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    Conflict (1000pts) - Dark Eldar

    First of all: if you are only going to read one of these battle reports read the third one. It was easily the most fun warhammer game I have played in a long time. It was quite rare. It was DE vs DE and did not fail to entertain. We had quite the crowd by the end of hte game.

    Now this is a report from Parramatta conflict(1000pts) from a DE players point of view (Much bias intended against you younger races) from about 3 weeks ago. This Tournie I played Eldar, Eldar, Dark Eldar. With which I pulled off a W L W.

    My list was.

    w agoniser, splinter pistol, plasma

    8 wyches wych weapons
    . 2 blasters
    . Succubus w agoniser plasma
    . Horrorfex

    Warriors(sniper squad)
    10 warriors
    . 2 Dark Lances

    10 warriors
    . 2 Splinter Cannons
    . 2 Blasters
    . Sybrite w poison blades

    10 warriors (sniper squad)
    . 2 Dark Lances
    . 2 Blasters

    Raider squad
    8 warriors
    . 1 Splinter Cannon
    . 1 Blaster
    . Sybrite w Agoniser, plasma grenades
    . Horrorfex

    . 3 Disintergraters

    . 3 Disintergraters

    =1000 points on the head

    So it was an aggresive list that was designed to be able to be able to attack and put pressure on the enemy while still retaining enough troops at home to capture any objectives that were near to me.
    I also decided to take a fair few troop choices in an attempt to give the enemy problems in taking out my scoring units.

    All games as per standard missions. At the start of each game we roll and select mission + deployment (just turns out, as is usual in 5th for me, that we got pitched battle every time)
    On to the games!

    Game 1 - Capture and Control, Pitched Battle

    Michael's Eldar:
    Farseer - doom, Singing spear

    10 scorpions - exarch with the full kit and claw

    10 Dire avengers - exarch with bladestorm + defend

    5 Dire avengers

    5 Pathfinders

    3 Jetbikes - 1 shurken cannon

    Wraithlord - brightlance, starcannon, 2 heavy flamers

    I won the roll Elected to go second.

    Scorpians outflanked.
    10 Direavengers and jetbikes on the left flank.

    5 Direavengers on the right flank in a crater opposite my objective.

    Pathfinders farseer and wraithlord in the centre in a building where his objective was.

    I deployed with the Dark lances making a big line across my deployment zone holding the fire lanes and the objective in the right hand side crater.
    My foot warriors took up near the middle of the board.

    Ravager and wyches(+dracon) sat behind the objective.

    Ravager and Raider squad sat opposite the 10 man dire avengers.

    He went first (i did not contest).

    Other than moving forward his first turn culminated in a couple of dead warriors and an immobilised ravager thanks a dreadnaught.
    In response my Wyches turboboosted up towards his 5 man direavenger squad while most of my army took pot shots at the dread or the pathfinders. Killing 1 path finder and wounding hte dread.
    The raider squad move forward 12" and unleashed its horrorfex at the 10 man direavenger squad pinning them.

    His turn came and he shot off a dissie off of the fully operational ravager. While taking a few pot shots at the wych raider, doing nothing. The Jetbikes missed entirely.

    My turn and the wyches moved towards the path finders and disembarked, with the dracon seperating and going after the 5 man direavenger squad (which was down to 3)
    Both combats finished the same turn with the targets destroyed. The dracon started to move towrads my deployemnt zone (as the scorpians are coming in soon).

    The Raider squad moved towards the bikes, and the center of the table. The squad hopped out and assaulted the bikes while the raider turned around and horrorfexed the dire avenger squad, hitting 7 this time. (forcing them to require a 2 to pass, he rolled 2 2's and was pinned again)

    Somehow the wraithlord lost a wound leaving it on 1.

    His turn rolled around and the farseer doomed my wyches then the wraithlord sealed the deal by hitting them with dual flamers with re-rolls to wound. Ouch. That was the end of them.
    The Scorpions came in from my objective side of hte board and cut down one squad as soon as they arrived, consolidating into the crater.
    The warriors then won the combat against the bikes and consolidated as far away from the dread as possible, the flamers scared me.

    My turn and the Horrorfex missed. What! he actually got to use the dire avengers (of which 4 were left alive)!?!
    My archon and the 2 squads on foot started to move towards the objective (and hence the scorpians) and then open fired on his scorpians along with my ravagers, killing 4. Hardy little blighters.
    My raider squad perpared for the assault of their little lives, and ran with screaming and nashing of teeth towards the wraithlord. Everyone acted as a distraction while the sybrite hit with 1 attack and managed to wound with his agoniser bringing the hulk down.
    Alright, thats my point I though to my self!

