2000pts Space Marines vs. Blood Angels - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pts Space Marines vs. Blood Angels

    A buddy of mine wanted to try his hand vs. my revised marine list. In our last game, an exceptional showing by a squad of scout bikers won it for me, the scout bikers are still here, but a good bit of my list and his has changed since then.

    My List:


    2x 10xman Tac Suads, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Power Fist

    2x 10xman Sternguard, 2x Heavy bolters, Power Fist, Rhino

    4xman Scout biker squad, Power Fist
    2xman Attack Bike Squad, Multi Meltas
    10xman Vanguard, 2x Power Fist

    His List:


    8xman Death Company, jump packs

    2x 10xman Tac squads, Lascannon, meltagun, Power fist, rhino
    10xman Assault Squad, Power Fist, rhino

    5xman Assault Termies 4xlightning claws, 1 THSS

    Land Raider Crusader
    Baal Predator, sponson Heavy Bolters

    Mission: Secure and Control (4 Objectives), Pitched battle

    I won roll for table edge. I split both tac squads and the vanguards into combat squads. I placed two "Short Bus" (nothing but bolters) combat squads next to rhinos, so they can jump in first turn and go for objectives later and put the other combat squads at the front of my gun line as bait units. I put the Sternguards behind the combat squads with Pedron attached to one and lysander the other. I deployed the attack bikes to the far left. The vanguards went in reserve to DS.

    My opponent deployed his vindicator, the rhino with the assault squad, and the baal predator in the middle directly across from my main gun line. The land raider with corbulo and the assault termies along with his other rhinos were to my right. The Death company and Mephiston deployed behind the land raider.

    My Scout Bikers infiltrated and used their scouts move to set up for a first turn charge on the vindi and predator.

    My opponent fails to seize the initiative.

    Turn 1,
    The attack bikes turbo boost up the left side and the scout bikes roll up on the 3-vehicle formation in the middle. My gun line only shakes a rhino or two, no biggie, getting overeager with Blood Angels can be lethal, so I'm just gonna chill. The Scouts pull off a multiple charge on the vindie and pred, but only kill the vindicator, oh well, they did their job all the same.

    My opponent pulls his predator back for a clear shot at the scout bikers, disembarks the assault squad, and uses the assault squad's rhino to try and keep the attack bikes from getting a clean shot at the pred. The LR and other rhinos along with death company move forward at full speed.The pred opens up with the assault cannon but only fells a single scout biker, not a huge deal as the assault squad easily mangles the other three in melee.

    The attack bikes roll up for a shot on the pred and manage to get far enough around the rhino not to grant cover, but are still outside of 12". Doesn't stop em though, they blow the pred in half. The vanguards are chilling in reserve. I moveed my rhino on the left up next to an objective and the rhino on the right behind some cover. The gun line kills 3 death company, only the plasma weapons are hurting them, and a Plasma Cannon gunner eats his own weapon, painful.

    My opponent tries to tank shock the attack bikes with a rhino, I decided a "Death or Glory" was in order and sheared the Rhino in half. The assault squad now sans a rhino started walking to my line and death company jumped next to a bait squad. The LRC pulled up to my line and dumped termies. Mephiston and the death company easily eat the squad, but the termies fall just out of a charge. One of his rhinos on the right pops the hatch and rockets a lascannon round into my rhino on the far left wrecking it and pinning the squad, but they were on the objective so no real loss. His other rhino also fires at lascannon at my last rhino trying to repeat the result, but my rhino makes it's cover save.

    Turn 3,
    Alot of things will be decided in this turn, I have two BA melee assets next to a gun line of sterguard with Pedro and Lysander. One vanguard squad becomes available, I tried to DS them next to the assault squad, but scattered on the other side of the unit still in assault range, I'll take it. They charge and start pounding the assault marines, but 5x Vaguard vs. a full assault marine squad is pretty even matchup. The attack bikes roll over some terrain to try to get a shot off at one of his rhinos but fall just short on range. The combined shooting of both Sternguards can only get the death company down to 2 models and Mephiston, that could hurt. The other combat squad of marines moves up toward the enemy assault squad engaged with the vaguards who are fighting over an objective. This shooting was nowhere near as successful as I needed it to be, but I'm not out yet.

