Disclaimer, this was also written by my friend and I take no credit. This is battle #2 in our Necromunda campaign, Quaos Force vs. my Orks. For the orks I used the Goliath list, took the leader and gangers, gave them +1T, -1BS and +5 guilders to hire.

Public alert! Ork invasion!

An ork gang has been sighted not far outside the outskirts of Skavenderth! Everyone is advised to stay well clear of all orks as they are highly unstable and violent. Some may be tempted to deal with them to take advantage of their low intellect and abundant credits, this is highly warned against.

The up-hive authorities have been highly skeptical of the reports of orks. High Guilder Urin Myvay replied with "Beat it scum or I'll have you thrown out," when town leader Ali Tosis tried to warn him of orks in the area. So far the only reports have been from random Ratskin scouts and the Quaos gang.

According to gang leader J Boss, "We kicked the **** out of their ever-******* ********* and left the sorry ****-****** out to rot."

However, this description differs from that told by ganger "Iron" Mike Zotec when he was found in the Black Grog Bar.

"Those green monsters are nightmares! Half of our gang was out of action by the time we finally bugged out! Those sneaky ***** weren't like orks at all! Instead of charging us, they set up some heavy gunners in overwatch positions to nail us whenever we moved, and they hid every chance they got as they sneaked closer. ***?!? Not only that, but they apparently have some tunnels available to them because they sneaked a small group up right behind us! It just wasn't fair, the ******** ****, ***** *******! They're supposed to let us shoot them!"

Though disjointed, a clearer view of the gang-fight slowly emerged. With a Ratskin scout to guide, the Quaos gang was searching for a rumored water hole when they ran across the ork gang in a heavily rubbled area near a destroyed warehouse. J Boss, contrary to his fearless statements to our reporter, was extremely cautious, setting himself and his two heavy gunners on a small, abandoned ratskin pyramid while deploying his gangers and the scout as skirmishers.

Immediately the gangers and scout came under heavy long-range fire from the ork's Heavy Nobs' heavy stubbers. That portion of the combat dragged on for the entire course of the conflict as the gangers carefully tried to work closer while avoiding the Heavy Nob heavy stubber fire. Wounds were exchanged on both sides, but nothing decisive was determined for most of the combat.

The main body of the ork gang used the heavy cover and the ruined warehouse to approach J Boss and his heavies, Rock and Roll Coatl. Occasionally some firing would break out, but the slow, mostly hidden approach of the ork hoard and several ruined ork weapons delayed heavy combat. The momentary appearances of the orks left J Boss screaming mysterious curses at "dice gods" as all of his grenade shots went wildly astray. Until now, it was unknown that J Boss was religious. These "dice gods" are part of a hereunto unknown religion.

It was the inserted ork forces that caused the most consternation to the Quaos gang. In spite of their apparent attempts at stealth, the orks could be heard almost immediately according to Iron Mike.

"It was just a minute after we first deployed that we heard a bunch of rustling nearby in the middle of some heavy mold jungle. After a bit we could tell there were two orks and some human scum they had hired! I hope they ate the ******* ****** *****!!"

The fear of being assaulted from behind by the inserted ork forces kept Quaos fighters from advancing to meet the incoming body of orks. While the strain of waiting seemed to go on forever with the orks moving forward but then falling back to approach from another direction, when the orks finally broke from cover, the wariness of the Quaos gang was proven valid. Wielding massive clubs and axes, the incoming orks beat into a bloody pulp any ganger they could reach. Iron Mike was apparently within reach as evidenced by his heavily bandaged head.

A hail of gunfire erupted as the two gangers and the Rock and Roll twins with J Boss fired, causing some wounds but failing to seriously slow the oncoming orks. As two gangers, Rock, and J Boss were beaten or shot down, Roll's heavy stubber failed, quickly follwed by his back-up stub gun. As the leadership of the Quaos gang had been beaten down, Roll and the remaining gang members panicked, fleeing before the Orkish forces.

All was not lost though. The ongoing gunfight between the deployed gang members and the two orkish heavies managed to take down the heavies at the cost of the ratskin scout and several flesh wounds. On fleeing, both the ork heavies were captured with the rest of the downed Quaos gang. It is a wonder to this reporter how four wounded gang members managed to carry out five of their downed fellow gangers and the two downed ork heavies!

Perhaps this explains why the two orks were able to escape their captivity, much to the disgust of the Quaos gang.

J Boss and Rock are both sporting horribly terrifying scars from their wounds by the ork heavy axe, but most of the rest of the Quaos gang seems to be recovering well. The settlement which they include in their territory has been so impressed with the coming danger that a juvenile ganger joined the Quaos gang.

The ork gang, though so far unnamed, has surely gathered a great deal of experience from their fight, and it is anticipated that several of them have gained Skills and Toughness. People should not be alarmed though, as the Quaos gang members also gained skills, notably with two of their gangers developing into Crack Shots.

It is sincerely hoped that local gangs will be up to beating back the orks until up-hive authorities can be convinced of the dangers