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    Close fought Inquisition vs Chaos, 1000pts

    Prelude :
    The robed supplicants bowed and uttered their devotion as the power armoured figures moved past them towards the smoking wreckage of a downed valkyrie. The towering warriors not turning to acknowledging their existance, nor noticing the one that peered out from beneath their hood with cold and calculating eyes.
    Alara watched the traitors pass, knowing that it was not yet time to strike. Instructed by the assassinorum to infiltrate and identify suspected heretics on Gehenna Prime she had arrived in the midst of some terrible incursion by the servants of the dark powers. They were searching for some kind of relic, and believed it to be onboard the vessel they had attacked; a coded warning had been sent and Alara offered prayer to the emperor that the recovery force would be able to delay the traitors until true help arrived.

    Forces :
    1000 points, no special characters. Usual force structure restrictions apply.
    Inquisition house-ruled to use the newer rules for smoke, force weapons, storm shields, etc. Vehicles and upgrades costed as per the forgeworld ia2-update.

    The forces of Chaos
    HQ - Winged lash prince
    Fast attack - Large group of raptors (~9 or 10)
    Troop - 10 Thousand sons, Sorc with doombolt, Rhino
    Troop - 10 Chaos marines, one with heavy bolter
    Heavy support - Predator with twin linked lascannon and dual lascannon sponsons

    Having recently played 1k chaos myself alongside my opponent in preparation for a big multi-way game it was interesting to see the lash prince and mech thousand sons I used brought out against me (up until i'd used them my opponent had shown consistent favour of small footzerging plague and sonic marine squads, and distain for the lash).
    The lascannon heavy predator was no surprise (a new favourite of my opponent) but the raptors were unexpected given their repeated poor showings in the hands of both longstanding chaos players.

    Inquisition (DH with WH allies)
    HQ - BC & retinue (Psycannon, 2x Thunderhammers, Incense, Grimoir)
    Elite - Inquisitor (bolt pistol, krak grenades)
    Elite - Callidus assassin
    Troop - 6 DH stormtroopers, 2x plasma, Chimera
    Troop - 6 DH stormtroopers, 2x plasma
    Allied Troop - 10 Sisters, Vet, Meltagun, Repressor
    Allied Fast attack - 7 Seraphim (2 flamers, evis, brazier, book)

    A relatively predictable force for me, moving from 750 to 1000 triggered the switch from WH to DH with the GKT back and the callidus stepping into the eversor's place.

    Pre game :
    6' by 4' table, with a large hill dominating much of the left half of the table and scattered sight-blocking ruins on the right hand side of the table.
    Dawn of war, contesting 5 objective points, two placed on pieces of a wrecked valkyrie central right and central bottom of the table, two more on the left and right edges of the hilltop, and the fifth about 2 feet from the left edge near the top of the board.
    Chaos won the roll and opted to start second

    Inquisition setup :
    The two stormtrooper squads started on the main hill, with the chimera at the central open objective and the ground troops in light cover closer to the left objective.
    It retrospect adding the GKT to the hill defense might have helped ward off the initial attack, but I was concerned that they would be left chasing the faster prince around the table all game.

    Chaos setup :
    The chaos marines deployed in cover on the far right flank, facing the right objective marker. The thousand sons deployed in their rhino more centrally near the back of the table.
    The CSM's objective was clear enough, but the Thousand Sons were out in no-mans land. I assumed they would move up to contest the hill but they were poorly positioned to do so quickly.

    Inquisition turn 1 :
    Sister's repressor comes on the right flank and hold a short distance in, wary of the distant predator. The Seraphim move into position at the edge of the the hill behind the stormtroopers.
    - I had considered withdrawing the chimera and pushing hard on the right flank but the CSMs and Sons looked like relatively soft opposition for the repressor to tie up and the hilltop objectives would be hard to address later in the game.

