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    2K Marines vs. Gaurd, Fluffy

    I tested out my new Space Marine’s codex recently, in a battle that I though would serve as a good training exercise. A friend fielded his “Grenadier” Guard force, although it was more of a Mechanized list than anything. I thought it would be a challenge, because I liked my army’s anti-horde loadout, but several people voiced opinions that questioned my armies anti-tank capability. I luckily got a copy of his list, for reference purposes, so this is what we were fielding, exactly:

    37th Cadian ‘Gatekeepers’- Grenadiers army
    Heroic Senior Officer w/ master vox
    @ 90
    Anti-Tank Squad w/ lascannons
    @ 210
    Fire Support Squad w/ 2 HBs, 1 Autocannon
    @ 85

    -Heavy Support-
    Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ lascannon, hb sponsons
    @ 165
    LR Demolisher w/ HB, multi-melta sponsons
    @ 185
    LR Demolisher w/ HB, multi-melta sponsons
    @ 185

    Junior Officer w/ vox caster
    @ 45
    Squad A w/ autocannon, vox
    @ 80
    Squad B w/ missile launcher, vox
    @ 80
    Armored Fist w/ plasma gun, vox, Chimera w/ heavy bolters
    @ 160
    20 Conscripts
    @ 80
    10 Storm Troopers w/ 2 plasma guns, vox operator, chimera w/ heavy bolter hull and turret
    @ 215
    10 Storm Troopers w/ 2 plasma guns, vox operator, chimera w/ heavy bolter hull and turret
    @ 215
    10 Storm Troopers w/ 2 plasma guns, vox operator, chimera w/ heavy bolter hull and turret
    @ 215
    Total: 2,000

    My list was:
    Iron Dragons 1st Company
    Chapter Master Pedro Cantor
    @ 175
    Master of the Forge w/ storm bolter
    @ 105

    5 Scouts w/ 4 Sniper Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter
    @ 85
    10 Tacticals w/ Meltagun, Missile Launcher & dedicated Razorback
    @ 215

    10 Sterngaurd w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 Meltagun & dedicated Drop Pod
    @ 295
    10 Sterngaurd w/ Heavy Bolter, 1 Meltagun & dedicated Drop Pod
    @ 295
    10 Terminators w/ 2 Cyclones
    @ 460

    -Heavy Support-
    1 Iron Clad Dreadnought & dedicated Drop Pod w/ Locator Beacon
    @ 180

    -Fast Attack-
    10 Assault Marines w/ flamer and power weapon
    @ 200
    Total: 2,000

    (Remember, because of Pedro, and Docrines, my Sterngaurd and his Storm Troopers both count as scoring units. Indeed, his Storm Troopers count as troops)

    We played a predetermined scenario, rather than a random one. We each had an objective in our own deployment zones, and then there were two additional objectives in no-man’s-land. The first objective was a crashed Land Raider, the second objective was a small ruin.
    Special Rule- the Landraider: The landraider crash represented an earlier battle, and was now abandoned. However, it’s hull mounted Assault Cannon still worked, as did it’s pintle mounted storm bolter. Fires and decay had gutted the interior, giving it the profile of a bunker, with fire/access points at the doors and front hatch, and a capacity of 20 models.

    The Battlefield:
    We played with ‘Pitched Battle’ deployment, so the field was cut lengthwise. Across the right half of both deployment zones, and up the right edge of the board, several scattered copses of petrified trees made a reversed ‘C’ shape. The trees were as hard as rock, and granted a 4+ cover saves.
    In the center of the field, arrayed left to right along the center line was a small copse of trees, then a HUGE crater marked hill. In the center of this shell-marked hill sat the ruined Land Raider, it’s hull mounted weapon pointed inward to the center of the board, looking over the second objective. To the right of the massive hill was a 1.5’ section of empty ground before running into the 1’x1’ area of ruin that made up the second objective. From the ruin to the right-side tree line was roughly another 1’. The table was your standard 4’x6’.
    In the deployment zones, central to the area, were the other two objectives. In the marine zone it was a small, undefended beacon. In the Imperial section, it was a large trench system, shaped like an ‘H’ on it’s side. Two rows, parallel to the long edge, with a ‘traverse trench’ running between them. The second line also had a traverse, which ran back to a small pit, and THAT was the final objective. Models in the trenches got a 5+ cover save, but a 3+ if they went to ground.

