Campaign Battle: Iron Warriors (2300pts) vs Crimson Fists (2000pts) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Campaign Battle: Iron Warriors (2300pts) vs Crimson Fists (2000pts)

    Battle Report. Space Marines 2000pts vs Iron Warriors 2300pts (Campaign Battle)

    Well following on from the battles I fought a few weeks ago I was up against the Iron Warriors chap again.

    We decided that the campaign would continue (see Operation Nathos in the fluff forum).

    In summary the Crimson fists working in conjunction with the Inquisition and Officio Assassinorum have obtained information that the Iron Warriors are planning a huge assault on the Inquisitorial research moon of Thelos. Their aim is to capture the Canthar Stone a pre Heresy artefact that is potentially a powerful weapon against Chaos.

    Crimson Fists

    x1 Chaplin

    x1 Librarian

    x7 Vanguard Veterans

    x10 Sternguard

    x10 Tactical Marines

    x10 Tactical Marines

    x5 Terminators

    x1 Landraider

    x1 Lanspeeder

    x1 Venerable Dreadnought

    Iron Warriors (approx)

    x1 Hanzio (Abbadon)

    x9 Thousand sons

    x10 Iron Warrior Marines

    x10 Iron Warrior Marines

    x1 Predator

    x1 Landraider

    x1 Dreadnought

    x1 Rhino

    x5 Raptors

    x6 Terminators

    x12 Deamons

    x10 Bezerkers

    x2 spawn

    OBJECTIVES: 5 Turns
    This battle would be a mixture of annihilation and breakthrough.

    Basically table quarters held by Iron Warriors would represent how well they have consolidated their hold on Thelos.

    While the amount of Crimson Fists they killed would represent how close they had come to assaulting the Inquisitorial fortress that holds the Canthar stone.


    We were playing length ways. The board was divided in half by a line of barricades. In my half was a section running left to right was a section of ruins. In front of which was a rocky hill. Behind the ruins was a large crater.

    In the centre of my half of the board was a bunker

    On the far right corner of an additional barricade.

    The Iron Warriors half of the board didn’t really feature much in the battle but sufficed to say was made up of several bunkers, ruins and craters.


    Iron Warriors deployed first. Going left to right (my left and right) He deployed his two spawn, a squad of marines the predator and the landraider. In the centre was another squad of Iron warriors. On the right was the thousand sons and on his far right was a rhino full of bezerkers. The rest of his army started in reserve.

    My deployment was as follows.

    My tactical marines deployed behind the rocky hill on the left, opposite his spawn.

    Behind them on my table edge I deployed my second tactical squad inside a crater. Beside them also along my table edge was my Landraider.

    My sternguard deployed in and around the bunker in two combat teams.

    My vanguard and characters deployed behind the bunker.

    Finally my Dreadnought and Landspeeder took up position on my right flank.


    I didn’t make detailed notes of the battle so I will tell it how I remember it rather than every point.

    Turn 1

    The Iron Warriors surged forward and a plasma blast from his Dreadnought killed all but two of my tactical marines.

    In response I could do little though my Dreadnought and landspeeder opened up on his rhino but to no avail. Smoke launchers protecting it

    Turn 2

    All of his reserves arrived…

    Daemons assaulted my vanguard while terminators set down within firing range of the last two tactical marines. The spawn that had crested the hill was threatening these two survivors.

    Hanzio arrived just before the barricades and his rhino disembarked his berserkers on my side of the barricades.

    In the firing phase my dreadnought was brought down by a las-cannon shot from his landraider. While my landspeeder narrowly avoided a similar fate.

    My Sternguard were peppered by stormbolter shots from Hanzio and pistol shots from berserkers. Several fell but I still had more than enough left to fight back with.

    The terminators opened up on the Tactical marines but only managed to kill one. The survivor still had a multimelta……

    The Raptors that had landed down behind my landraider managed to destroy one of its lascannons.

    In the assault phase the daemons took down two vanguard veterans but in return were hacked down to a man (or rather daemon) by the combined might of the chaplin librarian and the vanguard.

    My turn 2 failed to see the arrival of the terminators. None the less I was prepared to drive the Iron Warrior assault back before it had time to gather momentum.

    First I swung my land speeder around behind the berserkers.

    Then I moved my vanguard within range of his terminators.

    In the shooting phase my tactical marine opened up killing one of the spawn with his multimelta.