    His turn 5 rolled around and low and behold he charged into me with his scorpions. Amazing! murdering another squad. Although this time I killed a couple!
    His farseer doomed my warrior squad, moved forward and threw his spear into my warriors killing one (re-roll of that 1 helped). The dire avengers blade stormed at the same time taking down another 5. But they held firm. The farseer charged... and killed 1 without any return wounds (damn invulnerables). This my guys couldn't handle and they bottled it and ran.

    This left me with no objectives and a possible end of game at the end of this turn. Eep. I didn't want a draw after a game where I had been in control for the majority of it.
    So I devised that the only way forward was to get my foot slogging warriors to the objective by leapfrogging off the scorpions, thankfully enough my dracon was in range for assault now as well.
    He had 4 left which if I didn't hurt them would mince my squad (and also wouldn't die fast enough, to get me there by the next turn). So I would have to lay into them with enough fire to cut them down and leave a couple left.

    I took my two weapon ravager and fired on sustained. So 6 shots... 3/6ths hit. 3/6ths wound. no saves... I should get 2 Everyhting should be fine.
    4 Hit. ok. thats good, expected.
    3 wounded.... 1 dice spinning.... still spinning... 2.
    so Assault with everyhting. Archon wounds the only one left.
    Warriors roll a 5 on the consolidate and get right on top of the objective.

    End of turn.
    Opponent rolls the die. 2. Game ends.

    Victory, perhaps a bit close, but I feel a well played vctory none the less.

    Game 2
    Nick's Eldar

    Nick had just played the other dark eldar player and won, so for him this was
    the second DE game of the day and this was my second Eldar game of the day.

    His army was -

    10 dire avengers w exarch with bladestorm
    5 Pathfinders
    3 Jetbikes w 1 SC

    5 Dark Reapers w Exarch w Crack+fast shot
    Wraithlord w scatter laser and star cannon
    Falcon with pulse laser and scatter laser (I think)

    A very shooty list that was almost designed to take out light DE skimmers with
    many many high str. multi shot weapons.

    Mission Capture and control with the same deployment

    He won the roll and elected to go first, which also gave him the side of the
    table with the most cover.
    The table was a bit of a U shape of bulidings with bottom coming out of his deployment
    zone which had a break in it. I had 1 building in the centre of my deployment zone (top level was where I put my objective

    He deployed his Avatar on the right hand side, with the falcon (nothing in
    it). The Dark Reapers behind a little fence in the centre of the U (this was
    where is objective was) with his
    Wraitlord hiding behind a wall off to the left of them. The Dire avengers and
    the Jetbikes were ready to go down my left flank.

    I placed my 2 Dark lance squads and Ravagers around the centre building to give myself
    cover saves. I put my other foot squad oposite the dire avengers and the jet
    bikes. Finally I placed my Raider and Wych squads opposite the avatar.

    He places his Infiltrating Pathfinders infront of the avatar.

    I attempted a seize but failed it.

    Game on.

    Turn 1.
    Moves his avatar forward. Also moves the jetbikes forwards.
    Jetbikes fire at my footslogging warrior squad and kill 1 guy. Then the falcon fires at
    my wych raider fluffing it. The wraithlord took aim from across the board at
    my raider squad which it successfully wrecked, not pinning my troops.
    My Ravager deep in cover behind the building was lined up and anihilated by
    the Reapers. No amount of cover was going to stop that.

    I move my wych raider forward disembark the wyches and my lord seperately.
    The footslogging squad moves foward to get better range on the bikes. My
    wyches fire on the avatar removing 1 wound off it with their blasters,
    alright! A start against the beast! My dracon moves towards the pathfinders.
    The dark lances took aim at the falcon disabling it and removing a weapon. My
    ravager fired through an open window killing 4 Dire avengers. So
    the assault was on. My dracon charged the pathfinders and the wych squad
    charaged the avatar. My dracon dealt out one wound onthe pathfinders, not so
    good and with a torrent of vengance the pathfinders dealt back two wounds both
    of which I fluffed, killing hte dracon. O-oh... The wyches were up next,
    hitting the avatar first 2 wounds dealt, 1 being invulnerable. Both saved.
    his attacks back 2 wounds. My dodge saves, oh how I love them, both failed.
    WHAT! ok I lose combat and I am... running?!?!? damn LD tests... I roll a 5
    for a total of 11 he gets a 6 total of 11. Oh bugger. that squad is dead.
    and I'm on the back foot!