    I deployed my army first, and as best as I could: Razorback and 5 tacticals behind the hill. The sarge, and the meltagun were embarked in the razorback. The missile launcher marines, and the scouts were located in the trees, taking cover for the time being.

    His army was far larger, and took more time to set up. His BattleTank sat in the objective pit. The first line trench was FLOODED with conscripts. The second line held his two infantry squads, with their heavy weapons. The other two heavy weapons teams, from the HQ platoon, deployed in one of the copses of woods with a diagonal field of fire across much of the field. His tanks, loaded as they were with pricey squads, hid behind the hill, much as mine had. His Heroic Officer sat still in the Traverse trench, as he carried the master vox, and the Junior officer was left to fend for himself near the heavy weapons teams in the woods.

    As we always do when Loyalist fights Loyalist, we each rolled a D6. I rolled higher, and so my Marines were in the Emperor’s Divinity, and his Cadians were led by a Heretical Monster. Atleast now he knew who to pray to for salvation. It was looking to be an epic battle as:

    The drop-pods streaked down from the sky, landing in the muddy ash of the battlefield with a force that made the ground tremble for a half mile in each direction. The doors popped open like blooming flowers, and the robed Sterngaurd leapt out into the wind. Both squads had been aiming to hit near the Land Raider, but Alphas squad scattered behind the hill, and Beta squad quickly realigned to land near them, in a supporting role. The marines looked around, hearing the guttural rumble of tank engines, and seeing the heads of four score guardsmen rushing about the trenchlines. They had been spotted.
    Behind them, scouts raced through the trees, looking for a place where they could set up their heavy bolter and prepare their deadly rifles. Their marine brethren stayed put, the rocket wielding warrior taking aim on the battle tank looming over the trench. The rocket landed short, impacting against the breastworks with a plume of mud and shrapnel. A rumbling told the Sterngaurd that their brothers in the Razorback were making their way forwards, safe in the shadow of the hill.

    Captain Gemael opened the Razorback’s top hatch to survey the battle. A unit of sterngaurd had landed behind the hill, closest to him, and the other had made planet fall on the rear ‘corner’ of the same hill. As he watched, Gemael saw the aelerons of the guard tanks approaching over the top of the hill. The Battletank guarding over the trenchlines fired a shot at the distant squad of marines sheltering in the trees. The shell went wide, but still hit two of the marines. One was saved by the solid trunks of the trees, but the other was torn apart by the blast. Autocannons opened up across the Guard lines, but their fire was unable to bring down any of the marines.

    (sterngaurd land on top of the hill, in the left corner closest to my lines. The other squad scatters to land off the hill, but still out of view of guard lines. The razorback and cargo advances to a position out of sight behind the hill. The missile fires, score nothing, and the guard return fire targets the rocket squad, killing only 1 with the battle-cannon)

