1500 p Black Templars vs Foot-slogging Orks - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 p Black Templars vs Foot-slogging Orks

    Played a 1500-p game last Thursday at the Gaming Club. My Templars vs a foot-slogging ork-horde. The guy I played against had never played 40K so we decided to play it soft and easy. Even though I had the benefit of more experience of 40K I was outgunned some 120+ to 35.

    This batrep is from memory only so no pictures and very broad action-report, probably a million small things that happened that I don't remember

    Short lists:
    1 Marshal, PlasPistol, PW
    1 Emperors Champion
    10 x CC-marines w flamer, PF, Frags
    10 x CC-marines w flamer, PF, Frags, Rhino
    5 x Bolter Marines w ML
    5 x Bolter Marines w ML
    Dreadnought; AC, Flamer
    Land Raider Crusader
    Vindicator, PoTMS, Dozer, Pintle-SB

    Orks: (rough list)
    Ghazghkull Thraka
    Old Zogwort
    8 x Nobz
    30 x Shoota Boyz + Rokkits
    30 x Choppa Boyz + Big Shootas
    30 x Choppa Boyz + Big Shootas
    30 x Gretchins
    3 x Kannons
    3 x Zzap guns

    We rolled Annihilation and Spearhead-deployment.

    I was given first turn and started taking potshots at his Boyz-squads and despite being quite far away from each other I managed to to take out a few orks, mainly thanks to my ML. His reply came swiftly, his Zzap-guns aimed for the Landraider but only managed to get Str 2. Luck was with me so far.

    Round after that all hell broke lose. My Marines started taking a toll on his Boyz, likewise did my Landraider and the Dread, combining fire on the Choppaboyz with Old Zogwort. The shot from the Vindicator landed spot on on top of his Nob-squad, killing 4 instantly! The Ork-reply came swiftly and he managed to zzap the Landraider with Old Zogwort, exploding it and killing 5 of 10 marines in the process (horrible rolling on my part, think I had 4 out of 7 dices turning up on 1). Thank God my poor marines was out of assault reach thanks to the difficult terrain created.

    Instead I managed to take the CC-battle to him. After shooting and flamer-love he lost 12 Boyz and then I assaulted and killed another 12 Boyz in HtH, including Old Zogworth. That showed them to mess with the Marines! The Orks promptly broke and was runned down...

    The battle raged on, my other assault squad managed to get the charge against his other Choppa Boyz-squad (some 25 boyz left) due to some clever use of the Rhino as wall and the marines killed them all after a combined shooting and HtH-phase. Preferred Enemy is very powerful....

    His Warboss managed to rip open the Vindicator after it managed to kill of the rest of the Nobz and his Shoota-squad made "short work"(took 3 HtH-phases to kill of 4 marines :-) ) of the 5-man ML-squad sitting next to the Vindicator.

    The Dread weathered a hail of fire from his Kannons and ZZap-guns and found a safehouse in HtH with the Kannon-crew, losing the AC to the fire. But those Grots didn't gave up without a fight! It took the Dread 4 HtH-phases to kill them off (my opponent managed to roll snake eyes three times in a row for Ld!!)

    When the bell tolled (end of round 6) I was setup to flame and assault his last Boyz-squad and I had the crippled Dread ready to put the hurt on his Zzap-gusn so he was lucky it ended

    KP came out at Templars:5 Orks:3 so I won, quite unexpected. I thought I was going to be drowned under a green avalanche.

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    I hear you. Once I played SM w/Daemonhunter allies against Orks in 2K game. I had about 45 models and he had 220! I actually fared fairly well against him. He had to leave at the end of turn 4, but we were pretty much even so far.

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