My friend has been working on putting together an Ultramarine army for 40k, and he wanted to try it out today. He was running two tactical squads (one in a rhino), an assault squad with jetpacks, a squad of terminators and a dreadnought. My army was made up of a Dire Avenger squad with an Exarch in a Wave Serpent, a squad of 8 Pathfinders, 6 Jetbikes, 3 War Walkers with scatter lasers, 5 Harlequins and a Doomseer. We ended up rolling the capture and control mission with 3 objectives and the dawn of war deployment. I went first.
I deployed my Avengers in the serpent behind some cover with my Doomseer. My pathfinders setup on a hill with firing lanes to two of the closer points. My friend's rhino setup behind some cover close to the middle of the table and his tactical squad setup on the other side. My first turn saw my jetbikes coming in and taking some shots at the rhino with no success. The walkers came up the middle and fired at his tac squad (we completely forgot about the night fire rule), killing 2. The pathfinders also managed to pick off one. The Serpent drove to the center of the board and the Harlies walked up towards the Pathfinders. My friend moved the rhino and disembarked. His assault squad ran toward my pathfinders, and his terminators and dreadnaught moved toward the center point with the Serpent.
On the second turn, my Serpent moved to the center point and dropped off the Avengers, and the bikes moved to get a better shot on the 1st tac squad. In shooting, the walkers, serpent and pathfinders managed to completely wipe out the assault squad. The avengers dropped a few of the 2nd tac squad and caused them to run off the table. My bikes were able to kill a few of the 1st tac squad and they turned tail. They were able to regroup and the terminators moved up and actually assaulted the wave serpent and destroyed its weapons and immobilised it. The dreadnaught took out a few Avengers and the tac squad failed to hurt any bikes.
On turn three the Avengers bladestormed and with the help of the walkers, cut the terminators down to 2. The bikes killed a few more of the tac squad and the Pathfinders picked up and started to move to capture an objective. The Harlies were getting into position to assault the terminators. His terminators and dreadnought killed off the rest of the Avengers in shooting and assault. And the tac squad managed to kill a bike.
The game ended at the end of turn four. The War Walkers and harlies finished of the two terminators. The tac squad assaulted the bikes and even with all the attacks they failed to kill any. The bikes killed off one marine and then proceeded to sweep the tac squad off the table. At that point we called it a game.
The MVP on my side was definitely the Walkers with the bikers being a runner up. The Serpent and Avengers were alright, but I could have used them more effectively. My friend was plagued with bad luck in his rolls and just some bad decisions for movement and such.
Overall a good time was had, and we both learned plenty.