    Turn 2-

    Gemael ordered the pilot to move to the opposite side of the hill, towards the center of the battlefield. With a piercing scream, the final drop pod crashed to earth behind the trenches. As the hatches popped, Lord Keld, an ancient IronClad dreadnought cast his imposing shadow over the tiny guardsmen within the trenches. Atop the hill, the Sterngaurd started to move away from their drop pods. The squad amidst the craters broke into two combat squads, the sergeant ordering four men and the meltagun to advance towards the tanks. Meanwhile, he and the remaining marines sprinted for the ruins of the LandRaider. On the slopes, marines struggled in the loose ash and deep mud, scrambling up over the hill to slide into a cluster of craters for cover. In the woods, the scouts prepared their heavy weapons in silence, watching the weapons crews ahead of them reloading the big guns and rush back and forth.
    With a series of hushed pops, the snipers killed two men, leaving them slumping over their lascannon. The heavy bolter opened up, chewing up the ash around a second gun team, who came apart in ribbons of red gore. The third team of the squad leapt for cover from the sniper fire, pulling their helmets down tight and pressing themselves to the blood-stained earth.
    The rocket fired once more, this time striking the thick front armor of the Battle-Tank. The behemoth’s tough hide saved it from damage. The Ironclad dreadnought’s meltagun flared to life and tore the rear of the tank open. Fires burst from its gunports and hatches, and the tank became little more than a smoldering wreck. Keld’s roar of approval echoed over the trenches, and the guard shuddered in their boots. A spattering of heavy bolter fire from the Drop Pod punched two of them from their feet.

    The guard’s retribution was swift and brutal. The tank column roared onto the top of the hill. Doors flew open and the armored fist squad burst from the tank, preparing to clear the way for the stormtroopers sure to follow. The Demolisher’s began sweeping weapons fire over the top of the hill. The rightmost demolisher however, skewed into a crater and threw a track. Although it was immobilized, it’s firepower was still nothing to be scoffed at.
    Heavy bolter rounds spattered off the sergeant and his men, but the marine’s blessed armor saved all but one of their number. The fists fired upon the melta squad, their plasma gun killing one marine and lasrifles scoring a punishing number of minor wounds. The second demolisher blazed away with a single sponson-mounted heavy bolter, managing to knock several more of the melta-squad into the brackish water at the bottom of the crater. All of them brushed off the wounds and regained their feet, prepared to hold against the steely might of the traitor guard.
    From behind the trenches, Keld lowered his massive shield against incoming fire. An autocannon stitched deep pockmarks across the face of the shield, and a lascannon blast burned into his shouler, taking his weaponry offline for the moment.
    The scouts were less lucky, and the Guard’s squadron of anti-personnel weapons sent a volley of shells tearing through the trees. The scouts dove for cover, but two of them were still mown down by the deluge of rounds.

    (the scout squad makes one of it’s greatest contributions, silencing 2/3s of the heavy weapons support team, and pinning it. A drop pod carrying my Ironclad lands behind the trench line and destroys the battle-tank. The Sterngaurd on the hill have been deployed as combat squads, and the melta weapon moves to a point to try and spot the tanks. The sergeant however runs towards the Landraider to try and make it inside.
    The guard tanks get to the top of the hill, and one of the Leman Russ’s is immobilized immediately by a failed Terrain test. The other Russ is stationed at the Landraider’s rear quarter, and can see the sergeant. It’s heavy bolter fire kills one marine. The Armored Fists hop out and shoot at the meltagun, but only kill one marine. In the trenches, the heavy weapons shoot at the IronClad and manage to ‘Shake’ it. The FireSupport squad shoots at the scouts, and they go to ground, but still lose 2 men.)

    Turn 3-
    Gemael heard the sudden firefight break out atop the hill, and watched as the marine scrambled to the top. No further reinforcements landed, and his army was left to fight the battle alone. The sergeant atop the hill made it into the safety of the LandRaider. Immediately one marine appeared at the top, manning the storm-bolter. The sergeant and the other two marines fired from the sides hatch. The wall of fire stabbed out into the ArmoredFist squad, the poisoned Hellfire rounds and the Storm Bolter killing 5 men of the squad. The melta-armed squad advanced and fired it’s gun nearly point-blank into the side of the immobilized Russ. There was a cataclysmic explosion, and shrapnel lanced through two more of the guardsmen. That was enough, and no amount of bravado could keep the last 3 traitors from scrambling back over the side of the hill.
    Moving forward in the safety of the craters, the larger squad of Sterngaurd targeted the thick front armor of the second Russ. None of the weapons were able to penetrate the tank’s stubborn bulk.
    Keld was left without any weapons to fire, and instead stepped towards the trenches. His massive weapon swept across the trench-top. Two guardsmen skidded headless across the deckboards, and a third was crushed as he tried to flee the trench. The rest of the squad held, attempting to strike back against Keld’s holy body.
    The scouts stayed where they were, pressed against the ground and waiting for reinforcement. A rocket screeched over their heads, immolated this last of the Lascannon gunners.

