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    Crude Narrative Report (SM vs CSM 1250 point)

    Space Marines
    -Captain with power sword, digital weapons, storm bolter
    -Tactical Squad 1 - plasma gun, plasma cannon, Sgt with powerfist
    -Tactical Squad 2 - melta gun, lascannon, Sgt with power sword
    -Tactical Squad 3 - plasman gun, missile launcher, Sgt with power sword
    -Scout Squad - 7 Snipers, Heavy Bolter, 1 boltgun, Sgt with Sniper rifle
    -Attack Bike with Multi-melta
    -Landspeeder with multi-melta, Heavy Flamer
    -Vindicator with Siege Shield

    Chaos Marines
    -Daemon Prince with MoN, Wings
    -CSM Squad 1 - (10 ), 2 Plasma guns, IoCG, Champion with power fist, Rhino
    -CSM Squad 2 - (10 ), 2 Melta Guns
    -Khorne Besrkers - (8 ), Skull Champion with power fist, Rhino
    -Plague Marines - (7 ), 2 plasma guns, Champion with power fist
    -2 Obliterators

    This is a battle report written in story mode. Hopefully you can follow whats going on!
    Feel free to leasve Critism and comments. Was going to try using that fancy picture maker BlackHat linked to in the sticky but it wouldn't place terrain for me


    The scouts had located the target of the next Chaos attack and slide into the shadows of a ruined building. A short encoded signal was sent directly to Commander Argon who quickly indicated the point to his Sergents.

    The mission was simple, stop the Chaos Marines from taking the Site of the Imperial Temple and destroy them. 3 Squads of Marines backed up by a Vindicator, a land Speeder and an attack Bike sped to the sight to find the Chaos Marines has already arrived. The battle would be bloody among the ruined remnants of this city block.

    The Daemon Prince KaledKhan watched as the silver Marines appeared in the distance, his warp vision picking them out between the ruins as sparks of light amid a dark landscape. He bellowed an order to the Traitors nearby and flew towards the ruins of the Temple. The Astartes of the Corpse god who opposed him would be offered to Nurgle.

    The Scouts felt a sudden urge to throw up and their vision began to swim as a being of pure chaos landed in the nearby temple. Their newly forged constitutions struggling to fight off its corrupting influence. The Sergent, who had dealt with Chaos before, was able to organise them as a Chaos Rhino roared around the corner and the foul enemy began to disembark and fire upon the Doom Eagles who were marching towards the temple.

    The Champion roared praise to the dark Gods as the plasma guns from his squad members burned through the Marines who dared oppose them. He fired his bolt pistol and relished the sensation of battle as all hell broke lose. Suddenly suppressing sniper fire from a nearby building managed to take down one of his marines, followed by a quick explosion of acidic sludge destroyed another. 'Fools!' He thought, it would take more than that to stop him now.

    The air around the Chaos marines buckled and strained and from the nightmarish realm beyond slid the forms of 2 Obliterators. Their Mutant weaponry joined that of the Chaos Marines and more of the Loyalist Marines fell to the furious onslaught. To the fore of the marines strode Chaplain Sapphon. 'Hold to your Faith, my brothers. We will see these Traitors off in the name of the Emperor!' With renewed vigour the marines surged forward and fired at the Chaos Marines before them. The support of a Land Speeder joined them but it was plucked out of the sky by one of the Obliterators. Accurate fire resulted in several of the Chaos warriors being downed and a well placed shot from the Battle Brother Varuis' lascannon managed to pitch the Obliterator off his feet with a gaping hole in his chest.

    The Scouts sniper rifles found more targets and the Chaos Marines realised they had forged to far forward and were unsupported. They broke off and fought to withdraw from the combat. The victory was short lived however as the Daemon Prince crashed through the buildings flimsy walls and fell upon the Marines within.

    As the Daemon slaughtered his men, Captain Argon moved up to stop the attack of a squad of Khornes finest. The vindicator sped ahead and fired on the Building before them, the building shook and the Plague Marines hidden within were thrown to the ground. Only one failed to stand back up as the exposed Vindicator was assaulted by The Khorne Beserkers. The plague marines sighted the scouts hidden within the opposite building and their bolters slaughtered those on the roof top.

    The attack bike blasted the Obliterator with its bolters but failed to fell the beast before it could destroy the bike with a simple flick of its power fist.

    The Skull Champion rammed his powered Fist into the exposed Vindicator and screamed in frustration. He wanted the skull of those cowards who skulked within. Seeing that hope was lost, the Vindicator crew set of a detonation of immense power which threw the beserkers attacking it to the ground. Those who survived, were set upon by the Marines led by Argon as he headed towards the Plague Marine held building.

    Whipped into a frenzy by the oratory of the Chaplain, the Marines fought against the immense Daemon in their midst, one marine, armed with a melta gun took a moment to turn the nearby rhino to slag before being thrown across the room by the daemon prince. Seeing the marines being slaughtered, the remaining scouts charged from the ruin to the combat, their weapons proving ineffectual against the Chaos armour. Chaplain Sapphon used the distraction to bury his Crozius Arcanum in the chest of the daemon. The Daemon howled in pain and slashed its massive daemon sword at him. The chaplain swung under the weapon as it killed the last marine left standing and smashed his weapon into the Daemons head. The Daemon bellowed again in rage and smashed its fist into the Chaplin. His armour cracked and his body smashed, the Chaplain slumped into unconsciousness. The scouts, realising the futility of their attacks ran from the building and from the battlefield.

    Argon saw the massive losses appearing on his HUD, and knew that it would be impossible to stop the Chaos Marines from taking the Temple, even now a full squad of Chaos Marines was taking up position within the Temple and the remaining Marines could not hope to oust them alone. Not all was lost, the daemon Prince had been wounded and was unlikely to press further into the Imperial Line, if Argon could just remove the plague marines who remained in the nearby building.

    Argon led the charge, smashing through the very walls as the squads grenades held back the plague marines. The Captains power sword slew 2 of the Traitors boefre they could react at all and the fighting became fierce as Traitor and Loyalist fought in bloody hand to hand. The risky charge payed off as the Plague Marines were forced back and Argon knew the Chaos attack had been blunted. The Doom Eagles had failed to protect the Temple and had taken heavy injuries pushing back their hated brethren.

    The Daemon Prince landed amid the ruins of the Imperial Temple, his rotten flesh already reknitting as warp energy surged from the wounds. He had taken the temple but could not press his attack any further for now.

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    And so it ended in a bloody and hard fought draw 1-1 on objectives with 2 contested.
    (Im the Chaos player)

    My beserkers couldnt hold up the Force Commanders unit long enough as they were too low on numbers (standing next to an exploding tank is not a good idea) and the Force Commander (with troop squad in tow) was able to contest the objective the Plauge Marines were sitting on late in the game.

    Long live Brother Varius!

    Cool report. A rematch is due soon.
    Currently play: 4000+ of Black Legion

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