My friend and I got together again today for some Warhammer 40k. We were both playing the same lists as last time, my with my Eldar and him with his Ultramarines.

The game started out in my favor with my Pathfinders epically destroying his Rhino with some very lucky 6's. My Walkers then took out the squad that popped out of the Rhino. My Harlequins were assaulted by his Assault Marines and held their own for a while. On the next turn, my Dire Avengers jumped out of the Wave Serpent and destroyed another of his tactical squads, and my bikers shot up a few of another squad. This is where I made a critical mistake. For some reason I decided to assault the marines with the bikes. Though they would win the initial assault, they got destroyed the following turn.

Turn three is where things really turned bad. My bikes got killed in assault, his dreadnought assaulted my Dire Avengers and would tie them up for the rest of the game, and worst of all, his Terminators deepstruck in right between my Pathfinders and Walkers and would make the game for him.

At the end of turn four, my Walkers were in combat with his terminators, my Avengers locked in with the Dreadnought and the Wave Serpent driving around aimlessly. Everything else of mine was dead, so I conceded the game.

Overall, it was a good game. I made some critical mistakes and my friend made some good moves. This was his first win against me, so it's nice to see the improvement.