    My opponent dakkas the LRC at the sterguards with Lysander, but only kills 1. one of his rhinos moves up on another objective near the LRC, while the other rhino stays on it's objective taking Lascannon pot shots at my rhino, again to no effect. The Vanguards and Assault marines continue their brawl with the power fists as the only weapons dealing real damage. The assault termies run into Pedro's Sternguard and Mephiston goes for the behemoth otherwise known as Lysander with his last two Death Company. Pedro's squad sufferd heavily losing 6 Sternguards and only kill 3 termies, but thanks to stubborn and Pedro's high Leadership they have no problem staying around. Mephiston manages only 1 wound on Lysander and Lysander return fire easily crushes Mephiston, meanwhile the Death company pop two more Sternguard but are levelled by the Sarge's Power Fist.

    Turn 4,
    I Wouldn't call it over, but it's not looking good as the BA's main assault element is about to faulter. The last Vanguards arrive, but DS into a an enemy unit, and my opponent gets to reposition them into a far table corner. The Attack bikes brave more dangerous terrain tests and pop the rhino on one of the middle objectives, but their movement brings them right next to the brawl between the vanguard and assault marines. The far left combat squad stays on their objective, while the combat squad in the middle continues moving up to the melee between the Vanguards and Assault Marines. The Short Bus squad on the right moves up next to enemy rhino that was later destroyed and pops smoke. Lysander, fresh off killing mephiston breaks from his squad and crushes the LRC forcing Corbulo to bail out, while the Sternguard he was with rush in to help Pedro. Pedro's Sterguard get knocked down to to 2 models, but the return fire polishes off the remaining termies. The Vaguards are finally dropped by the assualt squads power fist, but the assault squad isn't exactly in the best of shape with a mere 3 models.

    The assault squad charges and kills the 2 attack bikes, Corbulo stumbles through terrain to get away from Lysander, the tac squad forced from their wrecked rhino opens up on my last rhino along with the other tac squad, but are only able to remove a weapon and immobilise it.

    Turn 5,
    Lysander saunters up to Corbulo and assaults him. Corbulo manages to get two wounds through Lysanders Termie Armor, an impressive feat to be sure, but Lysander still sends him to meet Mephiston and the LRC in next week. The Short Bus Squad decides a crippled rhino is not a good place to stay and hops out, firing their bolt pistols at the enemy tac squad. The two man Sternguard fires some poisoned rounds and the 7x man moves up a fires their bolt pistols at the same tac squad. I can't recall exactly what happened with this shooting, but at some point the Sargeant with the PF got killed with 2 or 3 other marines. Pedro sat back but made sure he was close enough to give everyone the extra attack. The Short bus squad and the sternguards managed to wittle the marines down to 2 models after "no retreat" saves. The other short bus squad fired across to the three assault marines along with pistols from the combat squad knocking them down to just the PF, the combat squad charged killing the PF before he could strike and seizing the objective.

    The board situation at this point is two objectives firmly in my hands with a third only being contested by two of his tac marines and a fourth in his hands.

    My opponent cocnedes.

    Overall assessment-
    The army went off pretty well, the assualt bikers and attack bikes removed alot of vehicles as factors in very short order. Lysander was his usual "murder machine" self, although nearly dying to Corbulo was cutting it close. The Vanguards were a little less than impressive, but still somewhat useful in keeping an enemy assault squad tied up and severely reducing them. The sternguards with the attack boosts from Pedro again came out on top against dedicated melee units. Overall, it went well.

    My opponent I felt made a few mistakes. He undercomitted in his assault on my gun line and dismounting the assault squad to kill the scout bikers I thought was a little questionable. Also, he probably should have sent Mephiston at Pedro's Squad with the assault Termies, because I just don't see Mephiston beating Lysander. The Rhino Tank Shocking the Attack Bikes was a little suprising, the best case scenario is them failing morale and fleeing in the same direction as his rhinos and LRC with nothing to prevent them from rallying, I'm just not sure what he expected to accomplish.

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