Tonight I decided to do a battle report because I have yet to truly do a full writeup. I may have missed a few details, like some (most) of the plasma gunners dying due to rolling 1's. Anyhoo, here it is:

1K Necrons vs. Imperial Guard.

My list: Necrons

Lord – Orb,VoD
5 Immortals
21 Warriors
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths

His list: Guard

Schaffer & Kage
4 Squads of Grenadiers – Plasma guns, Carapace
Hellhound – Heavy bolter
Leman Russ – Heavy bolter sponsons

I did the mission rolls. Command & Control: Spearhead.

Both markers can be seen in the image. I got to go first. Here's the table after deployment.

Turn 1
Warriors (B) grouping pushes along the table edge to go for the objective. Warriors (A) move to the edge of the building. Lord and Immortals remain in place.

Destroyers pick off some guardsmen.

The guard see the bulk of the Necron advance, they compensate by focusing the whole force in their direction.

The Russ moves up to take a potshot at the destroyers. Scatters and wounds one wraith who passes it's save.

Turn 2
Lord & Immortals teleport on target. Warriors (A) continue to advance. Warriors (B) move in front of Destroyers to provide some cover. Wraiths move to the far right.

Destroyers shoot at the squad in the building, killing several. Immortals reduce one squad to 4 models.

Most of the forces push forward a few inches. The squad in the building move in deeper (not very visible by the camera). The squad that the Immortals shot at moves through the pump station.

Wraiths are all killed by overwhelming shots. Three Immortals are tipped, one fails to stand back up.

Turn 3
Warriors (B) advance towards the guard lines. Warriors (A) move towards Lord & Immortals.

GUARDSMEN DIE! The squad next to the Russ take heavy casualties from the Warrior squad. The pump station squad is killed. Another guardsman or two in the building die. Destroyers kill Schaffer & Kage.

The Hellhound makes an advance on the Necrons. The second squad at the pump station moves through.

Warriors (B) take four wounds from the Hellhound, one gets back up. One Immortal fails to stand back up from the pump station squad.

Turn 4
Lord teleports with Warriors (A) flawlessly behind the Russ. Warriors (B) continue to inch towards the guard.

Warriors (A) stun the Russ. I jacked this up by also not shooting the Staff of Light as it could penetrate. Warriors (B) only kill one guardsman by the Russ. The building guard are all killed this time around. Immortals kill a few grenadiers from the pump station.

The pump station guard move up a little.

The pump station guard manage to kill all three remaining Immortals. Warriors (B) take two wounds from all the firing done in that area.

Turn 5
Lord & Warriors (A) move to capture the objective. Warriors (B) move towards the building. Destroyers move to get a better LOS of the pump station squad, or the Hellhound.

Russ is destroyed by Staff of Light. Warriors (B) leave one grenadier living from the Russ squad. Destroyers kill the squad in the building.

Hellhound moves to target the Lord and Warriors (A). The lone Grenadier moves into cover.

Hellhound reduces Warriors (B) to 4.

Turn 6
Lord & Warriors (A) move closer to the objective, only a few inches... Destroyers move back a few inches to avoid any more fire from the pump station squad

Destroyers kill remaining pump station Grenadiers. Warriors (A) stun Hellhound. Warriors (B) kill the remaining Grenadier.

Guard concedes.

I had a great time with this game. However I owe most of the success to the dice gods. I was rolling above average and he was rolling far below average. Those dice love to roll 1's. Also, once the missions were decided, he knew he didn't stand a chance as he knew his guard wouldn't be able to make it that far without a chimera. Cover saves were nice to get when he shot at the Destroyers with the battle cannon. He then regretted that by not shooting at the warriors.

In all I had a good time and was pleased with the turnout.