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    A story-type report of a demonstration game I threw at the convention last weekend... Enjoy!

    Didn't use my Tyranids because as some people know, they're not ready.

    Player: Uzi-99
    SM forces:
    Dreadnought w/Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, twin-linked Boltgun (old Space Crusade Dread)
    Space Marine w/Plasmagun
    Space Marine w/Hvy Bolter

    Learner Opponent
    Craftworld forces:
    Maugan Ra, Phoenix Lord
    Farseer Novinea w/ Singing Spear
    Dark Reaper Cormeraha


    Since the battle with the mon-keigh had gone badly, Farseer Novinea, Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra and Dark Reaper Cormeraha had been cut off from the main withdrawing force. As they trudged ahead, hoping to meet other Eldar survivors, they chanced upon a clearing in the forest... With two space marines and a fearsome Dreadnought on the other side!

    Despite the Eldar's inherent speed and reflexes, the marines managed to open fire... The Plasmatrooper ran into a smaller forest in the clearing and shot Maugan Ra, the plasma shot melting through the Phoenix Lord's armour and wounding him. The Dreadnought and HBolter-trooper sought cover from a small rock formation, and once they reached it the Dreadnought shot at Maugan Ra with the heavy bolter and a Krak missile, causing yet another wound as the missile warhead detonated on target.

    Even after such horrendous wounds, the Phoenix Lord stood resolute: "Farseer Novinea, move into the cover of the woods! I shall deal with the mon-keigh hiding there..."

    "But what of Your wounds, Phoenix Lord?", replied the Farseer.

    "They are of no consequence... You are one of the true leaders of our people, and Your survival comes above all else. I will hold these barbaric spawn of apes here, and should I fall You can retrieve my armour later along with the soulstone of the warrior whose body I currently occupy... I can be reborn just like I have done before, but YOU must live. Now go!" With one swift motion Maugan Ra lowered the Maugetar and obliterated the upstart Mon-keigh plasmatrooper in a hail of shurikens.

    Novinea headed for the forest and motioned Cormeraha to seek cover along the rocky crevice near to him.

    And just in time, since the Dreadnought's targeting systems had achieved a lock on Maugan Ra, and the mechanical contraption proceeded to annihilate the Phoenix Lord... The lifeless form of the lord fell limply to the ground beneath the barrage of shells and deafening explosions. The HB-trooper moved to a better vantage point, to wait for the Dark Reaper he had seen slipping into the shadows near the rocky cliff face.

    "A Phoenix Lord, bested by the vile contraptions of these foul-mannered barbarians?", thought the Farseer to himself... "This does not look good, the machine will surely turn and slaughter us before we have a chance to withdraw. No, this has to be decided now..." Novinea rushed towards the hulking machine and threw his spear. The spear sang as it flew through the air unnerringly, striking the Dreadnought squarely into the side armour. The machine detonated in an enormous explosion, engulfing even the HB-trooper nearby. Cormeraha emerged from the crevice, certain that nothing could have survived and that he and his lord would be safe.

    However, the power armour that was standard for these human soldiers had saved the trooper from the worst. He hefted the massive heavy bolter and let loose a hail of exploding death at Cormeraha... However, it seemed that the human warrior had been thrown off balance since none of the shots connected, splinters from the nearby rocks harmlessly bouncing off Cormeraha's armour. The mon-keigh did not get a second chance as the Reaper missile roared and blew him to bits...

    Novinea and Cormeraha retrieved the Phoenix Lord's helmet and the waystone of the Eldar warrior the lord had occupied. The rest they destroyed with a plasma grenade, it would not do to leave anything behind for the mon-keigh to find and research. With this they moved on, hopefully to find other Eldar survivors from the earlier battles.

    "The meat things seek to destroy ourselves. They hunt us as we hunt them but they are weak and uncertain. The inferior flesh will be entirely destroyed, all biomatter consumed. Ourselves will fight to the last, all weak flesh must be devoured."

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    hey we were all beginners at one point

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