    The guard kept up their relentless attack despite their losses. Atop the hill, the lead Chimera turned itself sideways, providing cover as two of the Storm-Trooper squads advanced and deployed from their own chimera’s. The three tanks formed a defensive wedge, making an excellent staging point for the attack to come. The final Leman Russ made a good account for itself, advancing between the sterngaurd squad and the Land Raider. It’s weapons load of Heavy Bolters tore into the squad advancing over the crest of the hill. Two marines were killed by the weight of fire. The Demolisher Cannon opened fire, and the squad immediately leapt for cover. The shell blasted 2 of the marines out of the crater, but the rest were safe for now. Hellgun fire spattered out from between the Chimera’s. The first shots targeted the Land Raider, but when it was decided the Marines within were too well protected, the second squad aimed it’s fire against the melta squad. Under the fire of heavy bolters and hellguns, the squad took three casualties. The lone marine slung his bolter, and reached over the corpses of his comrades to find the sacred meltagun.
    The scouts kept their heads down as the Support Squad kept up their fire in the woods. Splinters and dust rose as the scouts crawled behind blasted trunks and fallen trees. None of them were slain.
    In combat, Keld tore apart another 2 guardsmen, and without any hope of saving themselves they broke and tried to escape the trenches. Keld cut them down and scattered them entirely as they fled.

    (The marines shoot at the Armored Fists and break them. Shooting against the Russ fails to have an effect. The marines in the trees fire a Frag and kill the last of the Heavy Weapons squad. In marine combat, Keld kills 3 guardsmen.
    The gaurd bring two more chimera’s onto the hill, and turn the Fist chimera sideways to make a 3 walled fort. They deploy both squads of Stormtroopers into this formation. Shooting kills off all but the Meltagunner, and shooting against the large squad of Sterngaurd slays 4, and forces them to ‘go to ground’. In combat against the IronClad, the Ironclad kills an additional 2 guard, and the squad breaks. He runs them down and they are destroyed.)

    Turn 4
    Gemael watched the battered marine heroically carry the meltagun through the front hatch of the LandRaider. Whether he fired the weapon, or another of his brothers, there was a flashing and the Russ’s Demolisher Cannon was gutted. The marine atop the Landraider disappeared, and shots blazed out from the side hatch of the Landraider. 3 StormTroopers crumpled from their positions within the Chimera’s.
    The scout sergeant lifted his head as the shooting stopped. Through the clouds of smoke and ash, he could see that 10 of his armored lords had landed. Deployed from a passing Thunderhawk, 10 assault marines stood among the trees. They quickly broke into 2 combat squads of five.
    Another 10 warriors had appeared behind the Chimera’s. Breaking into combat squads, the Terminators had finally arrived. The first squad fired their Cyclones at the Chimera climbing the hill. The tank froze, immobilized by the blast, it’s turret in flames. The second squad tried it’s luck, it’s cyclones firing against the Chimera’s side. This time the rockets punched through. The tank came apart from within, leaving 8 Stormtroopers laying scattered on the ground. The other two were demolished along with the tank.
    By the trenches, Keld stalked along the ramparts, his weapons unleashing into the second guard platoon, before he launched himself against them, swinging his massive weapons. The squad ducked for cover, and the IronClad was only able to catch 1 of them with his weapon, shattering the tiny human like a toy.

