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    Marc Pipers platoon vs Ork mob.

    Officers Report.
    Lieutenant Piper, Number 2 Platoon, D Company, 2nd 45th Regiment

    Mission: Routine Patrol. Enemy Initiated Contact.

    The platoon was one time and the patrol had been quiet. We left the ruins of village 346 after stopping for a designated break. We left this location at ten hundred hours. We advanced on foot at a steady pace and at ten twenty hundred hours we received communication from Major Stark through our voxcaster that a number of Orks had been sighted entering our next check point by our Tau recce troops. We continued to advance with caution until we came upon Sha Sui T'Pau and her team, who were lying in wait. They confirmed the Orks to number between 20 to 25, confirming there to be at least two Nobs, several were carrying heavy weapons, though the band was considered small they were also considered hostile. We voxed company HQ to report that we had made contact with T'Pau's team and to observe the enemy. We lay hidden behind a rock line for around 15 minutes until we had a visual with the mob, at which point we could confirm the presence of Nodgob Fivegunz and Oggy, and several survivors from what appeared to be Fikskull the Damneds horde. They were advancing on the abandoned refuelling station, T'Pau confirmed that checkpoint was also used by the Tau and Unionist forces during the late war as a fuel, ammo and weapons cache, she was concerned that that a number of weapons would still be there even though the war was over and that they should fall into Ork hands. Thus we agreed to advance to the old station and deny the Orks possession of the post.

    T'Pau offered to lead her section alongside us but I informed her politely that her troops need not risk their lives as surely the Orks would seek to close with us and her comrades are ill equipped for the nasty work of hand to hand combat. She nodded but refused to leave her position in case we were unable to cope. I lead the platoon out and as we approached the station began to fan out Cpl Berry lead his section on the right, I sent Cpl Winters along the left while Cpl Crebers squad advanced down the centre. However the orks got wind of us early and broke into a run, their group seemed smaller than first expected and I assumed that they had split into two groups. The second group soon appeared to moving through the tower at a run also. Private Pike of Cpl Winters section was able to account for two orks from this group. At this point we were unsure at which nob was with which group. I began to climb up on to the loading bay platform, Cpl Berry's section began climbing up the repair bay while Creber carried on foot. A crude ork “Rokkit”was fired at Berry's section though it sailed far out to their east exploding into the dirt. Private Pike and his loader, Private Clarke kept up their accurate fire striking the same ork band as before though they failed to kill any. They were able to confirm that Nodgob was leading the group they were firing at however as he showed himself hurling abuse at them.

    It had seemed that Nodgob's group had been taking up firing positions but instead they charged out at us. Creber and his men were also advancing out into what was once the repair bay. My command squad had struggled up the ladders and we were still regrouping in cover. A second “Rokkit” was launched at Creber's section though it exploded into the wall behind them Private Lamber being saved by his armour. A missile fired by Private Pike also exploded dangerously close to Cpl Crebers section and would have killed Private Betts if he hadn't the good fortune to have dived to safety. Private Thorman was able to account for two more Orks though with a well placed grenade shot, rapid fire from the sections riflemen proved to have little effect. Cpl Berry also ordered his riflemen to open up on the second group of orks who had taken up position along the top level of the gantry, though they failed to cause any damage. Nodgob's began to fall back due to their depleted numbers, the concentrated fire they were receiving or due to the proximity of the enemy. As they fell back they gave fire, however it was so inaccurate that it did very little but scar the terrain. A second “Rokkit” struck Crebers section as well as small arms fire, several men were struck and Private Rudnik was blown off his feet. His wound was serious and he was unable to move, though he remained awake through out the action. As I led my squad out of cover, our fire began to become more concentrated, Private Meehan flamed one Ork, Private Hagman wounded Nodgob and Private Betts gunned down another. Nodgob's boyz were taking a pounding. Berry and Winters sections also opened up on Oggy's boy but they proved remarkably well protected.

