First, a quick disclaimer: my friend wrote this fine news/battle report, so I can't take any credit but I thought that you all would enjoy it. This was our small (3 person) group's first battle between him (van Saar gang, "Quaos Force") and his brother's (Escher gang, "The Horde") gangs.

News flash: New Gangs clash.

From reports now coming in, the two new gangs which have been moving into the area for the last couple weeks suddenly clashed. It is too early to have a definitive direction to how these gangs may continue, but the sudden clash reportedly ended with the Quaos Force fleeing the area ahead of The Horde.

The Quaos Force, as readers may be aware, are affiliated with the Orlock house. They currently run Repairman Jack's Drinking Hole, the New Light settlement, two slag mines, and an older ruined area of the Underhive. Until recently they have been largely peaceful and good reports have been heard from New Light and Jack's. Run by "J Boss" Topec and supported by the huge twin brothers "Rock" and "Roll" Coatl and five other gangers, the organization is small, but no one has previously opposed them as they are widely known for Topec's grenade launcher and the twins' heavy stubbers.

The Horde is less know to us, being based further away from our city, but law enforcement sources say they control three wealthy slag mines, an older ruined area even further away, and have established the settlement of Fort David. Their reputation for hand to hand combat is well known, being of the Escher house. As mentioned, information on their gang is less well known in our area, but they seem to be a large gang with 12 members. Our informant says that they have been recruiting heavily recently and have added four juvenile gang members to their existing group of two heavy combat specialists and five full gang members. Nothing is known about their leader and reports are particularly vague when it comes to him. The only reliable information is that he is considered a crach shot with a plasma pistol.

The skirmish was brief from all reports, with the Quaos Force fleeing after two members had been completely incapacitated. When faced with being heavily outnumbered, the Quaos bunkered down behind cover with J Boss and the twins climbing a ruined pyramid for a better firing view. Initially, many of the Horde were forced to take cover and take long detours to stay behind cover. Several were wounded under the heavy long range fire of the grenade launcher and heavy stubbers, but most of the wounded were eventually able to get back up to continue on in spite of their wounds.

As the Horde forces drew nearer though, the Quaos gang met disaster as both of their heavy stubbers abruptly failed. Quickly taking advantage of the opportunity, the main body of the Horde unleashed a flood of generally inaccurate fire which eventually managed to take down two Quaos members, one of whom lapsed into unconsciousness. Two of the wounded juves apparently distinguished themselves and showed the quality of even the juves' hand to hand combat skill by taking down a previously unwounded Quaos gang member.

Upon losing two of their members so suddenly and having another down, losing most of their main heavy fire support, and being outnumbered with an about-to-charge force of expert hand-to-hand combat forces, the Quaos Force gang fled, gathering up their fallen members.

Talk in the local establishments has suggested there were no deaths from the battle.

Overall, this seems to have been a victory for the Horde gang, and several of the juve members have been seen about town bragging about new skills they had managed to pick up in the fighting.

Readers should be aware that it is unlikely the fighting will stop, and it is most likely that the fighting will quickly accellerate. Everyone should be aware of any members of either gang in the area and be alert to any hint of exploding hostilities.

- Hive News Service, Underhive Department, Reporter, Charles McConn