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    Space Marines Vs Chaos Marines

    we had a annilation battle (big surprise eh?) 1000 points, any way we had

    chapter master - termi armor
    5 termis
    land raider redemmer
    2X 5 man marines with 1 ML
    5 strengaurd with PF
    5 vangaurd with PW 2 PWs, 2 PPs

    Demon Prince - Lash, MoS, Wings
    Dread - HF, TL Las
    3 spawn
    1k sons - 9 and 1 socerer with BoC (bolt of change)
    10 mainres - HB AC PW PP (plasma pistol)

    and thats it

    Turn 1

    He got first turn. The 1k sons moved slowly forward, as did the spawn towards my land raider the prince went right in front of my sterngaurd adn the dread went forward. His shooting was light. THe 1k sons cast BoC on the LR but nothing happened. The span went closer to the LD and the Dread took out 1 mainre. He assualted my SG adn wpied out all of them expet the PW and another. I stuck bak and took of two wounds. I rolled bad for my check and they ran off the board. He move his prince 3 inches closer to my marines.

    My turn was light moving wise. The VG moved near the prince adn thats it lol. i double tapped his pricne with my 5 man tact squad and killed it. My redemer took out all but one spawn and he lost one marine due to a krak missle.i shot a PP shot into the dread and i took out the power klaw.

    Turn 2
    His dread went insane on my VG and i lost all but one. HIs 1k sons tried BoC aagain but failed to glane my LR. He had no assualt so it was my turn again

    I barely moved again exect moving my VG around to the dreads side. My land raider took out the last of the spawn whiel the termis got out and killed all but the soceror.
    A krak missle killed the dread but i lsot all my VG adn the termis took out the soceror easliy.

    Turn 3

    he didn't do much expect shoot my temis and one fell surpisingly.

    MY LD rumbled forward and burned the rest of his marines.

    Sorry about any spelling mistakes i wrote this in like 5 minutes.

    The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be

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    Unless Im way off in my addition that doesnt seem to be 1000 points of Choas.
    Currently play: 4000+ of Black Legion

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    i could be wrong but is your sm list legal? im asking about the 2x5 man squads with ml if you have five man squads you cant get a missile launcher and if its a ten man squad split up then your short a troop choice

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