hi guys last weekend there was an apocolypes game at my local store to celerbrate the release of the new orks. I was on the imperium.

my stuff
1 chapter master on bike
1 chapter master in termy armour
1 chapter master with thunder hammer
1 chapter master with relic blade
1 chapter mater with plasma pistol and power sword
1 librarium in termy armour
1 jump pack "charlie" chaplian
5x assult termys
5x termys with assult cannon
iron clad drednaught
drednaught (assult on black reach 1)
10x sternguard in drop pod
40x tactical marines
10x bikers (in two squads)
20x assult marines
1x vindicator
1x land raider crusader
1x land raider redeemer

total of our side
over 15 chapter masters
over 10 librarians
over 6 chappies
2 masters of the forge
over 80 termys
11 dreds
30 stern guard
over 200 space marines
lots of heavy surports
10x land raiders
1 warhound titan
3 baneblades

total orks
over 25 war bosses
over 15 big meks (5 with shock attack gunz)
over 5 wierd boys
Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka (WAAAGH)

lots of other special characters
over 100 nobz
hundereds of boyz
20 something trucks
4 battle wagons (3 were conversions)
50 war bikers led my special character biker
21 deff coppters out of assult on black reach
1 gargantuan squigoth
2 stompas

over view
as Marneus Augustus Calgar landed down on Black Reach he saw his fellow space marines, coming from all over the galaxy to help stop the largest WAAGH Ghazghkull has ever had. The many chapters stood before Calger. These ranged from the blood crazed blood angels and the beast like space wolves to the secerative dark angels and the loyal imperial fists. But as always at the heart of the defence of the imperium were the ultramarines. This was the Imperiums final chance at destroying WAAGH Ghazghull Thraka, if they failed all would be lost. Calgar strode out of his transport to his honour guard for what could be the last time. He stood at the front of the imperiums battle line looking on at the numerous waves of orks. Calgar raised one of his armoured gauntlets into the air and pronounced these fomous words. "For the imperium and for the Emperor!". Evan as he said this the endless green tide stormed forwards toward the space marines. Calgar charged forward toward Ghazghkull himself with his honour guard by his side willing to put there life on the line for him Calgar could not help but be cofident they would stop this WAAGH. Mass amounts of fire power was veing poured into the orks cutting they down only to be replaced by several others and this green tide got slowly closer. Even as the waves of orks were about to hit the impeariums lines a huge explosion was heared from behide the impeariums lines. One on the imperiums mighty baneblades were destroied by what seemed to be several power claw weilding armoured NOBZ. But how did they get there. That was when the imperium realised there were dozens upon dozens of boyz pouring out of tunnels behind the imperiums lines. The imperium was trapped.

To be continued....