Set up:
The Ulthwe Farseer Reltar Untweal sat in his wave serpent, with the sky still dark, barely seeing anything beyond a 120 ft away, but his powers sensed some thing he could not place his mind around. Two groups of his guardians were in place one two the far east hiding inside a ruined building on this imperial city. The other a head of him, investigating the many craters that scattered the ground.
Suddenly the ground began to shake the and Reltar knew exactly what it was, the two warrior squads emerged from the ground, directly in front of him. Soon he sensed the presence of the neuron lord, and his ancient phylactery. Destroying the lord would ensure victory.

Turn 1:
The rest of the forces emerged from the darkness, a squad of harlequins, a squad of howling banshees, and another guardian squad equipped with a starcannon. Reltar knew this was his chance, he had to move quickly, he shouted to eldar word for speed to necrons, moving over the heads of the lord and the warrios with the front now facing them, getting a full look, Reltar found there were 11 warriors and the lord with a bright lance. While the guardian squads held back firing their star cannons. Managing to pierce the strong armor a necron warrior.
Soon the initiative was theirs.... it was a trap, three heavy destroyers emerged behind the wave serpent gunning it down forcing the seer council to step out into the morning dawn. The pilot wasn't able to escape in time, his heroism would be brought back to the forge world. Their attention drawn to the dozen warriors within rapid fire range, only Reltar and his right hand elf survived the onslaught of their gauss weapons. Soon the darkness dissipated, revealing that a massive squad of immortals had entered the fray.

Turn 2:
Only momentarily phased by the deaths of his comrades, called in support, the two warwalkers emerged from the flank armed with two missle launchers a piece. The guardians got into position, harlequins and the banshees rushed forward, attempting to cut down the warriors, finding them selves just out of range, not able to see what was happening behind the many destroyed buildings covering the struggle with the necron lord.
Reltar used he psychic powers to call upon the fortune of the gods, and attempted to blow the minds of the lord, falling just short. The warwalkers hurled their missiles destroying one of the heavy's, the remaining warlock surged with crackling lightning loosing it into the heavy destroyers, finding a weak point that left only one. They Charged it and their witchblades cut through it like butter.
Once again the farseer was left in the open and took a hit, stumbling he turned to face them, just within range to attack once the opportunity arouse. Screams shout out as an entire rookie squad of guardians was gunned down. The Farseer smiled, as he heard a new set of screams but those of the striking scorpions.

Come back next time to see the out come, I have to got for now