    As my squad were advancing out were began to draw fire and both myself and Cpl Rudd were struck by smalls arm fire but Thu nor was with us both and other than a bruise or too we were unhurt. Private Meehan flamed Nodgob finally ending his flight. Winters and Creber both began to aim their fire on Oggy's mob and Pikes missile off the platform, two others were killed by a missile fired by private Arthur. My voxman, Private Hill struck Oggy himself though his shot did nothing but antagonise him and cause him to direct all his fire at our squad again.
    This fire when it came was quite heavy, all of us were struck by some lead, ricochet or shell casing, it was poor Hill whoever who was struck by another Rokkit which blew him to the ground and caused him sever wounds to his back and right leg. He was bleeding heavily and our vox was rendered useless. Cpl Rudd dragged him to safety and did what he could to stem Hills wounds. Winters broke into a run while Crebers section finished off the remaining boy from Nodgob's mob, while four soldiers all inflicted wounds on the boy, Private Lambert gets credit for the kill and the bounty as his shot put out the Orks and went through its head. Private Knowles and Elroy were able to shoot down two more boy with some handy rifle shooting.

    Oggy began to concentrate his fire on Cpl Berry's squad, Private Hancock was struck by a another cursed “Rokkit” which blew him off the platform, he survived both the blast and the fall though unfortunately lost both of his legs. Private Gilory and Knowles were also hit, Knowles received bullet to the chest, it caused him to fall, and while not as serious as first thought was deemed bad enough for him to crawl into cover and cease fighting in this action. Gilroy unfortunately was struck through the belly and his wound proved fatal as he was found dead after the action was over. Sgt. Saxon, finally managed to bring his multimelta to bear and took down the Rokkit boy that had hurt us so much so far. Lance Cpl Snowdon and Private Arthur killed 4 boys between them with some accurate missile and grenade fire. Crebers section had in the mean time climbed up the tower and appeared on Oggys flank.

    Oggy and his last remaining boy charged into combat with Cpl Creber, this was a fierce combat Cpl Creber was able bring down Oggys companion, Oggy however proved brutal in close quarter fighting. Adams was head butted with such force as to be knocked out and has a broken nose, poor Wilfredson was cut through with a chainsword and killed instantly, Kilgore was slashed across the arm and would probably have been killed if he hadn't the foresight to fake death. Cpl Crebers section was driven back from the platform and fell back. Oggy himself turned and fled, and ran, he received fire from ever available soldier, being wounded by Private Lambert, and killed by private Ashley.

    The action now over T'Pau came down from here position, contacted her own people with her own communication devices. We were brought back in Tau transports as Rudnik, Hill and Hancock required urgent medical attention. 23 Orks were numbered amongst the dead for our own losses of 2 dead, 3 seriously wounded and 3 minor wounded. 3 of our wounded have returned to duty, 2 more will return to duty with in two weeks. Private Hancock injuries have reduced his ability to fight in a front-line role, upon his recovery in 6 months time he will be re assigned to the 45th Regiments Barracks were he will assume an administrative or training role.

    Sgt. Saxon 400 Crown bounty, (1 heavy boy kill)
    Cpl Creber 200 Crown bounty, (1 boy kill)
    Lance Cpl Ashley 500 Crown bounty, (1 nob kill)
    Lance Cpl Hagman 200 Crown bounty (1 nob kill)
    Private Knowles 200 Crown bounty, (1 boy kill)
    Private Gilroy 200 Crown bounty, (1 boy kill, To be paid to his widow's security package)
    Private Pike 600 Crown bounty (3 boy kill)
    Private Clarke 600 Crown bounty (3 boy kill)
    Private Meehan 1 Royal 100 Crown bounty (3 boy kill, 1 nob kill)
    Private Arthur 1 Royal bounty (3 boy kills, 1 heavy boy kill)
    Private Terry 1 Royal bounty (3 boy kills, 1 heavy boy kill)
    Private Thorman 700 Crown bounty (1 heavy boy kill, 1 boy kill)
    Private Betts 200 Crown (1 boy kill)
    Private Lambert 200 Crown bounty (1 boy kill)
    Private Snowdon 400 Crown bounty (2 boy kills)

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    really interesting report, quite fun to read. Good job and good win.
    Iske 12th Rangers (IG) (1500 pts) (W/L/D) 25-43-2 Da Dakkad Dizzy Deff Skullz (1500 pts) 1-0-2

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