    The guardsmen were fighting hard now, the battle hanging on what they could salvage in the next few moments. With a hurried speech, the Officer sent the Conscripts racing over the trench walls. Gemael watched the wave of cultists spill out of the trench and sweep towards the ruined building. There was nobody left to stop them but himself, his razorback, and five marines. The Officer charged out behind them, firing his pistol and swearing to kill any coward who tried to turn back. The cultists fired their guns into the air as they sprinted.
    Atop the hill, more shouts and battlecries marked the Stormtroopers preparations to attack. The squads move out from behind the chimera’s slogging through the deep ash. They fired a volley into the Landraider. The shooting was deadly, but the excellent armor of the LandRaider managed to save all of the marines from certain death.
    The Stormtroopers crashed into the Landraider, and fierce fighting echoed within it’s tight confines. The 16 troopers against the 4 brave marines. The wounded meltagunner was overwhelmed, and the marine with the heavy bolter was killed where he was stationed to kill the first men into the door. The marines accounted for 4 slain guardsmen, and the depleted squad of Stormtroopers retreated from the fierce battle. The squad of 10 however was still locked in the combat with the last 2 brave marines.
    In combat near the trenches, Keld managed to slaughter 2 more guardsmen with no harm to himself.
    The Support Squad fired on the nearest of the two combat squads of the Assault Marines. Their weapons killed 2 of the sturdy fighters, but three remained. The Junior Officer bravely assaulted the larger unit of 5 marines, trying to hold them up and keep them from massacring the heavy weapons. The marines cut down his attendants without a wound, leaving him alone against their fury.
    Without it’s gun, the Russ fired at the squad sheltering in the craters with it’s heavy bolters, and killed another of their number.

    (In turn 4 the last of my Reserves arrive, 10 Terminators and 10 Assault Marines. The Terminators use their Cyclones to destroy the last loaded Chimera, which explodes and kills 2 of the Stormtroopers inside it. The lone melta gunner makes it to the LandRaider, and scores a ‘weapon destroyed’ on the Russ, taking it’s cannon. The marines also shoot at some of the Stormtroopers between the Chimera’s, and kill four of them. Keld gets into an assault with the last of the squads from the Platoon, killing just 1 gaurdsman.
    The guard launch an attack from the Chimera’s into the LandRaider, and in the assault they finish off the Meltagunner squad, and kill the Heavy Bolter from the other combat squad. The conscripts and HQ leave the carnage of the trench and move towards the second objective. The Support Squad fires at one of the combat squads of Assault Marines and kills 2 of them. The Junior Officer charge the other assault squad, and the squad kills the 4 guard that come with him. In close combat, Keld kills another 2 guard, and the marines kill of 4 guard and drive off the last 2 from the depleted squad)

    Turn 5
    Gemael saw the cultists racing for the final unclaimed objective. His razorback took off towards them, preparing to intercept. Gemael and his men quickly disembarked and took up firing positions. The marines were not yet veterans, and their plain bolters left barely a dent in the 20 racing cultists. Three of the horde fell to the ash, to be trampled by the feet behind them.
    Atop the hill, the battered squad in the craters stood and their meltagun fired at the Russ. This time the gun pierced the front armor and the vehicle exploded with a sound like rolling thunder. Ammo cooked off and shrapnel whistled by, and inside the ruined LandRaider, a guardsman was killed by debris.
    The scouts leveled their rifles at the cultists, hoping to pin them. The heavy bolter and the two rifles all scored hits, the bolter bringing down 2 and the snipers killing an additional 1. With the general behind them, and the momentum of their attack, the cultists were unphased, and thundered towards Gemael and his handful of warriors.
    The terminators advanced slowly, moving towards the hill and the fierce fighting that they could hear within. Their storm bolters opened up, rattling with death and laying the last of the pinned stormtroopers low before the mortals could even realize where they were.
    In close combat, the marines killed another 3 stormtroopers, but lost another brave warrior. Only sergeant remained. Keld was butchering guardsmen on the hill, eliminating another three of them, and leaving himself without any foes.
    The 3 unengaged assault marines launched themselves at the guardsmen manning the support weapons. In the carnage the followed, all but 2 of the gunners were slaughtered. The marines had immobilized the traitor officer, and made him watch the marines butcher the gunners, before the sergeant ordered his decapitation with a chainsword sweep.

