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    Space Marines vs Sisters 850 pts

    My brother, one of his buddies and I decided to have a mini 3-way tourney; my bro Colin with his Eldar, his buddy (AJ) with Sisters of Battle and me with my Space Marines. As they both have smaller armies, we decided on an 850 point list.
    The first battle was between AJ and myself, our armies looking roughly like this:

    Cannoness w/ blessed weapon (?), book of st lucius (?) and a jump pack (HQ1)

    2x10 Sister squads, each w/ Superior, h. flamer and flamer (one in a repressor (Tr1) w/ extra armour) (other Tr2)

    Fast Attack
    9 Seraphim, 2 w/ flamer pistols and Superior w/ evisorator and some other flame thingy on her back (FA1)

    Exorcist (H6)

    Captain w/ terminator armour (HQ1)
    Leads 5 terminators, 1 w/ cyclone missile launcher (E1)

    10 Space Marines, 1 w/ flamer (Tr3)
    10 Space Marines, 1 w/ Plasma Cannon (Tr1), 1 w/ melta gun (Tr2) (split in 2)

    Fast Attack
    5 Assault Marines, Sergeant w/ power fist and combat shield (FA3)

    We rolled and ended up playing Capture and Control with a pitched battle. Didn’t mind the C+C, but I was hoping for a DoW battle where I could deploy almost everything. Ah well. As we don’t have much terrain yet, it only consisted of a clump of trees, rocks and a hill which lined up almost perpendicular to the middle of our deployment lines. He chose the side with the hill, and deployed his Repressor, Seraphim and Exorcists on the right while his other sister squad sat on the hill with his objective. I deployed my plasma cannon in the trees with my objective, terminators on the right with my assault marines on the right flank. The other two marine squads ended head up against the bulk of his force.
    For the first time (first time I’ve ever seen too) I seized the initiative! So I got to go first.

    Space Marine 1
    Move everything up except Plasma Cannon squad. With the right flank open my Assault Marines look like they can head to the hill unhindered. Though my marines don’t look so good…
    Shooting, miss 2 crack missiles on the Repressor. Because he thought he was going first, he bunched his Seraphim too close. My Plasma cannon only scatters 1", hits and kills 4 Seraphim. Nice! Nothing else in range, his turn.

    Sisters 1
    He moves the Repressor to middle rocks and hides the Seraphim behind them. Fearing an assault, he moves his other Sisters on the hill a bit sideways out of my range. The exorcist also moves forward 6".
    Exorcist gets 2 shots attempts to shoot Terminators, but misses both. Seems we both took duds (for now). Nothing else in range, my turn.

    Space Marine 2
    Assult Marines change course and head towards the Seraphim, both marine squads on right continue up and the 10 man squad comes into rapid fire range of the Seraphim. Terminators shift towards middle to deal with his army.
    Marines open up with rapid, but only manage to kill 1 more seraphim +1 wound on Cannoness. Strangely my Assault marines also take out 1, but that takes me out of assault range…Plasma Cannon takes out another 2 - only 3 left (but all have flamers)
    Terminators fire at the Sisters on the hill, but can only fell one. Here comes the flamers!

    Sisters 2
    He moves his Repressor up his right along with the seraphim to flame my marines (1 heavy flamer + 3 normal ones…uh oh). His cannoness leaves them to assault my smaller marine squad with the melta. Sisters on hill move to get out of range of assault range again).
    Seraphim unleash their flamers and torch 5 marines, while the repressors heavy flamer brings one more down, but they hold. However the exorcist crew is napping and forgets to fire (ops!)
    His Cannoness assaults the 5 man squad and kills 3 for 1 wound, I fail on purpose but get run down. The Seraphim assault my now 4 man squad which kills 1 Seraphim for 1 lost, he hits and runs but only 10”.

    Space Marines 3
    My Captain detaches and end up in the rocks to join my assault marines who bounce back outside to flank him. The remaining terminators turn to face the repressor. My now 3 man marines squad scampers after the Seraphims.
    In shooting, I kill 1 seraphim with MY flamer, leaving just the Superior left. The plasma cannon continues to burn sisters as it takes down 2 from the squad near the hill. My Cyclone finds the proper missiles and sends the Repressor sky high; killing 2 of the sisters inside as well.
    My Captain, noticing the Cannoness alone near my Plasma Cannon squad, decides to take a pot shot and somehow removes the last wound!
    However, in my assault against the last seraphim, I lose and get run down. Still, looking pretty good for me.

    Sisters 3
    The Repressor sisters head towards my Terminators, while he backs his exorcist up a bit. The lone Seraphim moves towards my plasma cannon squad, but will fall just out of assault range.
    He gives his sisters squad Divine Guidance (which practically gives them Rending) and manage to force 3 invulnerable and 3 armour saves on my terminators. Though my armour save luck hadn’t helped me against his Seraphim, my invul holds up and I only lose 1 terminator. The Exorcist does remember to fire, and hits my captain with 3 missiles which would instant kill him. Fortunately the rocks save all 3 wounds – luck seems to be with me today!
    No assault, so my turn.

    Space Marines 4.
    Assault marines move to the right side of the hill, still out of sight of his remaining sisters squad, while the Captain moves to the front crescent of the hill. My Terminators move to block Sisters and last seraphim from getting to my plasma cannon (and only remaining troop) squad.
    In shooting, my captain again shows his accuracy as he picks off the last Seraphim. The Plasma cannon then burns 3 more sisters and the Terminators finish them off.
    At this point all he has left is his Exorcist and 8-9 sisters near his objective. I have my plasma cannon squad on my objective, 4 terminators, 5 assault marines and my captain still.

    Sisters 4
    The Exorcist moves away from Terminators while his lone sisters squad scurries further away. The exorcist shoots and get 2 wounds on my plasma squad but I pass both cover saves. It seemed, as usual, that I would fail more than average armour saves, but pass a ridiculous amount of cover/invul. saves.
    No assault, time to see if I can finish him off.

    Space Marines 5
    Fearing this could go 7 rounds, I moved my Terminators towards the Exorcist. But whatever my Cyclone was using last time worked again as his krak missile ripped into the the tank, blowing it apart.
    My Assault Marines finally got into assault against his last squad, but boredom must have overtaken them as they only killed 1 and allowed him to hold.

    Sisters 5
    The game was practically over, but we went to his assault where my Assault Marines took 1 sister in exchange for 1 marine.
    He rolled a 2 and the game was over I control one and he has nothing giving me the win!

    I think me taking the initiative flustered him a lot, as he was off balance from then on. He forgot to fire the exorcist one round, and probably should have unloaded his sisters before I took out the Repressor. Overall good game, though I almost lost due to allowing 3/4 of my Troops to die without doing anything. 1st star to the Plasma cannon with 10+ kills. It never seems to let me down!
    Unfortunately that's all we've played so far (not much of a tourney), maybe future updates will be coming (pending studying for exams!). Hope the report was good, any feedback welcome!

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    Congrats on the battle. As you said i think you had him off balanced from the beginning. Losing the Seraphim like he did in round one set the tone for the game and had him reacting to your moves instead of the other way around.
    "Ah, but the truth is like an expensive whore, Jerek. She comes in many dresses and will bend over for any with the money to pamper her." ~ Konrad von Carstein

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