    Turn 2:
    Dire avengers edge forward 6". The Avatar and path finders moved towards me. He shoot s a few Dark lance warriors with this Dark reapers. A couple died.
    The Falcon blew up my other raider.
    That was about it.

    My Ravager moves on top of my building and takes aim at the dark reapers.
    All the shots (3 S7 blast markers) go flying across at the dark reapers.
    Scatter 8... miss Scatter 10.... miss Scatter 8 miss.... what! argh!
    Dark lance squads fire but the cover saves just proved too good and I so
    nothing had happened to them. My Raider squad fired at the in cover
    Pathfinder squad. And nothing. My footsloggers fired at the Jetbike squad.
    And nothing.
    Hmm... uh-o...

    Turn 3:
    The Avatar moves and fires(doing nothing) forward towards my downed raider squad
    The jetbikes and the dire avengers move towards my footslogging squad who they
    open fire upon causing them to break with 3 models left.
    It was at this point I learnt the Dark Reapers didn't enjoy being fired upon
    by their retaliation against my Ravager. Cover save or no cover save, that
    many s5 and s8 shots will destroy anything. The wraithlord whittled down my
    Sniper squads a little bit more. while the falcon was now basically useless.

    Well I now had 2 sniper squads and my downed raider squad left on the board.
    The only thing left for me to do would be to try for a cunning last ditch grab
    of my objective and try to get him to lose his own one... somehow...
    So the plan became. Move raider squad towards objective ASAP. Get DL squads to
    shoot down the pathfinders when they showed their heads, causing them to break
    and run for the hills, meaning they won't have anyone to take their objective.
    Things to look out for would be the jetbikes trying for my objective.
    So I moved towards my objective behind my other squads with the raider squad
    for a cover save. The Snipers fired at the Dark Reapers, doing nothing.

    Turn 4:
    Moved towards his objective with hte Pathfinders (completely hidden). Jetbikes
    and Dire avengers moved towards my objective from the left flank where I had
    no weaponry.
    Shots were fired, basically leaving me with only my 4 dark lances and 5
    warriors alive, plus my raider squad.

    Raider squad moved half behind the building. Dark lance shots were fired at
    the impenatrable dark reapers. They did nothing.

    Turn 5:
    Path finders moved onto their objective and out into the open. The Dire
    avengers moved towards my object but where a good distance away. But they
    could see the top of one of my sniper squads heads. So they bladestormed.
    Annihilating the squad. The rest of the shooting went into my raider squad
    leaving me with 3 troops left (sybrite and 1 special weapon and 1 regular
    trooper) from that squad.
    The jetbikes moved up onto my objective but couldn't see anyhting from up

    so the score is 2-0 wiht my turn to go.

    The raider squad moved up onto my objective. Then fleeted to get more height
    before charging the jetbike squad.
    The last sniper squad takes aim at the Pathfinders. Fires. Hits. saves.... 3
    and a 1. Got one! so now for the moral test that I need... and he rolls a...
    2 and a 1. oh. rats.
    Still, I can still get a draw. My raider squad hits the Jetbike squad. 1 power
    weapon wound. 1 armour save wound. And he makes it.
    His attacks back.
    2 misses.
    Now for his break test... and he rolls a 4.
    Well this will only end 1/3rd of the time on turn 5. I still have a good

    Roll for next turn, and its a 2. Game over, 1-0 Loss.

    Game 3 -
    Dark Eldar vs Dark Eldar.

    This has to have been the most fun game of 40K I've had for a long time.
    It was a very rare game indeed, especially in a Tournament setting.
    Dark Eldar vs Dark Eldar.

    I have forgotten the guys name. I know it started with M and so this is going to be know as the colour scheme, Black and Green (BG) Dark Eldar for this report.

