captain mattheo stared up the shattered beach at the chaos position the storm troopers landing craft reached the beach and the 30 storm troopers ran through the surf to form up positions on the beach. a demolisher and their captain followed them on and finally the marines stormed onto the beach. there were two defensive positions immediatly ahead of them that the raiding party would have to wire with explosives and a third stood isolated on their left. matheos landing craft hit the beach and he and 5 blood angels ran onto the beach, the storm troopers forming up in front of them. the death company and assult marines in matheos command soon followed him in gunning their jump packs and landing either side of his squad. with a roar he ordered the strike force frwards the storm troopers taking the nearest position however the chaos scum formed up a firing line ahead of them, twenty marines opened up at the storm troopers killing many. lascannon and autocannon fire also lashed out at the demolisher and the other guardsmen although the heavy siege tank just shrugged off the worst of it and vapourised the chaos marines in the second objective. the blood angels reached the storm troopers and ordered them forwards with the demolisher, the command squad and a storm trooper squad forming a firebase on the first objective. the storm troopers meanwhile spearheaded the other attack with the demolisher vapourising a unit of bezerkers attempting to take the third objective far off to the strike forces left. the chaos gun line opened up with a missile knocking off the plasma cannon on the demolisher and the rest of the chaos army gunning down more hapless storm troopers. the obliterator and the chaos terminators moved up to the second objective ready to defend it till the last. with a roar a squad of storm troopers tried to take the chaos marine gunline ahead of them. however they were gunned down. one of the squads then ran across to try and help defend the second objective. but died tomassede hellgun fire and plasma cannon shots. the demolisher had time to shoot at the terminators once more vapourising the last of them before the assault squad roared over the guardsmens heads however four of the brave marines were gunned down. yet, a counter attack by 5 tactical marines, captain matheo and the death guard drove the chaos marines off. the death guard though fell victim to the obliterators flamer and two succumbed the last two stormed in and destroyed it though. the last of the tattered chaos defence force opened up at the troops wiring explosives to the objective however to no avail and the the remaining guardsmen and space marines fell back in good order down the beach and to the waiting landing craft