    Chaos turn 1 :
    The Raptors and Prince arrive centrally near the top objective and leap up to attack the exposed stormtroopers, killing four and causing the two remaining to flee back past the seraphim. The prince attempts to lash the seraphim but their shield of faith protects them.
    On the right the chaos marines moved up towards the objective. The predator attempts to fire but it's sight distance is only 9 inches.
    A little unlucky to lose so many stormtroopers, leaving them unable to contest the back objective during their retreat, however the raptor's attack had left them bunched up on the hillside within range of the seraphim so I wasn't too disappointed.

    Inquisition turn 2 :
    No reinforcements arrive.
    The seraphim move up onto the crest of the hill to strike at the closely packed raptors while the chimera turns to open fire upon the prince. Fueled by faith the seraphim wipe out all but 4 of the raptors while the chimera's heavy bolters and the plasma guns of it's passengers strip three wounds from the daemon prince. On the right the sister's repressor moved closer to the objective seeking to avoid the predator's fire.
    The two fleeing stormtroopers rallied close to the edge of the board.
    The seraphim declined to assault, saving faith for the prince's counter charge.

    Chaos turn 2 :
    The raptors and prince lept onto the hill to engage the seraphim while the predator turned it's guns upon the chimera, wrecking it. The rest of the chaos force's fire was less effective as a single seraphim fell to the raptor's weapon and the chaos marine's heavy bolter failed to damage the repressor. Near the bottom of the hill the thousand sons rhino turned towards the access road, it's sorcerer targetting the seraphim but once againt their faith protect them from harm.
    In close combat the combined efforts of the daemon prince and raptors only slew two of the seraphim, who in turn cut down a pair of the raptors. The seraphim then broke off combat, clearing the hillside in pursuit of the thousand sons below.
    The wrecked chimera provided good cover for the top objective and the troops on the hillside, with just one wound left on the prince I was hopeful of regaining and securing the hilltop next turn.

    Inquisition turn 3 :
    The grey knights appear from deepstrike centrally on top of the main hillside, while the callidus revealed itself behind the chaos marine squad on the right flank.
    Driving up the right side the repressor closed the trap on the chaos marine squad, and the storm troopers on the hill moved closer to the protection of the grey knights, and away from the firing lines of the thousand sons.
    Withering fire from the grey knights, assassin, stormtroopers, and repressor annihilated the remaining raptors and six of the chaos space marines, forcing them to flee towards the predator. However the prince shrugged off countless hits without harm, with one of the stormtroopers falling to an overheating plasma gun.
    At the bottom of the hill the seraphim wrecked the thousand sons rhino, leaving them stranded far from their objectives, while the Callidus engaged the fleeing marines, killing two more.
    Not good. Though the CSMs had been driven off they were never the real problem - the daemon prince soaked up everything thrown at him and was now in a position to break my hold on the high ground. The contest would now be for the far right objective, and there was a chance that the prince might push through combat with the storm troopers and move on the sisters next.

    Chaos turn 3 :
    While the thousand sons turned to face their assailants the prince thought better of facing the knights and instead assaulted the stormtrooper squad holding the central objective, unwilling to risk the dangers of a failed psychic test at this key moment against the well protected GKT.
    On the right the predator was able to target and hit the sister's repressor with two of it's three lascannons, but succeeded only in shaking it. Nearby the thousand sons cut down the remaining seraphim and the last of the chaos space marines fell to the callidus.
    Up on the hill the daemon prince unleashed it's full strength upon the storm troopers - killing three, but the last two held their nerve and held the prince within range of the highly unimpressed grey knights...
    With some poor rolling the chaos forces were put on the back foot, the prince held up far too close to the GKT for comfort and the sister's repressor all but immune to lascannon fire leaving the bolter-armed Thousand Sons unable to dislodge them for another turn. Something had to be done about that predator though.

    Inquisition turn 4 :
    The grey knights advanced menacingly upon the prince, while on the field below the Callidus considered her next move long and hard. Ultimately the choice was taken to protect the sisters by crippling the predator, rather than prematurely whittling at the thousand sons. Hits from the neural shredder crippled the main lascannon and shook the crew.
    On the hill the prince flailed ineffectually at the grey knights as they cut it down and advanced past it towards the right edge of the hill.
    I had to slow the predator down before the sisters got crucified. It was going to cost me the assassin but another round of Thousand Sons shooting was another round in which they were not moving to contest.