    BG DE army

    Archon w Punisher, Shadowfield, Combat drugs, Tormentor Helm.
    - 7 Incubi w/pg w/1 Incubi Lord
    - Raider

    - 2 stinger Haemonoculi
    - 1 Destructor Haemonoculi
    - Scissor hands all round

    Raider squad (Murder)
    - 8 warriors w/ Splinter Cannon, Blaster
    - Raider

    Raider squad (Vengance)
    - 7 warriors w/ Splinter Cannon, Blaster
    - Raider

    Reaver Jetbikes
    - 5 Reaver jetbikes (rolled +1 str)

    - 2 Disintergrators

    - 1 Dark Lance

    My thoughts on the list where that it was a bit top heavy. Too many eggs in one basket and definately not enough troop choices.
    Some interesting parts with the Haemonoculi riding with the 7 man warrior squad. This made it quite a viscious transported squad.
    I also knew that the ravager would be a problem considering the effect that mine had had at that point and due to his overall lack of heavy weapons if I could take it out then I would have control of the skies so to speak.

    We had a good little getting to know you chat before the game about our armies and the what we thought of our lists.
    We rolled for mission and deloyment, getting Seize ground (3 markers) and Pitched Battle.
    Then we rolled off for deloyment.
    He won and unsuprisingly decided to go first.

    On his side there was a large east-west wall in the middle with a small building to the left of that, opposite this was a building just outside my deployment zone. I had 2 craters to the right of this in my deployment zone. On the right hand side was a building followed by a crater, thus taking us in a large counterclockwise loop around the table.
    In the centre was a single solitary baracade just ouside my deployment zone, surrounded by open space.

    He placed a point just outside his deployement zone and I did the same (about 2/3rds of the table from the right). Each protected from the other side by a building the last was placed on his side of the half way, 1/3rd of the table from the right.
    This was about as much care as we had for the markers for the entire game. While they did influence some of my decisions we really knew early how the game was going to pan out.

    BG DE:
    He placed his Ravager on the left flank. His Lord's raider and the warriors raider were placed behind a large wall in the middle of his deployment. The final warriors raider(with haemonoculi) was placed on the right flank.

    My DE:
    I placed both Ravagers opposite his but behind the building just outside my deployment zone (with the objective). With it I placed my Wyche's raider. My Sniper squads both went into the craters, as seperated as possible with the blasters one nearest the objective. The footsloggers went into the right hand side of the right hand crater while the Raider squad went to the right of this.

    First turn:
    Roll for Seize of initiative. Failed. Fine, I didn't expect it. Don't know what I would have done had I made it...

    BG DE:
    His Ravager moves forward 6". And the Reavers screamed up to just behind the building where my Ravagers where hiding. Both warrior raiders move forward 12", Vengance towards my Raider squad and the other towards the Vengance's old position but just to the left and forward so it can see my ravager from across the field. The Lord's raider stays almost still behind its wall, ready to pounce.
    First shot of the game from comes from Vengance as it hurls a bolt of dark matter across the table, descimating the raider squad's raider and incinerating 3 of them in their paper coffin, the rest survive their pinning and break test and tumble out. Murder then tries the same feat with its darklance at my Ravager but while the intent was there and the 5+ cover save (this happened regularily in this game as raiders are a difficult craft to work out 50% on, so a lot of 5+ saves were awarded, we were both fine with this as a compromise. It worked both ways and very well in deed. Solved arguments and kept the game flowing in a good manner). But it just clipped my front disintergrator and ripped it off.
    The Ravager killed 2 warriors from a sniper squad.

    My DE:
    My Ravagers moved off 6" to the right to take up firing positions at the offending raiders. The Wych raider moves infront of the building, with the wyches and the dracon disemarking and seperating.
    The footslogging unit and the raider squad move and fleet forward, with the footsloggers heading towards the "Murder" and the raider squad moving more directly North with a building corner and 12" between them and Vengance
    One sniper squad used their Dark lances and wanting retribution, sprayed fire across at the ravager but didn't manage to hurt it at all.
    The other sniper squad took aim at the "Murder" destroying it although the majority of the squad got out unharmed. However they didn't stay that way for long as a ravager lined them up and destroyed half of the squad in a flurry of high strength bolts.
    The other ravager took aim at the Vengence, managing to stun it with one of its bolts.
    My Wyches and dracon then used this opportunity to get right into the thick of it and assaulted the jetbikes losing one wych in the process but wiping out the entire squad. They consolidated into a conga line back to between their raider and the wall with the dracon in front, staring down the enemy ravager.
    The footsloggers then got their chance to shine as they were just in range of the heavily depleted squad of warriors from the Murder. Dispatching of them in short order without loss. For their efforts they got to consolidate back, towards the centre of the table.