    The guardsmen looked at the bloodied marine force with victory in their eyes. Chimera’s turned their weapons towards the terminators and oblitered 3 of them from the lead squad. The cultists leapt into the ruins and prepared to hold it, firing their guns and killing two of gemael’s brave marines and wounding the captain.
    In combat, the marine sergeant fought bravely and killed two more stormtroopers, but they cut him down and claimed the LandRaider for their own.
    Far on the right flank, the Assault Squad finished off the heavy weapons teams, but they were too far from the fighting to make a mark.

    (turn 5 saw a guard victory. The marines moved the razorback and the squad inside disembarked, with the Chapter Master, and the 5 marines there to shoot at the conscripts. The scouts also tried to pin the conscripts but failed. Terminator shooting killed off the pinned squad of Stormtroopers. In assault the marines killed off the heavy weapons, and the junior officer. The Ironclad finished off the rest of the guard platoon.
    The sergeant was killed in the guard combat phase, and they killed 3 of the terminators with heavy bolter fire from the chimeras. The guard had the 2 central objective, while the marines with the rockets held their starting objective.
    We rolled and there was going to be a turn 6)

    Turn 6
    The marines weren’t finished just yet- bloodied yes, but not defeated. Gemael took stock of the situation. The enemy held the field, leaving the marines only their deployment area. The assault marines were still too far away from the battle to do anything. Keld was similarly isolated. The terminators were in a good position to shift the tides, but they were blocked by the three chimeras. The last Sternguard squad was down to merely 6 warriors. Gemael only had a squad of 3 left at his disposal. It was time for action.
    The Sterngaurd moved forwards, firing pistols into the guard position among the ruined Land Raider. The terminator squads advanced up the hill’s slop, reaching the chimera’s. With line of sight, they sent rockets into the tanks, destroying one and immobilizing another. The squads continued on, with two of them attacking the immobilized tank, and the squad of 5 pressing forward to fight the last unscathed vehicle. The squads of marines managed to destroy both tanks, the lead Chimera exploding furiously, but failing to harm the massive terminators.
    Assault marines leapt into the air, racing towards the cultists. They landed well out of range, but they were becoming a threat. Keld advanced, carefully threading his way around the difficult areas of the trenches. Gemael and his warriors reembarked into the tank and raced headlong into the ruins, aiming right at the small tactical marker in it’s center. The guard held their ground, moving away from the tank, but not fleeing the ruin entirely.
    With a fierce cry the Sterngaurd threw themselves into the ruins of the Land Raider. Two of them died almost immediately, cut down by the guard as they crossed the short distance between their position and the wreck. Once inside though, it was entirely different. The marines unleashed pent up rage and vengeance, and the walls ran red with traitor blood. The guard squad was wiped out entirely. The Sterngaurd had reclaimed the objective, and the bodies of their fallen brothers.

    The guardsmen were shocked. Their tank column was no more than a cluster of burning hulks and smoking craters, it’s cargo of elite warriors dead or routed at the hands of just half their number of determined space marines. A whole platoon of guardsmen had been killed in their trenches, and twenty cultists had been powerless to claim the final objective. The marines had won a complete victory, claiming 3 of the 4 objectives, with the guard claiming none.
    It was not a victory without cost however, a full squad of sterngaurd lay dead, along with nearly twenty other warriors scattered throughout the different squads and sections. The traitor guard capitulated, and Gemael had them rounded up and had them executed. It had been a close battle, well fought and Gemael’s battle-lust was sated by the competency of the traitor commander.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    Congrats on the win, well written battle report. I'm especially interested because I'm starting to put together a Marines' force to face my friends gaurd.

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