    Meanwhile my vanguard (including two lascannons) opened up on the berserkers followed by a heavy flamer blast from the landspeeder. The aftermath saw only three berserkers left standing.

    On my table edge my landraider had moved into a position so that my tactical marines taking cover in the crater could also fire at the raptors. In the end though only a single raptor went down.

    In the assault phase my librarian cast might of the ancients and quickening and together with my Chaplin screaming liturgies of battle charged in with the vanguard.

    All six terminators were hacked to pieces though in return a number of vanguard fell leaving only the Chaplin the librarian and a single power fist armed vanguard left.

    Turn 3

    The Iron warriors advance slowly marched forward with the predator and landraider covering the left flank with a single iron warrior squad. The dreadnought in the centre and the thousand sons and the rest of the iron warriors on the right flank.

    Around the barricades the battle was really raging.

    Hanzio had leapt over the barricade and assaulted the sternguard in the building, destroying the bunker itself…..

    The landraider opened up killing the last tactical marine on the left flank while the spawn surged forward.

    The berserkers charged forward along with the dreadnought against the vanguard killing the librarian and last vanguard but taking two casualties themselves.

    On the far edge the raptors yet again failed to do any real damage to the landraider.

    In my turn 3 my terminators arrived. I was half tempted to deploy them into the centre in an attempt to stem the Iron warrior tide. However I felt that the combined fire of the lascannons and the like would lead to them dying very quickly.

    Instead I set them down near my landraider and tactical marines. I was intent on forming a solid last defensive line on my table edge. In the shooting phase they opened up on the raptors killing all but one of them
    In the assault phase my Chaplin hacked down the last of the berserkers but took a wound to the dreadnought. He was now in trouble as he hadn’t brought any melta bombs along……

    Turn 4

    In his turn 4 the last of my sternguard were blown to pieces by the massed fire of the Iron Warriors advance that was now pouring over the barricade.

    The final raptor turned his melta gun on the terminators and killed one. While a long range shot from a distant las cannon took down another.

    Hanzio ran across the board hoping to get to grips with the landraider.

    The last spawn made its way to the ruins out of sight of my tactical marines.

    The dreadnought finished off my Chaplin.

    In my turn four I finished off the raptor. And my multi-melta was within range of the Dreadnought but failed to penetrate.

    Turn Five

    In the Chaos turn Hanzio charged towards the landraider but failed to destroy the (by now it seemed impervious) landraider.

    The rest of the Iron Warriors opened up on the Tactical marines but despite three lascannon blasts, thousand sons firing and a plasma blast not a single one was killed…….

    The Spawn hurled itself out of the cover of the ruins at the tactical marines but was quickly mobbed by the squad….again without killing a single marine.

    In my final turn my landraider took a pot shot at the dreadnought which had used its smoke launchers.

    I rolled six to hit, six to penetrate, Iron Warriors player rolled 1 for his cover save, and I rolled a six to penetrate……The Dreadnought exploded in a hail of burning shrapnel.

    Inspired by this show my terminators opened up on Hanzio…my assault-cannon scored two rending hits and took a wound off the mighty Chaos Lord. The two remaining storm bolters somehow caused another wound.

    The Iron Warriors player was starting to sweat now. If Hanzio died the Crimson Fists could probably claim the moral victory and surely the loss of the Iron Warriors commander would have some effect in the campaign. My tactical marines opened up. 8 bolters chattering. Another wound, one left. My multi melta stepped up…and promptly missed.

    And that was it the end of the battle.


    The battle was bloody. All that was left of the Crimsons Fists was a tactical squad, three terminators and a slightly damaged landraider.

    On the plus side they were in a good defensive line and would still take some dislodging. (that little lot still represented over 500pts a ¼ of my army).

    The Iron Warriors clearly held the battlefield. Contesting every table quarter and undisputed in two.

    What a cost though, Deamons, berserkers, Terminators, Raptors and a dreadnought had all been wiped out to breach the Crimson Fist line. Hanzio was also on his last legs.

    In terms of the campaign we decided that the Iron Warriors had scored a minor victory. They had clearly breached the Imperial line and consolidated their position on Thelos. However they hadn’t done enough to completely sweep aside the defenders and assault he Inquisitorial fortress itself.


    Knowing that the Iron Warriors are closing in, the second Imperial force made of the Black Templars attempt to evacuate Inquisitor LOrd Kois and more importantly the Canthar Stone……..

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