    Second Turn:
    BG DE:
    The Warriors of the revenge and their haemonoculi disembarked from their raider as it was stunned. The Haemonoculi took aim and fired at my downed raider squad, however, the destructor was out of range and the stingers failed to hit.
    The Ravager fired upon my wyches which, thanks to their cover save afforded by my lord, the wall and the raider only took 1 loss. However the raider didn't fair so well and ended up wrecked.
    And out come the big guns.
    The Lord's raider moves out to between my wyches and my foot sloggers, disemarking. The disembark takes a while as this is the key move. What does he go for first. What is he going to be able to use as a leapfrog to get to the rest of my army. He decides on the footslogging warriors as they will allow him to be in a closer position to the other warrior squads and hence closer to my scoring units. He also had a deep hate of wyches with all their special rules as his power weapons would be useless against them and he wouldn't gain the extra attack.
    The Lord and his men assaulted. To say that my footsloggers didn't have a chance would be a bit of an overstatement. They managed to hit and wound once which was easily saved by the incubi's ornate armour. The retribution from the Lord and Incubi was feirce. Ripping the squad down to a man who were promptly cut down as they ran for the hills. The Lord and incubi consolidated to just behind the little baracade in the centre with my entire army grinning at them.

    My DE:
    With the Lord and his retinue now in the centre of the table where everybody could see them and my army surronding (almost an entire circle around them) it all I could do was get into a better position for my dracon and wyches to assault and for the Ravagers to move for a better shot the following turn.
    My Wyches moved towards them, into assault range. The downed raider squad moved forward, towards his Vengance squad (who, with fleet moved all of 3 inches) into assault range.
    One sniper squad took aim at the Ravager, missing it. The only other thing that could penetrate it was the 2 gunned ravager who fired and managed a stun result.
    And then the storm began.
    The Ravager unleashed 3 blasts at the bunched up squad. 8-BS inches north. Miss. 10-BS Inches south. Miss... not entirely. Crap, there goes a member of my sniper squad. 8-BS Inches north. Miss.
    The dark lance and blaster squad opened fire. DarkLances flaired, blasters out of range, Splinter rifles fired a hail of toxic darts. And thanks in part to the shadowfield saving the dark lance bolt he was unharmed.
    The wyches fired from a direction without cover. Blaster hits. blaster wounds. 1 dead!
    I got a total of 1 kill in the shooting phase from 2/3rds of my armies shooting... That didn't exactly go to plan.
    Still, all I can say is.... Assault!!
    The Wyches and dracon charge in.
    His Lord attacks first dispatching 2 wyches. Not making my saves today...
    Incubi lord, takes out 1 wych.
    Wyches attack back simultaniously along with the dracon and take out 4 Incubi.
    Ahead by 1 kill with his incubi to attack back.
    However they only have 1 attack each thanks to the wyches abilities and they don't manage to wound.
    I win combat by 1 kill.
    His break test. and up comes 11. meaning he legs it and gets chopped down by my wyches.
    My Raider squad then assaulted his Vengance squad. Taking them down to 3 warriors. Who held their nerve.

    End of the Second turn.
    So at the end of the turn we have had our big boss battle, half of my force is dead and 3/4 of his force is dead.

    Third Turn:
    BG DE:
    He moves and assaults his haemonoculi into my downed raider squad who are already in combat.
    His two intact raiders move into firing positions to attempt to take out my ravagers.
    The stunned Ravager stays stunned.
    Assault, and I choose to go after this warriors in Close combat taking all 3 of them out. Without any return wounds. He now has no scoring units.
    The Haemonoculi get to assault and with a clatter of sharp objects he takes out 3 of my warriors meaning we have a drawn combat.

    My DE:
    The ravager is now the biggest target to take down. So, what of my army that can take it down move towards it in an attempt to, this includes my dracon who because he has grenades can hurt it! (My agoniser also can but at the time, before I was told halfway through my shooting phase I thought that assault grenades where 6+D6 damage vs vehicles in CC...)
    So once again the sky lit up with my firing. 3 gun Ravager, 3 hits, best I can maanage is a stun. 4 Dark lances, stun and immobilised. wyches, and they must have the most deadly weapon in my arsonal. As they hit and destroyed it in a flaming ball of wreckage that inflicted a wound on my dracon.
    In assault my warriors do 3 wounds to the haemonoculi who manage no wounds in return, flee and are cut down. I consolidated towards the objective.

