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    1000 pts Chaos vs Eldar annihilation

    A relatively short game played on a 5' x 4' table with heavy cover - this was my first game playing chaos in preparation for a big 3-on-3 SM/eldar vs chaos event. 5th edition rules.

    Chaos forces:
    Daemon prince, mark of slaanesh, lash, wings
    10 bezerkers including champion with powerfist in a rhino
    8 thousand sons including sorcerer with doom bolt in a rhino
    6 plague marines on foot
    2 oblits

    Eldar forces:
    Farseer with guide, stones, runes attached to 2x D-cannon squad
    Autarch leading 5x Fire dragons including exarch
    6x Banshees including exarch
    Two squads of pathfinders (5 and 6 models respectively)
    Pimped-out falcon

    Table set by neutral players - heavy scenery today, bunkers on hills at top left and bottom right corners seperated by a large fire-base structure. Large area of forest on the right flank and ruined walls scattered all around.

    We rolled for a pitched battle setup and an annihilation game type.
    The eldar player won the roll for the first turn and opted to go second.
    (game is played with Eldar at the 'top' of the table)

    Chaos placement:
    I hid the prince and the plague marines behind the fire base, it looked like a good spot for the plague marines to pick off stragglers without explosing themselves and the lord could assault out as required.
    The berserkers took the right flank in the event that the forest needed assaulting, while the thousand sons took the left flank supported by the oblits - all except the oblits were initially deployed quite close to the fire base.

    Eldar placement:
    The falcon was placed at the center top of the table, with the fire dragons behind waiting to jump in. The banshees deployed ahead of it within assault distance of the fire base.
    The farseer and d-cannons hid in ruins to the right of the falcon.
    Finally the two pathfinder squads infiltrated into the top left bunker and one of the towers on the fire base.

    Chaos turn 1:
    The entire chaos forced advanced at speed with the berserker's rhino charging towards the d-cannons and popping smoke while the lord lept onto the fire base followed by the running plague marines.
    The thousand sons advanced more cautiously shielded by the fire base and careful not to block lines of fire for the oblits as they shuffled forwards to get a clear shot on the falcon.

    There was relatively little shooting as lascannon shots from both oblits went wide, but the prince was able to lash the pathfinders in the bunker out into the open where they were pinned and took several casualties from the thousand son's doombolt and rhino.

    The prince then assaulted the pathfinders in the fire base, wiping them out and consolodating out of the firing line, but close enough to the banshees to bait them in.

    Eldar turn 1:
    The fire dragons jumped into the falcon and sped towards the oblits and sons on the left flank. The banshees took the opportunity presented to them and ran forwards to assault the prince.

    Firing from the eldar side was ineffective as the falcon was unable to hit the obliterators and the d-cannon flew wide. The banshees lept up onto the fire base to attack the prince, wounding but not killing the tough character and losing several of their own in return.

    Chaos turn 2:
    The berserkers continued their charge forward, leaping out of the rhino next to the d-cannon. The plague marines also surged forward closing the trap on the banshees.
    After a little thought, the thousand sons deployed infront of their own rhino and advanced on the pathfinders, still careful not to obstruct the oblit's fire lines.

    Two more lascannon shots and the obliterators managed to do a little damage to the falcon, destroying it's pulse laser and leaving it shaken. Firing from the berserkers and thousand sons annihilated the pathfinders and d-cannon crew but the chaos sorcerer suffered a perils of the warp and the first chaos model fell.

    The depleted and outnumbered banshees attempted to fight free of the combat on the fire base but were unable to wound their tough opponents and were soon wiped out, with the plague marines turning to secure their position.

    Eldar turn 2:
    The farseer fled from the berserkers towards the falcon, while the autarch and fire dragons disembarked to try and salvage the situation, however a shower of bad dice left the chaos forces unscathed.

    Chaos turn 3:
    Crossfire from the advancing plague marines and thousand sons wiped out the fire dragons (save for the autarch) while the prince made short work of the stranded farseer. The falcon was shaken by fire once again.

    At this point we basically called the game, finishing out the last few rounds over lunch. The autarch charged the thousand sons and lost, the falcon shot the prince (we forgot it was shaken) and ran off to hide in a corner.

    Chaos foces won in what I can only call a display of stunning indifference, never really pushed hard enough to care.
    I can't really point to any unit and say they did well. The prince was ok but i'd prefer my regular unit of seraphim most of the time. The rest of the units sleepwalked through the game. I don't think this was ever going to work for the eldar.

    With better dice it could have been closer in the middle, for a turn or two at least, but most of the chaos attack was a 'sure thing' with overwhelming fire brought down in each case.
    The eldar player wasn't really able to muster a cohesive attack, with the under strength banshees and dragons hitting the chaos stronghold seperately.
    Back to the drawing board with the eldar list - less bling and more substance required.

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    Perfect example

    This was a perfect example of how the eldar can be destroy if they are not used in a coordinated manner. Strange choice of units for the game. Drop the falcon, a unit of pathfinders and the fire dragoons, instead a unit of guardians with platform and a warlock, some striking scorpions and complete the unit of howling banshees. I am not a fan of heavy weapons platforms, i think the farseers can help more in the offense near the line. something like that

    "Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist"

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