2000 Points Ultramarines vs IG - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Points Ultramarines vs IG

    This is pulled mostly from memory so the Ultramarine army list is somewhat uncertain..

    Calgar with Retinue honor guard and Banner, accompanied by Tiberius.


    2 Tactical Squads of 10, with plasmagun & lascannons.
    1 Tactical squad of 10 with flamer and missile launcher and Rhino.
    1 Scout Squad with various weapons that I can't remember.


    Standard Dreadnought.

    Fast Attack:

    10 Assault Marines,
    8 Vanguard Veterans ?
    Landspeeder with Missile pods.

    Imperial Guard Regiment 1st Enders:


    JO w honorifica, master vox, medic melta gunner, guardsman.
    3 heavy bolter teams, 3 autocannon teams.


    Platoon 1 HQ:
    JO with stormbolter, vox,
    10 Guardsmen w Plasmagun.
    10 guardsmen w GL.
    Armored Fist Squad w flamer and missile launcher.

    Platoon 2 HQ:
    Jo with plasma pistol and powersword, vox, flamer
    10 guardsmen with Plasmagun.
    10 guardsmen w GL.
    10 guardsmen w flamer.

    9 Ratling snipers

    Fast Attack:
    2 Sentinels w lascannons.

    Heavy Support:

    2 Leman Russ Tanks

    The Table:

    The Squares are buildings, the lines are sandbag obstacles, the round area is a fortified lump of rock.

    The game type was Capture and Control with deployment type Spearhead....the Ultramarines positioned themselves in the table quarter housing building D, and the guardsmen were forced to deploy out of cover South of building A.

    Turn I:

    The first turn saw the Ultramarines sending troops down the both major streets with the Rhino and land speeder heading down towards building E, and tactical squads taking the tops of buildings D and E. Calgar led his honor guard running down the street between buildings B & C, along with the Veterans following behind. The predator Tank stayed in position slightly right of building B, with the dreadnought tromping down the south street towards building E.

    A lascannon shot was attempted at the front of a LRBT, but to no avail. The Predator tried to open up on some guardsmen attempting to occupy building A, but managed to hit only the building and the dirt.

    The guardsmen rushed mostly into building A with 3 heavy bolter teams, while the autocannon teams stayed put nestled on the circular fortification within their deployment area. The ratlings materialized within building A, and were joined by a standard squad, another squad attempted a dash across the street to building C, in tandem with a platoon HQ and the company HQ. The first platoon HQ fortified themselves with the autocannons, whilst the Chimera AFS team and a LRBT drove off to the right towards the barricades south of building C..which proved difficult since the streets were cluttered with guardsmen.

    The Autocannons attempted to hit the missile laden landspeeder but failed to hit it, a LRBT vanquisher acknowledged the lascannon team that singed it's paint managing to kill 4 of them and force them off of the roof of their building. from building A, the ratlings opened up on Calgar and his honor guard, and dropped 2 of his retinue that even Tiberius couldn't manage to save.

    Turn II:

    Ultramarines toting a plasmagun and a lascannon emerge from their Rhino and take up positions in building E, jump troops land in support of the landspeeder that is how hovering in the street SE of building E. Calgar manevours his retinue and followers up against the NE corner of building C, while a troop squad with a flamer enters the ruins of C. the blue dreadnought lumbers down the street between buildings C and E.

    The Ultramarines atop building E fire their bolters and rockets at a squad taking cover behind one of the barricades in front of them, giving them 2 or 3 casualties. the Rhino fires it's rounds into a mass of soldiers in the open and drops a few men. The predators lascannons fail to touch the Vanquishers paint this time, howvever the hovering landspeeder flecks it's paint with it's missiles, but accomplishes no damage.

    A team of guardsmen finally reach building C and combine their firepower with their platoon and company HQ's as well as another infantry team into the Tactical squad within the building giving them significant casualties. The engineers manage to run to cover behind the vanquisher tank, as it fires death into the Assault Marines at the base of the landspeeder and even manages to disable it's missile pods. the other LRBT opens up on Calgar's position and manages to kill more honor guard and even wound both Calgar and Tiberius. The heavy bolters and ratlings, fail to achieve any results. A squad at the barricades fires back at the Ultramarines atop the roofo of building E, dropping an astartes in the process. A brave fool tops out from the top of the Chimera IFV and swats down the landspeeder with a well placed missile, it's damaged warheads explode claiming the lives of 2 assault marines nearby. Autocanons bounce their shells uselessly off of the emerging dreadnought.