    Fourth Turn:
    BG DE:
    He no longer has a scoring unit, and only has 2 raiders left to try and contest objectives with. So he moves them right between my units and the objectives in an attempt to block me, but faiing that also to blow my units up in flaming balls of wreckage.
    The only non-turbo boosting raider archs a shot across at my 2 gun ravager destroying it.

    My DE:
    My downed raider squad hits one raider with its blaster blowing it sky high. and loosing 2 guys in the process.
    My blaster and Darklance squad then fired on hte raider close to my lines, eliminating it and 4 guys. Everyone made their moral checks.

    And game over, Wipe out.

    My writing style may not be the best, and I apologise for that, but this was the most fun game I've played in a long time. This was probably due to the mayhem that was riff throughout it. If you get the chance definately try to have a fast and fragile game against someone. DE are perfect for this as they really are the epitomy of it.
    Our armies took an absolute beating and although I probably had a bit of luck in assaults I think some of my poor shooting efforts made up for this.
    The other player also really made this game as we had a lot of running jokes through it and it was very enjoyable having a play off of your own army (not something I get a lot of funnily enough)

    Overall I was quite pleased with the list. It performed quite well with the Dark Lances never running out of targets as I thought they might.
    Perhaps I left a bit too much up to chance, a chance that normally went my way, except in the second game where it kinda backfired.

    First game thoughts and mistakes: not too much. Shouldhave kept my footsloggers closer to home so that they might get to my objective faster at the end of the game as I knew the outflankers were coming. Perhaps my wyches should have chraged both the farseer and the pathfinders or the wraithlord and the pathfinders and hence keeping them in combat or using the plebs to do more damage to the higher ranking characters.

    Second Game: thoughts and mistakes: This was quite a difficult list to play as it had a lot of mid-high str. shots that were always going to be an issue. This being said my deployment was a bit flawed as I should not have deployed opposite the avatar with the wyches, instead I should have made a move on the other side at the jetbikes and dire avengers. This would have cut down his troop options.
    Once I had deployed however I could have fixed the problem by assaulting the Pathfinders and the avatar at the same time and used the damage from the plebs against the MC in an attempt to make it loose wounds from no retreat.
    Other than this I had a bit of bad luck and my defensive plan was strong I feel.Any other thoughts on this are very welcome.

    Third game thoughts and mistakes: I probably should not have assaulted the incubi with my wyches. That was quite a risky maneuver that could easily have seen me running off instead of him. However in my defense I did have a horrible shooting phase and was not expecting this. My main tactic was to neutralise the scoring threats and the damge dealers ASAP. I had more Scoring units to begin with which made this tactic a bit easier. This I did quite exactly, the only divergense being my assault on hte reavers, but they could easily have been a thorn in my side (plus they were such a juicey target, that thinking about it almost worked massigely against me had I been bunched up after it and the ravagers got to me...

    I hope you all enjoyed this. Any thoughts?

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    Caps-Lock, its like cruise-control for AWESOMENESS!
    Dear Game Developer,
    Rock is cheese, Paper is just fine
    Signed Scissors.

    WWP and other Dark Eldar how to

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    133 (x2)

    you seemed to play fairly well, although, when I read that your wytches were
    charging incubi....I was gob-smacked, but you've earned my respect.

    W/D/L Rumpin' BackThumpa's WAAAGH, 38/3/21

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    159 (x5)

    Well actually the thing about a wych vs incubi fight is

    +1 str
    +1 WS
    +1 save

    +1 I
    Combat drugs (+1 WS in my case)
    Invulnerable save
    Stop the enemy from using 2 CC weapons.
    halve their weapon skill when being attacked.
    succubus with agoniser

    so the results are:
    The bonus weapon skill the incubi has is nullified by the combat drugs.
    The wyches each get 2 attacks (3 on hte charge as I did), each incubi only gets 1 due to the Wych weapons.
    On the other hand Incubi do have the bonus of +1 str and +1 save.
    Wyches strike first, with an agoniser.
    Incubi have a archon
    Wyches have a dracon

    The higher I definately hampers their numbers with return attacks as does being attacked with power weapons where their armour does nohting.
    The archon is definately a boon as it attacks before my troops and can be assigned a power weapon hit so that it takes some of the heat.

    In the end it was a fair-ish fight with the balance slightly in my favour, especially on the charge.
    Would have been even better had I done some damage with shooting...
    Caps-Lock, its like cruise-control for AWESOMENESS!
    Dear Game Developer,
    Rock is cheese, Paper is just fine
    Signed Scissors.

    WWP and other Dark Eldar how to

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