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    Nemesis Battle- Blood Angels vs Black Legion 1500 pts

    The other day my bro and i decided duke it out again with our marine armies and recently he's been thinking that any strategy he comes up with can destroy me. So to defend my honor, i challenged him and here's our lists (his to the best that i can remember)

    Blood Angels:

    Company Captain- lightning claws, terminator armor- 125 pts

    5 Death company- 0 pts
    5 terminators- heavy flamer, chainfist- 210 pts

    10 tactical marines- plasmagun, plasma cannon- 220 pts
    10 tactical marines- flamer, heavy bolter, power weapon- 220 pts
    10 tactical marines- meltagun, missile launcher, powerfist- 235 pts
    2 X rhino- 110 pts

    Heavy Support:
    Predator- all lascannons- 165 pts
    devastators- 2 missile launchers, 2 lascannons- 225 pts

    Total: 1510 pts

    Black Legion:

    Daemon prince- wings, warptime- 155 pts
    Sorceror- MoT, bolt of change- 155 pts

    10 chaos marines- MoN, 2 plasmaguns, champ w/ power weapon, plasma pistol- 275 pts
    rhino- 35 pts
    16 chaos marines- MoN, plasmagun, heavy bolter, champ w/ powerfist- 355 pts
    10 berzerkers- 210 pts
    5 lesser daemons- 65 pts

    Heavy Support:
    vindicator- 125 pts
    vindicator- 125 pts
    predator- all lascannons- 165 pts

    Total: 1665 pts

    This may not be exactly what he had but he was definitely over points and all through the game he tried to add more upgrades where he suited him but i crushed him anyway.

    Setup: (all from my board edge)
    the board was a 4X4 area with a large ruined bunker in the middle, a tower in the upper right corner, a large steep hill that covered half my board edge on the left, and ruins in each of the other two corners (lower right and upper left). a bunker also sat between his board edge and the center ruins. we rolled for deployment and we got spearhead. i got the corner in the lower right and he took the upper left and then we got the mission where we have to take each other's base objective. Both ended up being placed in the ruins for protection.

    i split all my squads into combat squads with heavy weapon in one and sarge with special weapon in the other. the missile launcher and heavy bolter squads sat on the objective with the devastators. my flamer/power weapon and powerfist/meltagun squads hoped into the rhinos and started as close to the center as i could go. the predator i placed a little above the ruins with the plasma combat squads and the death company next to it. my terminators sat in reserve with the captain.

    he placed a vindicator and the rhino with the nurgle marines to the left of the center ruins, out of sight of my devastator squad. his large marine squad sat on his objective with the ruins with the sorceror. his predator, prince, and zerkers went between the bunker and center ruins and the other vindicator above the bunker.

    I got first turn and he failed to seize the initiative.

    Turn 1:
    my rhinos move up, to the right of the center ruins and form a wall to block the predator and vindicator from shooting my predator and marines moved to better firing lanes. My death company, without the guidance of a chaplain, run frothing at towards the zerkers. my missile launcher combat squad shoots at his rhino (forgot they existed) and even with his cover save it blew up and took out a marine. other shooting ineffective.

    He starts by moving his smaller nurgle marines towards my objective along with his vindicator. the daemon prince jumps and prepares to assault the rhino with my powerfist. his other vidicator moves out and shoots at the other rhino with the flamer/powerweapon and scatters off. he tries to shoot it with the predator but only stuns which is turned to shaken by extra armor. the prince destroys my rhino.

    Turn 2:
    I start by rolling for my terminators but fail (something they continue to do throughout the game). my powerfist squad moves around the prince and heads for the vindicator along with the other rhino. my DC moves towards his prince. shooting begins with my plasma cannon failing to kill any zerkers while my plasmagun squad takes out a wound from the prince with plasmagun and another with bolters. my predator takes out another wound. my devastators take out his vindicator on the left and my missile launcher squad takes out another nurgle marine as well as the heavy bolter squad bringing them to 7. my meltagun squad fails to penetrate the vindicator's armor (snake eyes). Assault phase, DC goes for the prince and takes him out but lose 3 in return. the powerfist fails to do any damage to the vindicator.

    He begins by moving the zerkers after my DC and moving his vindicator away from the powerfist squad. the plague marine squad moves and runs toward my objective. his vindicator pie plates my powerfist squad and kills all of them. his predator takes out a marine from my plasmagun squad. he assaults my my 2 DC with 10 zerkers and only kills one with 40 attacks. i fail to kill anything in return and pass my armor save. He is very angry at me at this point for my ability to pass feel no pain saves when it counts.

    Turn 3:
    once again the terminators fail to arrive when i need to push him away. i move my plasma squads away from the inevitable charge. my rhino moves back in case i need to pour fire power into them. my devastators, missile squad, and heavy bolter squad shoot at the nurgle marines and take few more down. the insuing combat sees my DC overwhelmed and the zerkers consolidate towards my plasma cannon squad.

    He moves and runs with his nurgle marines again and moves with the zerkers. he also summons his daemons from the nurgle icon and moves towards my objective. his predator shoots off the remaining rhino's storm bolter. the zerkers assault and wipe out my plasma cannon squad, cosolidating towards my objective, bent on taking my heavy weapons out.

    Turn 4:
    my terminators arrive (finally) but end up landing themselves in the central ruins but are still alive. my rhino moves back and dumps the marines. my missile launcher squad shoots down 2 daemons and 2 more go down from the heavy bolter squad. my predator, plasmagun squad, flamer squad, and terminators reduce his zerkers to 1 marine. the devastators wipe out the nurgle marines.

    he moves his predator to shoot my terminators and sets up assaults with his one zerker and one daemon. His predator wounds 2 termies but i pass both saves. his zerker assaults my heavy bolter squad and the daemon assaults my missile squad. daemon dies, nothing to me, zerker fights to a stall.

    Turn 5:
    my predator lines up on his predator and my termies begin to get out of the ruins while my flamer marines hop back in and use their supercharged engines to rush his objective. my predator destroys his predator and i run with my terminators and after assaulting his zerker with the devastators, he dies and i consolidate back.

    he positions his large marine squad to make sure i don't get within 3". his sorceror blasts a terminator with bolt of Tzeentch.

    Turn 6:
    my rhino rushes his objective, and passes its dangerous terrain test. the marines pile out and my terminators move towards the sorceror. i fire on his marines and kill one and my terminators shoot but do nothing to his sorceror. they assault the sorceror and powerfist him to death while losing no one in return.

    he does nothing and it ends in a draw (1 vs 1)

    despite being outnumbered by over 150 pts, i almost won and ended up taking out everything but the large marine squad. i still had my missile squad, devastators, heavy bolter squad, plasmagun squad, the predator, the flamer squad, rhino and the terminators. it was i victory in my book and all he did was march away making remarks about how it was a draw and i can't win against him. i hope everyone who reads this never has this problem. Next time i'll use my mech eldar that i've been trying to build for competitive play.

    Last edited by xhivetyrantx; January 5th, 2009 at 21:01.

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    Good Bat rep!

    Thanks for writing it.
    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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