    Turn III:

    Calgar rushes into the street towards building A, his following veterans move up along the north face of Building C in distant support. the dreadnought turns and unleashes firepower upon an unfortunate platoon HQ which is almost wiped out entirely, leaving only the Lt. remaining. The marines atop E avenge their fallen comrade raining more death down the guardsmen at the barricades, a squad breaks and flees east.

    The surviving assault marines jump into building C in support of the 1/2 strength marine squad there that returns fire upon the company HQ to absolutely no avail. A torrent of lascannon fire erupts from the predator and is supported by the marines that returned atop building D, destroying the battlecannon of the vanquisher tank.

    The techpriests move into action attempting to repair the Vanquisher turret, meanwhile special forces finally grav shute from the skies between the barricades and building E, the other team drops to the left of building B. The Chimera clears a barricade and enters the street in front of building E, emptying it's pintle stubber and multilaser in the process, felling even more Ultramarines.

    The ratlings, heavy bolters and a squad within building A unleash a deadly torrent of fire upon Calgar and Tiberius, wounding and finally killing Tiberius, while Calgar soldiers on slightly more wounded. the damaged vanquisher emptied it's heavy bolters and stubber onto calgar's position, causing the giant to finally lurch over dead in the middle of the street. Two squads at the base of building C finally enter the building with one dropping the remaining assault marines, while the other resumes subtracting from the already 1/2 strength tactical squad within. The pristine LRBT knocks the turret off of the predator tank but it still remains serviceable. The veterans in front of building E open up with their metla and plasma gun against the approaching Rhino, immobilizing it in the process and destroying one of it's weapons. The other grav chute team fire at the predator through building B to no effect.

    The shaken Lt. and Company commander kill a marine each with pistol fire in building C and then take the remaining Ultramarine Sgt in close combat with their powerswords cutting him down where he stands.

    Turn IV:

    Ultramarine scouts emerge to try and flank the Chimera IFV. The Ultramarine Vanguard team storm into building B, killing the AT grav-chute team in hand to hand combat. A rallying squad of guardsmen are destroyed by the rhino's remaining arsenal. The veteran team that damaged the rhino is turned to red stains by a combination of dreadnought fire and bolter rounds from building E. The Ultramarines within building D, send bolt rounds and lascannon fire into building C dropping some company HQ personnel.

    The Enginseers manage to fix the vanquisher's battle cannon and the Ultramarines are reminded of this when their entire Vanguard squad is consumed within a massive fireball inside building B, leaving only blue flecks of paint and armor remaining. The Chimera IFv races past the dreadnought in the middle of the street in front of building E and then triggers it's smoke launchers. Sentinels appear in the alleyway between building B and E, unleashing lascannon shots into the back of the dreadnought, destroying it's massive cannon and immobilizing it. The autocannons finally hit their mark and destroy the dreadnoughts flamer. The LRBT maims some of the few remaining space marines and scouts on the roof of building E, they flee to the North. The company HQ and surviving Lt. from the 2nd platoon HQ reach the NW corner of building C and a lucky shot from the Lt.'s plasma pistol destroys a weapon on the Predator tank. Everyone in building A runs due east into the middle of the street.

    Turn V:

    The Ultramarines from building E rally and fire blindly after the Chimera IFV into a cloud of smoke and score no hits. The predator and the lascannon team in building D attempt the same and manage to destroy the multilaser and the stubber.

    The Sentinels emerge from the alleyway between buildings D and E and destroy all remaining weapons on the predator tank as well as immobilize it. The ratlings and heavy bolters in the middle of the street open fire on the Ultramarines within building D, scoring few hits. The LRBT and Vanquisher open up on the building as well, crushing two marines under the onslaught of their cannons. The Chimera IFV executes the "Kool--Aid' maneuver successfully driving over a small wall into the center of building D, where it's hull flamer unleashes a gout of flames upon the remaining space marine defenders, baking only one Astartes into nothing more then carbon. The AfS squad emerges on the objective and kills the final 2 space marines with an overwhelming hail of lasgun fire and captured their objective.

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    Well Done

    I love when IG Kicks serious butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tronics View Post

    The shaken Lt. and Company commander kill a marine each with pistol fire in building C and then take the remaining Ultramarine Sgt in close combat with their powerswords cutting him down where he stands.
    I am impressed by some good CC by the IG. I bet you opponent was not too happy losing in CC to you. Nice job all the way around on the match and using those buildings, those building really added some good saves i bet.
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