onto roll a single 5 on the penetrating chart and it went kaboom. The GK’s inside saved a single wound.

    That turn hurt, but I realised I had placed everything wrong so did a complete re-think.
    The Gk’s on foot with the incinerator moved up towards the running orks.
    The Grey Knight Terminators embarked and the LRC moved 12” in front of the warboss on bike, blocking the route towards the GK’s.
    The Stormtroopers came on smoking cigars chucking to the ground before stamping on them with a red glow in their eyes.
    The storm troopers moved into the flattened ruins (difficult terrain 6)

    The GK’s wiped a running squad with their incinerators and storm bolters.
    The LRC unleshed hurricanes onto the boss failing to wound. And the multimelta did something, can’t remember
    The Stormtroopers sprinted towards cover getting a 6. woooo
    My plan was in place.

    Turn 4
    My opponent moved all the bikers right onto my table edge at the front. (Don’t know what idea he had?
    The last truck turbo boosted from the hill 18” onto the flattened ruins (behind Stormtroopers)
    The warboss on bike squared upto the LRC razzing the engine up.
    The two remaining ork squads on the objective pulled back slightly firmly onto the objective.
    The warboss pulling a wheely headed at the LRC failing to scratch it (moved 12”)

    The clever turn followed
    I moved my GKT out of the LRC moving over the destroyed dreadnought towards the orks on the objective.
    My LRC moved to tank shock (9”) at the truck on the flattened ruins failing to penetrate it. Yes this did leave the warboss on bike to let loose on pretty much anything.
    I moved my Gk’s towards objective 3 where the orks were.
    My storm troopers moved right upto the manafactorum building.

    The GKT let loose on the ork squad closest to objective 4 killing all but the nob which passed morale.
    The GK’s let loose of the Orks behind a blown up truck killing a few.
    My LRC let loose its multi-melta onto the Trukk which it tank shocked, blowing it up in a ball of flames, a few orks died, then passing their pinning test.
    The storm troopers attempted to run upto the next level of the ruin scoring a 1” (clever plan was to avoid Warboss because he can’t get up there lol!)
    The Gk’s charged killing all of them after they got cut down, although two knights died from the claw due to the fact only my Justicar had frag grenades.
    The GKT charged with the GM decapitating the or knob left.

    … All but the Storm troopers went well

    Turn 5
    All the bikers moved back up towards my GKT
    The orks from the blown up truck moved up towards the Stormtroopers.
    The warboss also moved towards the Stormtroopers…

    Warboss shot the Stormtroopers which went to go ground passing both cover saves.
    The orks “ran” a couple of inches.
    Both the biker squads shot at the GKT leaving the GM (3 saves, 2 failed) on 1 wound and the incinerator and 1 standard GKT. Shocking amounts of dice I tell you all twin linked!

    Warboss called a Waghhhhh which was fairly small (non-exsistant from the player) and the Warboss assaulted the Stormtroopers: The Stormtroopers striking first threw their cigars at the Warboss causing 1 wound blowing the fuel engine on the bike which also took the warbosses leg!
    The warboss in disgust dropped his Claw onto 6 helpless Stormtroopers which perished.
    The rest got run over by the wheels of the bike!
    Unfortunately the ork squad were left waghhhh short and failed to get in with the action.

    Feeling slightly cheated by the 1” I decided to take a winning stance and moved my LRC 12” around towards the orks short of the manafactorum building.
    My Gk’s sat on objective 3
    The GKT moved undeterred by the rumble of the bikes, their rain of lead, towards the bikers bravely (they knew there job will soon be fulfilled)

    The Crusader unleashed hurricanes onto the Orks with the multimelta pulverising the or knob leaving ork hides on the floor.
    The GKT toasted 3-2 bikes and the GM+GKT killed 2.
    The GK’s prayed for their battle brothers in battle instead firing lead over them.

    The GKT assaulted the remaining bikes in the squad it shot, killing them all.
    They consolidated 3” in a wall “thou shalt not pass” the GM uttered, his fist glowing red…

    Turn 6 was played on a d6 of 5

    Opponent saw ruins to the left and destroyed trucks to the right, decided not to move his bikes and dakka dakka his guns.
    The guns killed all but the GM which stood in denial of such xeno scum…
    The Ork nob biker leader went head to head with the GM with his biker crew.
    They struck simultaneously, The GM riposted all the attacks before bringing round his sword to wound the creature, bringing his sword from chest to mouth he then skewered the bike opening the warp, were it went screaming.
    The biker nobs crew mobbed up in a fury of attacks ripped limb after limb off the GM.
    He laid rest torn for his duty towards the emperor.

    I decided to make a chain link of GK’s from the objective for the incinerators to take a shot.
    My LRC moved 12” took the risky task of moving through debris after debris of trucks making it unscathed right next to the GK’s

    They unleashed as much as fire as they could into the bikers leaving 4 left.
    It would have been more, if I rapid fire my hurricane before shooting the GK’s.
    They passed morale.

    Turn 7 was played on a d6 of 4

    Last few bikers moved up in denial of defeat, unleashed the last of their ammo before assaulting through deadly truck wreckage.

    The GK struck first slaying with clean efficient sweeps the last few bikers.

    I won the game anilating the speed freaks and capturing objective 3.

    What I took from the game:
    How reserves make games uncertain, I know it affected the bikers going for the Inq Lord on the objective which was a great bluff for my Stormtroopers to go elsewhere.
    At first I knew I was in trouble with the game setup and had little experience against speed freaks but I didn’t let this stop me being brutally efficient at killing.
    Dozer blades on LRC would have helped tonnes; so many times I could have been immobilized
    GK’s are always kept best fresh, and are deadly efficient killers.
    Orks are really weak in squads of 12 and fall back a lot.
    Going second always helps!

    Hope you enjoyed it, and any tips for reports are welcome J

    Last edited by image vertification sux; October 26th, 2008 at 16:06.
    I might write like a ork but i fight like a poet.
    Some one tell me they have ever seen a nightbringer die from a Nemesis Force Weapon.

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    Great report!

    Way to go Grey Knights! With a LRC and a LR, there wasn't much hope for the Ork general!
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    That was quite the nail-biter, well done for the victory! The LR and LRC were definitely a good move against Speed Freaks, though you did well to win with so few troops facing so many.

    You are right though, smaller mobs of Orkz are definitely easier to deal with!

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