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    1000 Point Tournament Report

    A friend of mine and I participated in a Warhammer 40k tournament yesterday. I was playing my Eldar, and him his Space Marines. There were 16 people total at the tournament, and the make-up of the armies was 1 Eldar, 1 Orc, 1 Chaos Space Marines, 1 Chaos Demons, 1 Tyranids, 3 Tau, and the rest Space Marines.

    The list I was playing:
    Farseer with Doom, Guide and Spirit Stones
    6 Rangers
    10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with dual Suriken Cannons and Bladestorm
    Wave Serpent with Spirit Stones and twin linked Shuriken Cannons
    6 Harlequins (4 with kisses), Shadowseer with Kiss, Troupe Master with power sword
    3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers
    2 War Walkers with Eldar Missile Launchers

    My first game was against one of the Tau players. He had a full squad of Fire Warriors, a Devilfish with Fire Warriors, a Hammerhead with a railgun, 2 squads of Crisis Suits that were decked out in different weapons on each for wound allocation, and then a Crisis Suit Commander. The game was Seize Ground with 5 markers and table quarters for deployment. I placed 3 markers right in the center in a triangle, and he placed 2 behind a hill near his deployment area. I went first and deployed everything except my Rangers in my corner behind a hill. He did pretty much the same. I during infiltration I decided I didn't want my Rangers exposed to that much firepower and did not stick them in the trees, instead held them on my side of the board. His Kroot took up residence on a marker in some tree in the middle of the board. His railgun took out my two EML walkers, but never got a good shot on my Serpent. The Scatter laser walkers killed the Kroot after they left the forest to shoot my Harlequins. The remaining Harlies blew their run roll and ended up 7 inches away from the Suits and proceeded to die. My opponent forgot to unload his squad of Warriors onto the objective, and my Serpent, which had been dodging shots all game mad a turn 5 grab for the center objectives. The Avengers unloaded, and then failed to run as well, ending up 4" away from one of the markers. The game ended on turn 5 with him holding 2 and myself 1. Overall it was a mistake to go first, and some poor rolls and decisions throughout.

    The second game was against a Space Marine player whom I had played once before. His list was 2 Rhinos with Tactical Squads, a heavy weapons squad and a large assault squad. It was table quarters again (on the same table for me), but this time with the scenario being annihilation. He went first and all his stuff was deployed at the forward edge of his deployment with the heavy weapons in cover, one rhino facing down the long edge and the other rhino and the assault squad coming down the short edge. My Serpent and Walkers deployed deep in my corner behind a hill. The Harlies were toward the center behind the group of trees in the middle. The Rangers infiltrated into those trees. I did not steal the initiative and he charged all of his stuff towards me. I moved the Serpent flat out to meet his assault marines and the rhino. My missile launchers took care of the other Rhino, and my scatter lasers shrunk the heavy squad by a little. His next turn was costly. He moved the assault marines towards the Rangers and here he got a bit confused. He said he was going to shoot the "snipers" (Rangers) and proceeded to use a flame template that got one Ranger and one Harly since they were close together. He forgot to shoot the rest of his guns, though. Then he wanted to assault the Harlies, but you have to assault what you shoot at, and because the Rangers were in difficult terrain, his marines were stranded. On my turn, I Guided the Harlies, unloaded the Avengers, Doomed his Assault marines and proceeded to destroy them in shooting and assault. The Serpent got a lucky shot on his Rhino and blew it up. Though it did die to the marines' melta gun. The rest of the game was spent mopping up.

    I knew the next game would be tough. I was playing one of the cheesier armies. He was playing Space Marines with a Land Raiders containing a major Command Squad (the whole thing totaled 580 points), and then a tactical squad on foot and a 5 man squad in a Razorback. The game was Capture and Control with 12" deployment. I went second again and he deployed his tactical marines in combat squads, one towards the center, near a building with the Land Raider. The other was deployed on the far side of the board. His Razorback was deployed sitting on his marker. Knowing I had nothing that could touch a Land Raider, I decided to reserve everything and outflanking with my Walkers and Rangers. His first two turns were spent positioning and moving one combat squad towards my objective. On my turn 2, everything except the Walkers showed up. The Rangers came in on the right side of the board, and I got them behind a wall. The Serpent and the Harlies hugged the right side and moved as fast as they could towards his objective. On his turn he started heading my way and emptying his Razorback, but didn't do any damage. Turn 3 saw my EML Walkers show up on the right. These came in right behind the Razorback and with the help of the Serpent, they destroyed the gun and immobilized it. The Avengers got out and bladestormed the marines, killing them all. My Avengers were later run off the table by the Command Squad without doing much more. The other Walkers came on and spent the game wiping out his tactical marines. The Wave Serpent moved to contest my objective, but it didn't matter as at the end of the game, the only things left on the table were my Serpent, 2 Walkers, his Land Raider and the husk of the Razorback, leaving us with a draw. It was a great game against a very fun opponent.

    The last game of the day was against Tyranids. It was a lit with lots of Gaunts, Genestealers, 6 Warriors, 2 Hive Tyrants and a Carniflex. It was annihilation with Dawn of War deployment. Again I went second and he started with a squad of gaunts, his genestealers and a hive tyrant right in the middle. I stuck my Serpent off in the far left corner. On his turn, he didn't have much to do, so everything came on and ran towards my side. I brought my EML walkers in on the far left to shoot at his Carniflex and the other Tyrant. The Scatter Laser walkers and rangers came in on the right side. I brought the Harlequins up the center to take on his closest Tyrant. The Serpent turbo boosted to the center of the board. I rolled well for night fighting and the scatter laser walkers took out all but 4 genestealers. The harlequins again were lollygagging and didn't run well enough to get into assault. They got charged and did some damage, but not enough. The genestealers got a very lucky hit on the serpent and destroyed it. The Avengers came back and wiped out the genestealers in a combination of shooting and assault, but were later cut down by the warriors and the tyrant. My scatter laser walkers killed most of the rest of the gaunts, leaving only 3 alive, but were having less luck taking down the multi-wound monsters. The EML walkers were dodging blasts all game, but were never worse than shaken, which was the only thing keeping the game close. It ended up going to turn 7 and he was able to get out of range of the scatter lasers for the last two. So it ended up with him getting 4 kill points, and I only got 2.

    Overall the tournament was a lot of fun. Some of my units performed very well, and others didn't do their jobs. I had fun, though and learned a lot. I also got a lot of compliments on my army, so that was nice. I ended up taking 11th overall, and my friend took 14th. The guy with the land raider took 4th, and the guy in first was playing a Ravenwing Space Marine army.

    Eldar Record: 11-8-3

    Battle reports, painting and more at Meandering the Dune Sea

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    Sounds like a lot of fun. About how long did the whole tournament last? Was it on a point system (since you were 2-2 but ended up 11/16)? If so, how'd you score? Just curious as to how these tournaments are scored to determine how the ranking of the players.

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    Arrr i love tordy battle reports sounds like was a good day. Dont know if i read it right but something u said lead me to belive that u didnt ralise that u can claim objectives from inside transports!

    jy2 scoring system in most tordies is (first numbe rpoints for winner second for loser):

    Massicar 20 - 0
    major v 17 -3
    minor v 13 - 7
    draw 10 -10
    "Should take you a while though because of your sloth like pace"
    Click here and watch Gedderz try and cross the road

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