    Chaos turn 4 :
    The shaken predator moved forwards to allow for the thousand sons to fire upon the Callidus, who failed her saves.
    And with that the Sons could not reach the objective by the end of turn 5. One more target to deal with.

    Inquisition turn 5 :
    Seeing the objective with their grasp the sisters lept from their repressor and into cover. For it's part the repressor accelerated forwards into the side of the predator, penetrating the armour but only shaking it, and the sister's melta gun was unable to damage it further.
    Reaching the edge of the hillside the grey knights poured fire upon the thousand sons, killing two of them.
    Uh oh, draw here we come. Once again that last critical hit eludes the inquisition for a turn.

    Chaos turn 5 :
    The predator continued to advance, moving up to contest the sister's objective while the thousand sons held their ground to fire on the sisters, killing two but ending any real chance that they might reach an objective of their own.
    The roll for an extra turn is made, and the game goes on, the CSM's last gasp draw snatched away.

    Inquisition turn 6 :
    With improbable speed the grey knights charge down the hillside towards the predator while the repressor closes up behind it, completely concealing the sisters from the guns of the thousand sons and killing another with it's stormbolter.
    Reaching the predator the grey knights rip into it, wrecking the tank and ensuring that there was no further possibility of harm to the objective - the wreck, repressor, and nearby buildings obscuring it and the sisters from most of the table.
    And that's the game. The remaining Sons have no chance of claiming, contesting, or clearing any objective in two turns.

    Chaos turn 6 and turn 7 :
    With no hope of victory the thousand sons, grey knights, repressor, and storm troopers exchange ineffectual fire as the game is closed out, a single knight falling as their aegis and terminator armour protected them from the worst of it, and the sons being knocked below half strength in the process.

    Victory for the Inquisition.

    Wrap-up :
    It was a close thing for a while, with a withering crossfire unable to take the last wound from the daemon prince and costing me the central objective and nearly the game as hit after hit on the predator failed to slow it down.
    The seraphim did what they do best, screw up my opponent's plans with a few well placed strikes, while the GKT were their usual efficient selves making a mockery of the prince's and predator's earlier resilience.
    The chimera-mounted storm troopers are worth a special mention for wounding and holding up the prince for so long; if not for an overheating plasmagun they would have still been a scoring unit after the prince's attack (though they would have almost certainly been targetted over the grey knights in the prince's subsequent assault phase).

    The Thousand Son's trigger-happy indecision left the CSM's best chance at scoring stuck to the spot half way between objectives - refusing to move for fear of losing a turn of fire, not that it was doing them much good.
    What they were doing out there when they got wrecked in the first place is beyond me, looking for a good firing spot for the sorcerer's doombolts it seemed.

    Epilogue :
    Anamexis shook his fist at the distant warriors, furious that his powers could not pierce whatever protections warded them. The relics were lost, for now. The sound of nearby footfalls alerted him to the approach of another, a penitent had survived the crossfire and staggered closer carrying some kind of ancient blade.
    Had one of the fools managed to recover it from the wreckage? "Give it to me, now!"
    The penitent peered out from beneath their hood with cold and calculating eyes, and lifted her blade one more time...

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    797 (x8)

    Well fought. Score another one for the Imperium!

    Btw, good report also.

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    430 (x8)

    Rules correction :
    It seems that we had confused the objective holding rules for 5th ed, and the battle wasn't as close as we thought.

    The 2 storm troopers saved from the prince by the GKT were on the central hilltop objective for the entire game making the predator's 5th-turn charge irrelevant (we had thought they needed at least 50% to hold)

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    great write up, but your list was missing some stuff that you used.
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbinoAlien View Post
    great write up, but your list was missing some stuff that you used.
    It was written a time after the game, but nothing jumps out at me - can you be specific ?

    (I know the inquisitor was never placed, he was with the chimera but I couldn't put him down in dawn of war and forgot about him later)

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